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Super Snail Character Tier List for April 2024

Select the best characters and progress your gameplay!

Super Snail is an idle RPG game where you play in the form of a snail who has been summoned from a terrifying future to save the world. The game is mixed with humor and references to memes, and it features a unique art style that combines various elements. There are also multiple characters in the game that you should use to progress in the game much faster. They include humans to even animals, with the help of whom defeating opponents becomes easier. This Super Snail Tier List will help you to choose and play with the best characters.

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Super Snail Character Tier List for April 2024

This Super Snail Tier List can help you choose your characters wisely. I’ve categorized them into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This way, you can easily grasp their abilities. Remember, these rankings are based on my personal experience, so feel free to adjust your choices according to your playstyle and preferences.

Strong (S)Kim Chi-yum,
Big Guy Park
Hitmen No. 1
Good (A)Ironball Thrower,
Koryeo Snail,
Ghost Zadako
Fair (B)The Mechanic,
Tomb Figure
Prince Nerd’s Soul,
Jiro Toyato

Best Characters for Super Snail in April 2024

Based on the strongest characters in the whole game we have noted down the top 5 most used characters that you can’t ignore at any cost. Here are they:

1. Partners – Kim Chi-yum

Super Snail character 1
Image via Qcplay Limited.

In my experience, Kim Chi-yum is one of the first snails you come across. She sends you some of her handmade kimchi soon after you start exploring Koryeo! Her spying abilities have her on the run in no time, and she brings you the loot from her visit to a museum which includes a massive kimchi pot, also known as the Alchemy Furnace.

2. Partners – Big Guy Park

Super Snail character 2
Image via Qcplay Limited.

From what I’ve seen, Big Guy Park is one of the best partners and decides to reinvent himself by taking on a monk garment and adopting a few new names, but his teacher, Master Faith, is superstitious and disapproves of all of them. His tutor, Master Faith, is superstitious and doesn’t like any of the numerous names he adopts after becoming a monk and trying to reinvent himself.

3. Partners – Chan-hee

Super Snail character 3
Image via Qcplay Limited.

In my experience, one of the first people you meet in the Snailverse is Chan-hee, the liaison officer at Traveller HQ. Unfortunately, she meets a grim fate in an encounter with a hitman after leading a large group of snails to their deaths. Despite this, Earth’s Will seems to have greater plans for her story!

4. Hitmen – Hitmen No. 1

Super Snail character 4
Image via Qcplay Limited.

The first Hitman you encounter at home is Hitman No. 1, the main character of the story. He wields a lightsaber but loses it when you defeat him. He briefly hides behind a mask. After facing him, you gain various rewards that you can use as weapons later on.

5. Hitmen – Ghost Zadako

Super Snail character 5
Image via Qcplay Limited.

When you are exploring Yamato, Ghost Zadako first emerges as a hitman dispatched by the Demon Gods. She’ll be crawling out of your Terminal screen after you successfully intercept her, looking for redemption. After you defeat the Demon God and release her, she thinks about her failed relationships.

Final Thoughts

In Super Snail, all the characters are unique and have their strengths and weaknesses. You can choose the character that best suits your playstyle and preferences. Some characters are better at dealing with damage, while others are better at supporting their teammates. Choose the best character for yourself and defeat your enemies.

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