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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Hall of Ancient Heroes Guide and Tips

Introducing the Hall of Ancient Heroes in the game!

A recent feature in Cookie Run: Kingdom is the Hall of Ancient Heroes. It’s a helpful feature that lets you unlock hall slots that boost your cookie’s levels (without using XP Jellies, which was impossible prior to the June Update). It’s also the location of the Statue of Abundance, which provides various buffs for all your cookies like an ATK boost, a DEF boost, and many more. Since this is a new feature in the game, you might need help figuring out how the Hall works. This article can guide you.

The Hall of Ancient Heroes isn’t immediately unlocked in the game, so new players won’t see it in their kingdom. To unlock this location, you have to clear Stage 6-15 in Story Mode at least once. After that, a new quest should pop up on the sidebar, which you’ll have to complete. There are various tasks for each quest, and there are three in total. Once you finish the last quest, you can build the Hall Of Ancient Heroes on a small island on the bottom part of your kingdom.

The Hall Slots

The hall consists of 5 of your highest leveled cookies. The lowest of the 5 cookies automatically becomes the Paragon Cookie. This means that if your highest leveled cookies at the moment are Level 70, Level 66, Level 65, Level 64, and Level 63, the Level 63 cookie would be the Paragon Cookie.

Additionally, you’ll find empty slots on the lower part of the screen. Putting a cookie in one of the slots will boost them, which makes them the exact same level as your Paragon Cookie. As you upgrade your Paragon Cookie, the cookies in the slots will be upgraded too without you having to spend any XP Jellies on them.

The hall slots
Image via Devsisters

After you max 5 cookies, you can automatically make any cookie you put in the slot Level 70. Since Hall Slots aren’t permanent, you can remove the current cookie in your slot anytime. Still, note that once you do, they’ll be back to their original level, and the slot will be unusable for 5 days.

A cookie has to be at least Level 30 to be put into a slot. This is an easy level to obtain with XP Jellies, so don’t worry! Additionally, note that you’ll still have to use Skill Powders for “boosted” cookies, since the slots only boost the Experience Level of the cookie, and not the Skill Level. The game gives you one slot for free. After that, you have to buy the next slots, which progressively get more expensive over time. Slots require Radiant Shards to upgrade.

The Statue Of Heroic Radiance

Another important feature of the hall is the Statue of Heroic Radiance. This statue is useful to upgrade, since it provides you with various buffs all at once, namely:

  • All Cookies’ ATK
  • All Cookies’ DEF
  • All Cookies’ HP
  • Fountain of Abundance Production Speed
  • Cookie House Production Speed
  • Tree of Wishes Coins
Statue of heroic radiance
Image via Devsisters

Since there are so many benefits from upgrading the statue, it’s recommended that you focus on upgrading the statue instead of buying more slots. The suggested minimum level (especially for beginners) is Statue Level 20. After that, you can focus more on buying slots, but since the slots get more expensive than statues, it’s better to stop at around 5 to 6 slots so you can buy more Statue Levels.

Like the slots, the statute requires Radiant Shards to upgrade. It also needs Rarities, so be sure to do your Bear Jelly Trains regularly! Finally, the statute has a minimum cookie level requirement. The image above shows the required total level of all your cookies is 1,728. This means you’d need around 60 cookies at Level 30 at least. As you upgrade the statue, the required total level becomes higher. Boosted levels from the Hall of Ancient Heroes count for the necessary level value.

Level of cookies
Image via Devsisters

However, you should keep in mind that if any other event, quest, or mission specifies a cookie level requirement, the game will count the original level of your cookies and ignore the effects of the Hall of Ancient Heroes.

What are your thoughts on our Cookie Run: Kingdom Hall of Ancient Heroes guide? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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