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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Sugar Gnome Laboratory Guide and Tips

Master the Sugar Gnome Laboratory in no time!

The Sugar Gnome Laboratory is unlocked at Cookie Castle 7. It’s useful for upgrading your cookie stats and provides bonus effects for your kingdom too. This Cookie Run: Kingdom Sugar Gnome Laboratory guide will give you a walkthrough of what you should upgrade on this useful building.

Cookie Run Kingdom Guide
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Upgrading would take one sugar gnome. Most of the time, they take a lot of tools (from Robust Axes to Indestructible Glazed Hammers) to make, so you should make sure your Smithy is always busy. Another thing you should note is that you can’t upgrade more than one thing at once; you’ll have to wait for the upgrade to finish before you can start another one.

The upgrades are split into two categories, a Kingdom side, and a Cookies side. Here are the most useful upgrades.

Cookies Side

  • Tastier Star Jellies
  • All Cookies HP Bonus
  • Arena Tickets Max Number
  • Arena Tickets Recharge Rate
  • Toppings: Cheaper Upgrades I
  • All Cookies DEF Bonus
  • Searing Key Recharge Rate
  • ATK Bonus I, for specific classes
  • All Cookies ATK Bonus 1
  • Extra Topping Presets
  • Toppings: Cheaper Upgrades II
  • ATK Bonus II, specific classes
  • Alliance Cookies: ATK Bonus
  • All Cookies Crit DMG Bonus
  • Alliance Cookies: DEF Bonus
  • Alliance Cookies: HP Bonus

These are the most important upgrades on the Cookies side. It’s recommended to maximize the Tastier Star Jellies upgrade as soon as you can because this is the only way to get more EXP per Star Jelly.

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Additionally, all the upgrades that boost all cookie stats are very useful, since you’d want to give your cookies as much HP, DEF, ATK, and Crit DMG as possible. The ATK Bonus II upgrades (unfortunately this one doesn’t have an “all cookies” option, you’d have to upgrade specific classes. It’s advisable to upgrade Magic and Bomber cookies first if you have Frost Queen Cookie and Sea Fairy Cookie since they are the best damage-dealers in the whole game and you’d want to maximize their attack.)

If you play arena a lot (you should; just getting into the Diamond III rank gives you 8,000 gems per season!) then the arena ticket recharge and max number upgrades would be beneficial for you too. The same also applies to Tower Of Sweet Chaos, where you’d want to get a faster Searing Key recharge time since it takes 1 hour to gain one key. However, if you play the game daily then you wouldn’t need the increased maximum Searing Keys upgrade, since you wouldn’t fill up the bar anyway.

Kingdom Arena Cookies
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The cheaper toppings upgrades are useful because as you progress into the game and need specific types of toppings and substats, upgrading toppings can be really costly. This will save you a lot of coins!

The final effects on this list are the recently added Alliance Mode upgrades; while Alliance Mode is a very hard game mode, especially for newer players, it’s only advisable to start leveling these upgrades up when you have upgraded the previous cookie stat upgrades.

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Of the three, the HP bonus is the least of your priorities since all your cookies get leveled up to Level 60 with the Beacon of Valor anyway, making health the least of your concerns. You’d want to boost ATK first for more damage, and DEF for more survivability.

Kingdom Side

  • Smithy: Faster Production
  • Jellybean Farm: Faster Production
  • Easy Goods Collection
  • Cookie House: Faster Production I
  • Sugar Quarry: Faster Production
  • Fountain of Abundance: Faster Production I
  • Materials: Faster Production I
  • Goods: Faster Production I
  • Bigger Storage: Goods Stacks I
  • Fountain of Abundance: Star Jellies I
  • Fountain of Abundance: Faster Production II
  • Goods: Faster Production II
  • Cotton Candy Ranch: Faster Production
  • Bigger Storage: Material Stacks II
  • Bigger Storage: Goods Stacks II
  • Cookie House Faster Production II
  • Bigger Storage: Material Stacks III
  • Bigger Storage: Goods Stacks III
  • Fountain of Abundance: Star Jellies II

As you start in the game, you’d probably focus more on the Cookie aspect of the Laboratory. Still, it’s good to upgrade your Kingdom effects as well since the production side of the game is something a lot of players tend to overlook. Upgrading the Smithy production time is a good idea since the Smithy is the one that provides you with tools, like Robust Axes and Tempered Pickaxes.

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These are the objects you’ll need for the majority of upgrades in the Laboratory. (The only time you wouldn’t need tools for upgrading is when you’ll have to use Rarities instead. Still, these are rare encounters.)

Upgrading your material production buildings would help you a lot as you focus on making goods. Jellybeans and Sugar Cubes are one of the easiest and fastest to make, and so they are also found in a lot of crafts. For example, making a Jellybean Latte would cost you 12 Jellybeans! This is a high amount, so you’d want to produce basic materials as often as possible, and lessening the waiting time would help you in that task.

Kingdom Cookie Run Kingdom Sugar Gnome Laboratory
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Another type of material you’d want less time for is Milk and Cotton Candy; these are the most time-consuming materials to make, but they are used for high-quality goods and give you better rewards when you trade them on the Trading Harbor, Bear Jelly Train, or Tree of Wishes.

Easy Goods Collection is just a small upgrade, but it helps a lot. It automatically collects all your finished goods and materials, which saves you time. Without this upgrade, you’d have to manually collect from all buildings.

Kingdom Cookie Run Kingdom Sugar Gnome Laboratory
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When you get higher building levels, you’d end up making a lot of goods; this is great, but your main problem would be storage. You can only create as much as your storage will let you, and if you fill out your storage then you’d have to sell your goods, which you worked so hard for! You won’t even get a lot of coins from it. So if you’re serious about producing 24/7 (especially if you want to get a high rank in the recurring Golden Age of Trading event) then you’d want to have as big of storage as possible.

Cookie Run Kingdom Guide Cookie Run Kingdom Sugar Gnome Laboratory
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As for other aspects of the kingdom, you might want to level up your balloon expedition time especially for event missions, since a lot of them require you to send balloon expeditions as quickly as possible. Increasing the amount of Star Jellies you’ll get from the Fountain of Abundance is good too since you can never get enough of Star Jellies!

Currently, the highest level you can have for the Sugar Gnome Lab is level 10. Be sure to check what level you need your sugar gnome lab to be for the upgrades you want, and to plan accordingly. You’ll also need to upgrade your castle level from time to time.

What are your thoughts on our Cookie Run: Kingdom Sugar Gnome Laboratory guide? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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