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Cookie Run Kingdom: Disney Cookies Wishlist Event Guide and Tips

Easily complete Disney Cookies Wishlist event!

A new Disney Cookies Wishlist event has been introduced to Cookie Run: Kingdom. This is a limited-time event and ends on September 14, 2022 (GMT +9:00). Make sure to claim your rewards before it’s over. The Disney Cookies Wishlist Event works similarly to the Tree of Wishes. Disney Cookies will come up with an order, and players will produce the needed items in their kingdom. There’s only a limited range of objects that the cookies will ask for. Be sure to prioritize these items during the event.

It’s worth noting that these items don’t include High-Quality goods (such as Sparkberry Jams and Party Cakes) that pop up in Golden Tickets, so you can save your High-Quality goods for Tree of Wishes. These items are easy to make, and the longest item to make is the Colorful Beads, which take around 2 to 3 hours. If you’re having trouble creating longer items, you can just skip the wish and wait for a new one in 10 minutes.

Cookie Run Kingdom: Disney Cookies Wishlist
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Additionally, you can craft some limited-time ice-creams with the help of the Ice-Cream truck. One is provided to you for free, while you can claim a second one after scoring 50,000 points. Generally, you want to get as many points as possible, with 800,000 points having the highest possible reward.

These ice-cream objects are only usable during the event period. Make sure to use them all up in this event. While it’s good to stockpile them so you can give them cookies as soon as a new order comes out, making too much might be a bad idea. The items will just be converted to coins after the event is over.

Cookie Run Kingdom: Disney Cookies Wishlist
Image via Devsisters

Wishes can give XP Jellies, Radiant Shards, Crystals, Topping Pieces, and Time Jumpers as a reward. While these rewards are nice, it’s worth noting that the best reward to aim for is the Topping Pieces, since they can be grinded in this event easily. If you manage to keep an ongoing production line, you can get hundreds of Topping Pieces per day. Topping Pieces are harder to obtain outside of this event.

Aside from the small rewards you get for each quest, you also get milestone rewards. You can look at the full list on the Disney Cookie page on the Events tab.

To get more Points, you must complete as many wishes as you can. The more complicated the requested goods are, the higher the points you will receive. The first reward you can receive is three Special Cookie Cutters, which are unlocked after 5,000 Points. After that, the rewards keep getting better!

Special Delivery
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You should try to get 50,000 points as soon as you can since this unlocks a second Ice Cream Truck for you. Other possible rewards include Aurora items, Sugar Crystals, Treasure Tickets, and more. The most notable rewards are found in the last part of the milestones list. 800,000 Points gives you 3000 Rainbow Cubes. This is enough for 10 Costume Gacha Pulls, and if you’re lucky you can get a new Epic Costume from them.

Cookie Run Kingdom: Disney Cookies Wishlist
Image via Devsisters

Other notable rewards include the 2000 crystals (unlocked at 750,000 points), which can be used for rolling in the Cookie Gacha or buying helpful Landmarks, and the 300,000 coins (unlocked at 600,000 points). Coins are useful for upgrading your Sugar Gnome Laboratory or leveling up your Cookies and Toppings. There is no cap on the number of wishes you can do in a day, so you can keep doing them as long as you can until September 14.

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