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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: How to unlock the Rainbow Shell Gallery

Tips on learning to unlock the Rainbow Shell Gallery in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

The Rainbow Shell Gallery is an additional shop in Cookie Run: Kingdom, where players can buy objects with Rainbow Pearls. Players can buy epic soulstones. The shop chooses a random cookie every refresh, where players can buy up to 5 soulstones of this cookie. EXP jellies, sea rarities, toppings, magic cutters, and most importantly, Guild Relics and Legendary (Frost Queen Cookie and Sea Fairy Cookie) soulstones. This shop is the only place in the game where players can buy Legendary soulstones and Guild Relics. It is advisable to buy those as frequently, as players can.

Cookie Run Kingdom Rainbow Shell Gallery
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Unlike the other shops in the game, players cannot unlock the Gallery immediately. One would have to progress a little more into the game before players can access it. This Cookie Run: Kingdom guide will help players unlock the Rainbow Shell Gallery!

1. Upgrade the castle to level 8

This is the first step that players need to do. As players play the game and work on the kingdom, one would have to level up the castle from time to time. Leveling up the castle help players unlock more advanced production buildings. It lets players build more cookie houses, which helps your kingdom flourish!

Image via Devsisters

Every time players level up your castle, one would have to follow a list of requirements. The game lists them for the players when they tap on the castle. Upgrading the castle would take some time to finish. Earlier castles will take a few hours or a few days, but later castles can take weeks or even months to complete!

Fortunately, upgrading from castle level 7 to castle level 8 will only take two days. Here are the requirements for castle level 8:

  • 6 aurora pillars, 6 aurora bricks and 6 aurora compasses.
  • 700k coins.
  • Compete 20 times in arena.
  • Bought and placed the Latte Cafe building.
  • Own 10 cookies that are at least level 24.
  • Have 2,200 decor points in your kingdom.
  • Cleared stage 5-28.
  • Received rewards from the Bear Jelly Train 10 times.

2. Clear the two tiles next to the tent

After upgrading the castle, the next step is to clear tiles, so players can build the Rainbow Seashell Gallery. On the lower part of the island, players can see a tent. Tapping on it, it would show the “Expand surrounding territory first” message.

Cookie Run Kingdom Rainbow Shell Gallery
Image via Devsisters

This is the part of the island that one will have to clear so that players can build the seashell gallery. After clearing this section, it is to be noted that players would need to craft a lot of enchanted stakes to clear the tiles that lead to this area. One has to wait around for a new mission to appear in the “Missions” tab.

3. Touc’s Missions

Image via Devsisters

Once players do the steps above, they will be greeted by Touc in a sidequest. They will make players do various missions. These missions will reward them with coins and Kingdom EXP. It is to be noted that the kingdom level is different from the castle level. Once done with all the missions, players will finally unlock the Trade Harbor and Rainbow Shell Gallery!

Rainbow pearls are the currencies that players use to buy things from the gallery. They are given as rewards from the Trade Harbor. Players trade their produced goods, with each specific type which gives out a different amount of points.

Generally, the harder to produce the good is, the better the  trading points you’ll receive.) It is recommended to save at least 3,600 rainbow pearls every 3 days, so you can buy a Legendary soulstone, which is worth 2000 rainbow pearls, and two Guild Relics. (Each relic costs 800 rainbow pearls).

Cookie Run Kingdom Rainbow Shell Gallery
Image via Devsisters

Buying the Legendary soulstones every 3 days is important because you rarely get those from the gacha, and you can’t get them anywhere else besides the Cookie Gacha and the Rainbow Shell Gallery. Buying the two Guild Relics is important too since the Legendary drop rates for the relics are the same as clearing Wave 40 in the Alliance mode, which is hard even for experienced players to beat.

Did you like our guide to unlocking the Rainbow Shell Gallery in Cookie: Run Kingdom? Do let us know in the comments below!

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