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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete PvE Team Building Guide and Tips

The complete PvE Team Building guide!

Cookie Run: Kingdom has recently launched its Version 4.3 update, featuring the highly anticipated limited event called “Triple Cone Cup.” The event centers around Kingdom Arena battles where players need to face off against numerous opponents to emerge victorious. However, some players are struggling to compete effectively due to their sub-optimal team-building choices. As the end-game content of the game and the limited event primarily focuses on PvE battles, we have created this guide to assist players in building their team in Cookie Run: Kingdom. 

The Kingdom Arena has Seasons where each Season lasts for 20 Days and has a Ranking system effectively during those days. The goal is to win as many battles as possible to obtain Trophies and climb up to the Ranks. 

Attack side and Defense side of both your teams are different. Make sure you have a fully equipped Defense side if you plan on winning any Battles that have been initiated by other players. Defense teams must have Defense Cookies and Cookies that deal AoE damage. Attack teams need Healers/Supports to stay as long as possible in the battles. 

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Players can also use a strategy where they can make bait teams. Bait teams refer to a strategy used in the game’s Kingdom Arena mode to lure other players into attacking a weak team with low CP (Combat Power). The idea is to intentionally set up a weak team with low Combat Power and place it in the player’s defensive lineup, hoping that other players will attack this team instead of their stronger ones. This can be an effective strategy for gaining trophies, as other players may underestimate the weak team and waste their attacks, leaving the stronger teams untouched. 

Additionally, what makes this strategy flourish is the low loss rate of Trophies as you only lose a maximum of 2 Trophies but can gain higher Trophies when you initiate Revenge Battles. However, it’s important to note that this strategy requires careful planning and execution, as a poorly set-up bait team can result in losing trophies or failing to progress in the game.

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It is advised to remember that Combat Power does not always equate to a better team, just like how Rarities in the game do not equate to how powerful a Cookie is. You can still win your battles with teams that have higher Combat Power than your team, it’s all about assessing their team comp and using countermeasures to win. 

Build a balanced team

A well-rounded team with a mix of offensive and defensive units can be more effective than one that focuses only on dealing with damage. Consider using units with different skills and attributes to create a versatile and flexible team.

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Different types of Cookies counter different abilities. Here is a concise chart that can help you provide a summary of each type of Cookie, its uses, and its counters. 

Cookie TypeAbilities and UsageCounters
Ambush CookiesThey can be positioned in any rear (Middle, Front, Back).

Ambush Cookies primarily focus on dealing damage to the enemy team while avoiding direct damage by using their temporal immunity.
Support Cookies, Ranged Cookies and Healing Cookies
Defense CookiesDefense Cookies are always positioned at the Front.

They protect the rest of the team and have high defense and HP.

Their skills are focused on buffing their teammates, taunting enemies, and similar effects.
Charge Cookies, Ambush Cookies
Charge CookiesCharge Cookies are always positioned at the Front Primarily the damage dealer.

Their skills are often targeted toward other front-row enemies.

Charge Cookies are effective in dealing high amounts of damage or debuffing enemies in the initial seconds of the round.

However, they may not survive for long unless they can use their skill again quickly.
Defense Cookies, Magic Cookies
Magic CookiesCharge Cookies are always positioned at the Front Primarily the damage dealer.

Their skills are often targeted toward other front-row enemies.

Charge Cookies are effective in dealing high amounts of damage or debuffing enemies in the initial seconds of the round.

However, they may not survive for long unless they can use their skill again quickly.
Ranged Cookies
Bomber CookiesFound at the Middle and Rear positions, except for Pinecone Cookie who is in the Front position.

Excel in dealing damage to groups of enemies, as both their skills and normal attacks can deal significant damage, particularly when enemies are clustered together.

Bomber Cookies are highly effective because the opposing team is usually grouped together, making their skills even more effective.
Charge Cookies, Support/Healing Cookies
Ranged CookiesPositioned at the Rear position (except for Caramel Arrow Cookie and Sherbet Cookie).

They deal damage from a safe distance and are designed to avoid close combat.

They can either damage entire teams or focus on single targets quickly.

They require specific team compositions or unique Topping bonuses to perform at their best.
Charge Cookies, Magic Cookies
Support CookiesFound in the Rear Position.

Have skills that can help their team by healing them or providing buffs and debuffs.

Not meant to be used as a primary damage dealer or healer.

Support Cookies may not have high enough stats to be effective unless they are used in a specific strategy.
No counters
Healing CookieHealing Cookies are positioned at the Rear.

Specializes in healing the team.

They do not deal damage with their regular attacks.

They restore an amount of HP based on a percentage of their attack.

Some Healing Cookies may also provide additional effects, such as creating shields or increasing CRIT%.
No counters

Each unit type (Magic, Support, Defense, and Offense) has its own strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these can help players build a team that can counter opponents effectively.

Using the Skill time wisely

Knowing when to use a unit’s skill can be crucial in the Kingdom Arena. In the Kingdom Arena, players have a limited amount of time and cool down to use their Cookie skills. Players should try to use the Skills wisely and not waste them on ineffective attacks. Some skills can be used to interrupt opponents’ attacks, while others can be used to deal massive damage.

Cookie Run: Kingdom PvE Team Building
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As for the current Cookies that have been released in the game, the order of the team’s Skill usage is also crucial to utilize your Cookies to the highest damage potential. For example, a team consisting of Stardust Cookie and Moonlight Cookies would want to activate Moonlight Cookie’s Skill first and then Stardust Cookie to utilize one of Stardust Cookie’s Skill requirements. 

Focus on the opponent’s weakest unit

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Prioritizing the opponent’s weakest unit can be a good strategy to quickly take out their units one by one. However, players should also be aware of opponents who might be baiting them with a weak unit. Refer to the point about Bait teams. 

Adapt to the opponent’s strategy

Pay attention to how opponents are building their teams and adjust your strategy accordingly. For example, if an opponent is using a lot of defensive units, consider using units that can penetrate defenses, or copy the same line of teams by adding double defenses. The point of the battles is to constantly change and optimize your teams to adapt to the opponent team’s rotation.

This can effectively counter their strengths whilst hitting on their weak spots. Additionally, using the same line of Treasures as the enemy team is also highly recommended. 

Final Thoughts

It’s safe to learn that the META in the Cookie Run Kingdom changes more frequently than most similar game styles such as this. Popular team compositions may cease to become irrelevant in a couple of months which is why it is more effective to not fully invest in one or two specific team comps, instead focus on building your team with a couple of good units and mix-and-match to fight the right combination and team rotation. The Kingdom Arena can be challenging, so it’s important to practice and experiment with different strategies to find what works best for you.

Did you find our Cookie Run: Kingdom PvE Team Building guide useful? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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