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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Tower of Sweet Chaos Guide and Tips

Tips on the Tower of Sweet Chaos game mode!

The Tower Of Sweet Chaos is unlocked after clearing 4-12 in adventure mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom. It’s one of the best sources of EXP jelly in the game, and it has treasure chests that provide really good rewards too.

This game mode consists of the player trying to beat all 150 trays (the first 90 trays are unlocked on the first half of the season, and the remaining 60 are unlocked at the latter half) where each tray slowly gets more difficult and gives you harsher restrictions on what cookies you can use. Some trays restrict which class of cookies you can use (For example, it can prohibit you from using a Magic cookie on a specific tray) and some others restrict you from using 4 or more Epic Cookies. Latter trays may disable Treasures too.

How to play the Tower Of Sweet Chaos gamemode

1. Searing Keys

Searing keys are needed to unlock trays. Much like stamina jellies and arena tickets, searing keys refill over time. It takes an hour to get a searing key, and your maximum amount of keys at a time is capped at 72. However, unlike tickets and stamina jellies, searing keys can’t be refilled using crystals.

Each season lasts 2 months. This is more than enough time to clear the tower and get the best treasure chest rewards. Note that:

  • Trays 1-49 cost around 6 searing keys per tray
  • Trays 50-99 cost around 8 searing keys per tray
  • Trays 100-150 cost around 10 searing keys per tray
Cookie Run: Kingdom Tower Of Sweet Chaos
Image via Devsisters

Not every tray in the tower costs 6-10 searing keys. Sometimes a tray would consist of two treasure chest options, and these chests cost a lot more than 10 keys to unlock. As you start out in the tower, it’s better to go for the more “expensive” chests, but as you progress in the game mode (around when you reach the middle of the tower) the expensive chest rewards start to get lackluster, so it would be advisable to go for the “cheaper” trays instead. Going for the expensive chests at this point would be a waste since you’d want to save up your keys for clearing the whole tower.

If you want to beat all 150 trays, you would need around 600k power level to beat Tray 150. If your current team is nowhere that number, then you can just keep replaying the highest tray you can beat so you can get more Star Jellies, or you can unlock the remaining good treasure chests with Searing Keys.

2. Chaos Cake Pieces

When you clear a regular tray for the first time, the game rewards you with chaos cake pieces, which is used for buying and upgrading the Ominous Cake Tower landmark (worth 1,200 pieces). This landmark increases your cookies’ HP stat. Leveling up the landmark requires more cake pieces per level, and right now the maximum level for the landmark is Level 50.

Image via Devsisters

You can also buy decorations with chaos pieces, but this isn’t recommended since they are purely cosmetic and provide no bonus effects to gameplay.

  • In the Sugar Gnome Lab, there are upgrades where you can get a higher maximum searing key amount and a faster recharge time. It’s advisable to upgrade the recharge time bonus; however, upgrading the maximum searing key amount is optional.
 Tower Of Sweet Chaos
Image via Devsisters
  • You can get searing keys as rewards from events (the current 1st Anniversary Event has searing keys as one of the possible rewards in gift boxes, along with gems and rainbow cubes), and sometimes Devsisters sends you free searing keys in your mailbox from time to time. You can also buy packs in the store that give you more searing keys, but this isn’t necessary for clearing the tower.
Tower Rewards
Image via Devsisters
  • When you reach a fork tray, you can choose one of the two trays and then move on to the next level. You won’t need to unlock both of them. As a free-to-play player, you can clear the whole tower, but you can’t clear every tray (which includes the extra trays and all the chest trays) in the tower. You’ll have to choose which ones you want to spend your keys on and plan accordingly.
  • If a tray prohibits using a Defense Cookie, then you can use one of your Charge Cookies instead, and vice versa. The same applies to Healer Cookies and Support Cookies (make sure you’re using a Support Cookie that can heal).
Cookie Run: Kingdom Tower Of Sweet Chaos
Image via Devsisters
  • The best Rare cookies to use when you have a 3 to 4 Epic+ Cookie restriction are Cherry Cookie (for their stuns), and Custard Cookie III (for their HP shields).

When the season is over, the game resets your progress and you start a whole new season again, starting from Tray 1. The remaining keys you had from the previous season carry over to the next one. These tips should be able to safely guide you in completing the Tower Of Sweet Chaos mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom with ease

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