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Cookie Run: Kingdom Stardust Cookie Guide: How to unlock, Best Toppings, and more

Tips to use the Stardust Cookie efficiently!

Cookie Run: Kingdom introduced Stardust Cookie which is a Super Epic Ambush Cookie that has been released in the new Version 4.2 “Across the Galaxy of Dreams” update. Stardust Cookie has been earlier teased back in 4.0 and 4.1 when they released Episodes 15 and 16 in the World Exploration Story quests. He was shown more of an Antagonist that tries to redeem himself. Fans since then have eagerly waited for him to be playable due to his back story and pretty design. This guide will be helping you with how to build Stardust Cookie, how to obtain him, and the ways to level him up. 

Stardust Cookie is a Super Epic Cookie and hence can be obtained through the Gacha. Legendary and the Cookies above the Rarity gets their own Limited Rate up Banner when they are initially released, where players need to obtain exclusive wish currency in order to pull for them.

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There is a pity system in these Rate-Up Banners hence players can get the guaranteed Cookie by collecting enough and meeting the requirements. Due to Stardust Cookie’s Rarity, his Soulstones will be available to buy after a few days from his initial release either through the form of Shops or in Limited events. There are many ways to obtain his Soulstones such as, 

  • Kingdom Arena Medal Shop: Available exclusively through the Kingdom Arena. Players have to participate in PvP battles and ultimately win to obtain the Medals of Victory currency in order to exchange them with the Soulstones. Only 1 Super Epic Soulstone Cookie can be exchanged in every Shop Reset lasting 3 days (400 Medals). 

Character Introduction 

It is hard to say how long the lonesome speck of Cookie dough had been drifting in the vast emptiness of space before the radiance of nameless stars blessed it with the gift of life. Was it a mere coincidence…? For Stardust Cookie, the warmth of many suns was the heat of the oven, and the distant planets were his only companions in his light-speed journey across galaxies.

Beckoned by shapeless, fleeting nebulae, guided by the whispering of the stars, Stardust Cookie headed to the City of Wizards to uncover the secret of his birth. Was he trying to find his long-lost purpose, or, on the contrary, escape his predetermined fate…? With a glint of a stray shooting star, this lonesome voyager crosses someone’s sky tonight, seeking a place to call home.

Play-style and Skillset

  • Rarity: Super Epic Cookie
  • Type: Ambush Cookie
  • Position: Middle
Cookie Run Kingdom Wrath of the Stars
Wrath of the Stars
Stardust Cookie soars in the sky and marks the enemy with the highest ATK (targets Cookies first) with the Sign of the Stars. Then he will descend to deal area damage to the enemies, amplifying debuffs they receive. Targets will receive additional damage depending on the number of buffs they currently have. The Sign of the Stars prevents the target from gaining buffs, decreases their ATK and Healing, and increases the DMG received. If the skill delivers a critical hit, the target will fall Asleep. If the Sign of the Stars is dispelled, the target and the nearby enemies will receive damage. After casting his skill, Stardust Cookie will gain a DMG Resist buff himself. If the enemies are Asleep, Stardust Cookie summons meteors to attack them.. (13s Cooldown)Stardust Cookie will target an enemy with the highest ATK with the Sign of the Stars. With this mark, the enemy will be prevented from using any buffs, is vulnerable to weakness, and reduces their ATK and their Healings for the target. The Skill also does AoE damage on nearby enemies and amplifies any debuffs. 
LevelLevel Up EXP (Star Jellies Lvl.1)Skill Level Up (Skill Powder)
1-101510 EXP25x Common, 4500x Gold
11-2010,040 EXP75x Common, 14500x Gold
21-3056,790 EXP30x Refined, 47000x Gold
31-40314,510 EXP80x Refined, 107000x Gold
41-501,401,060 EXP110x Pristine, 212000x Gold
51-60332,160 EXP250x Pristine, 410000x Gold
61-65342,124 EXP150x Pristine, 280000x Gold
66-70362,054 EXP150x Pristine, 330000x Gold
71-75383,777 EXP175x Pristine, 380000x Gold
StarsMaterials Needed
1 Star20x Soulstones, 500x Gold
2 Stars30x Soulstones, 5000x Gold
3 Stars50x Soulstones, 10000x Gold
4 Stars70x Soulstones, 50000x Gold
5 Stars100x Soulstones, 100000x Gold
Ascension Star: 1380x Rare Soul Essence, 20x Soulcores, 100000x Gold
Ascension Star: 2150x Epic Soul Essence, 30x Soulcores, 200000x Gold
Ascension Star: 3220x Epic Soul Essence, 40x Soulcores, 300000x Gold
Ascension Star: 440x Legendary Soul Essence, 50x Soulcores, 500000x Gold
Ascension Star: 550x Legendary Soul Essence, 60x Soulcores, 700000x Gold

Stardust Cookie is an Ambush Cookie that got released after Version 4.0, which means that players can equip the Moonkissed Toppings on him. With Stardust Cookie’s skill, if he delivers a Critical Hit then the enemy will fall Asleep. With this state, he can summon meteors and deal higher damage to them.

It is recommended that players stack Crit on him in order to fully unlock his Skill potential. This is why it is recommended that players equip Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings onto him to increase Crit. Players can also use the Searing Raspberry Toppings which can help to deal a higher ATK to the enemies. 

Cookie Run Kingdom Juicy Apple Jelly
Juicy Apple Jelly (Moonkissed) 
This juicy Jelly can increase the Cookie’s CRIT%.
Equip 5: +5% CRITSub-stat Priority: Crit > DMG Resist > Crit Resist > Cooldown > ATK > HP > DEF
Cookie Run Kingdom Crunchy Chip Cookie Searing Raspberry
Searing Raspberry (Moonkissed)
A searing berry like this one can increase Cookie’s ATK.
Equip 3: +3% ATKEquip 5: +5% ATKSub-stat Priority: Crit > DMG Resist > Crit Resist > Cooldown > ATK > HP > DEF

Final Thoughts

Despite having such tough competition in the Ambush Cookie category such as Black Pearl Cookie and Vampire Cookie, he proves himself to be a great addition to the game. Even more so if he is paired up with Moonlight Cookie in order to deal extra damage when the enemies are sleeping. Stacking Crit onto him is the best way to go as he has the potential to be a Nuke. 

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