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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips to beat the Wizard and Strawberry on 11-23

Beat the Wizard and Strawberry Bosses easily with these steps

World 11 is notoriously hard for a lot of players. It has the Butter Tigers which can eat up a lot of your cookie’s health in a short amount of time, those enemies that throw raspberries at your whole team, and finally, those Cutpurses that are every bit as annoying as the raspberry throwers, except they stun your entire team too, leaving you powerless to defend yourself. If you have been constantly trying to beat this stage but keep finding yourself stuck, then look no further! This Cookie Run: Kingdom guide on how to beat Wizard and Strawberry on stages 11-23 will help you out, and you’ll be at this stage in no time.

Still, one of the most difficult stages in that world is the infamous Stage 11-23. This is the one that features Wizard and Strawberry. In the story, Wizard and Strawberry stumble across a magical juice, and drinking it causes a change in their demeanor, making them angry at the player’s cookie team.

Cookie Run Kingdom Guide wizard and strawberry
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What’s more, this strange concoction has also made them so much stronger! They are one of the most powerful bosses in the game, especially since unlike normal boss stages you have to fight two bosses instead of just a single boss. Fret now, we have got you covered in our guide on how to beat both the Wizard and Strawberry bosses in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

The most difficult obstacle in this stage is Wizard. You think all is going well and you’re dealing decent damage to the bosses, and then the next minute Wizard casts his spell and destroys your whole team instantly.

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It’s extremely hard to withstand his spell, so your main course of action should be to kill Wizard as soon as possible. You’ll beat him before he knocks out your team. To do this, you’d need a few cookies (and treasures) for the job. The most advisable cookies to use for trying to one-shot Wizard is Sorbet Shark Cookie or Vampire Cookie.

Sorbet Shark Cookie is great because of their true damage skill that deals a percentage of damage to cookies based on their health (this works not just in the arena, but for cookie bosses too!) instead of limited damage. This would take out around one-third of Strawberry and Wizard’s health already. Vampire Cookie would also be good for this stage since he always targets the rearmost enemy, and therefore can help defeat Wizard pretty quickly.

After you take down Wizard, you might feel like celebrating already. You took down the attacker, so your team should be pretty safe now, you think. Unfortunately, that’s a wrong assumption; while Strawberry’s attack isn’t as powerful as Wizard’s, her skill would still take out a lot of your front/middle cookie’s health. To make things worse, she’s a Defense cookie so she’s a lot tankier than Wizard.

Thankfully, there’s a way to counter her. Summoners (with the exception of Snow Sugar Cookie) can help provide creatures that can work as a shield against Strawberry. This way, when Strawberry activates her skill your main team would be protected and would barely get a scratch from her lollipop attack.

Strawberry Cookie Run Kingdom
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Just pay attention to Strawberry’s movements; when she starts to swing her lollipop, quickly activate your summoner’s skill so you can block her attack. You can use Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Cotton Cookie, or Licorice Cookie. Pumpkin Pie Cookie has the highest ATK out of these three, and Cotton Cookie‘s sheep has a significantly shorter lifespan than Pumpkin Pie’s Pompon creature but has a lot more utility. It’s up to you which one you’d want in your team, or if you’d want to use both. While Licorice Cookie is also a good option, most players hesitate to build him since the first two cookies mentioned are a lot more useful than him.

Treasures to use for Stage 11-23

The most effective set for defeating the two bosses is Pilgrim’s Slingshot, Miraculous Ghost Icecream, and Old Pilgrim’s Scroll.

treasures to use for stage 11-23
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1. Pilgrim’s Slingshot

Pilgrim’s Slingshot lowers the DEF of the rear-most enemy, which is useful if you want to beat Wizard. Make sure to activate this treasure as soon your Sorbet Shark or Vampire’s skill is ready, and use their skills as soon as possible so you can take advantage of Wizard’s reduced DEF.

2. Miraculous Ghost Icecream

While generally considered inferior to the Slingshot treasure, works well for this particular stage since it lowers the front-most enemy’s DEF, helping you take down Strawberry faster. If you’re using Sorbet, remember to activate the treasure right before you activate Slingshot, so Sorbet Shark can deal more damage to both Strawberry and Wizard. After Wizard is defeated and the treasure has charged up again, use it before activating your cookies’ skills for maximum damage.

3. Old Pilgrim’s Scroll

The Old Pilgrim’s Scroll boosts all your cookies’ ATK by at least 30%. This description alone makes it pretty self-explanatory on why you’d want this treasure on your team. However, if you are extremely unlucky with the treasure gacha, then you might have to settle for Grim-looking Scythe instead, which increases the CRIT chance for all your cookies.

This is the most recommended set for this level. However, if some of your treasures are under level, or for some reason just wouldn’t work for your team, you can try alternatives. Check our treasure guide for a more extensive guide on treasures.

Best Team to use for Stage 11-23

As suggested in the article above, there are certain cookies that would be very helpful in beating this stage, and with good timing of skills, you can easily be at this stage with 3 stars.

The most common setup for this stage is Hollyberry Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Cotton Cookie, and Pure Vanilla Cookie. Sorbet and Vampire are your main damage dealers for the cookie bosses, Hollyberry so your team gets protected, and the two healers since the enemies can deduct a lot of health from you if you’re not careful.

team to use for stage 11-23
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This team isn’t set in stone; if you don’t have Hollyberry Cookie you can replace her with Strawberry Crepe Cookie, and if you don’t have Pure Vanilla Cookie then you can replace him with Parfait Cookie.

However, if you think you can survive the stage with just one healer, then you can replace one of the healers with Pumpkin Pie Cookie, or an AOE cookie (for example Sea Fairy Cookie) which can deal with the enemy crowd prior to the two bosses. Also, a rising pick has been Eclair Cookie, who has a stackable Weakness Debuff that works particularly well on bosses.

What are your thoughts on our Cookie Run: Kingdom guide on How To Beat Wizard and Strawberry? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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