Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars Beginners Guide and Tips

Your Cooking starts here!

Step into the flavorful universe of Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wards. Crafted by Nordcurrent, this simulation game invites you into an exciting realm of live PvP culinary showdowns. This Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars Beginners Guide is your trusty companion. It’s here to guide you through the heart-pounding world of Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars, ensuring that your culinary adventure is both thrilling and rewarding.

In the game, you need time management and culinary skill-building to conquer the art of restaurant management. As a new player, navigating this bustling world can be overwhelming. Fear not! This beginner’s guide will lead you through the savory journey, offering tips and strategies to kickstart your culinary conquest.

Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Understanding the Mechanics

In Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars, you’ll jump into heart-pounding real-time cooking battles against other players worldwide. To win you must be quick and precise in whipping up and serving dishes faster than your opponent, aligned with the limited time customers place orders.

Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars
Image via Nordcurrent Games

Winning these live kitchen showdowns isn’t just about speed. It’s about being precise and ultra-efficient. You’ll need both quick moves and spot-on accuracy to outshine your rivals and savor that sweet taste of victory.

Upgrading Kitchen Equipments and Items

Upgrading your kitchen equipment in Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars can significantly improve both your efficiency and your earnings. Equipment Upgrades enhance the refill and cooking speed of machines or cooking surfaces, along with increasing the number of portions prepared simultaneously.

Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars Kitchen Equipment Upgrade
Image via Nordcurrent Games

As you level up your equipment, you’ll serve more portions and drastically reduce the time spent preparing food. Food Item Upgrades elevate the levels of your food items and increase the price per portion. This elevation directly affects the earnings you gain from every order made.


In Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars, restaurants serve as diverse battlegrounds where your culinary skills take center stage. Each restaurant has its unique ambiance, theme, and menu, setting the stage for thrilling PvP battles. From charming diners to bustling cafes and upscale eateries, every restaurant offers a distinct challenge. Adapting to varied kitchen layouts and customer demands becomes key to success in these live kitchen showdowns.

Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars Restaurants
Image via Nordcurrent Games

As you progress through the game, new restaurants unlock, expanding your culinary horizons. With each restaurant offering different dishes and customer preferences, mastering a range of cuisines becomes essential for emerging victorious in these exhilarating food battles.

Key Kitchen Areas

In each kitchen within Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars, specific areas cater to different functions, enhancing your efficiency and customer satisfaction:

Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars Kitchen Areas
Image via Nordcurrent Games
  • Beverage Dispenser: This area prepares beverages and automatically refills itself when empty. Initially, it serves one portion. Upgrading adds more servings and reduces refill time. You can also separately enhance the beverage’s price for increased earnings.
  • Add-On Item Machine: Offering supplementary items, this machine starts with one serving. Upgrades add servings and decrease refill time. Additionally, you can upgrade the specific item’s price for better earnings.
  • Kitchen Tabletop: This space is for food preparation, side dishes, and storing cooked food. Upgrades unlock more tabletop slots for increased productivity.
  • Main Serving/Cooking Ingredient: Located beneath the tabletop, this stores primary ingredients or dinnerware used for all dishes. Elevating the price of this item boosts your point earnings for every customer order.
  • Special Food Treat: Customers may randomly request these treats during their wait, aiding in points accumulation for challenging levels.
  • Food Prep/Cooking Area: Positioned on the right side of the screen, this space houses grills and pans used for cooking or food preparation. Upgrading increases portions prepared at once and speeds up preparation time. You can also upgrade the price per portion for the primary ingredient for better profitability.


Before you dive into the hustle of Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars, make sure to tap into the power of boosters. Some amp up the points you earn for each dish, others supercharge your coin and experience rewards after a match, and a few even crank up your cooking speed.

Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars Boosters
Image via Nordcurrent Games

It’s like having your secret sauce for success before every game. So, don’t forget to activate these boosts strategically, they’re your ticket to dominating the kitchen battles and reaping the rewards in the delicious world of Food Wars.

Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Pre-cook Strategically

Maximize efficiency by pre-cooking as much food as possible, and storing it on the cooking tabletop or food warmers. Take a peek into the level beforehand to anticipate the first 2-4 customer orders and identify frequently ordered items.

2. Organized Cooking Tabletop

Always place prepared food in the same positions on the cooking tabletop. This way, you can quickly grab the right dish without confusion, especially when serving a rush of customers. For example, in the Chinese restaurant, assign specific locations for shrimp, fish, and chicken.

3. Manage Customer Impatience

In each restaurant, special food treats can be acquired by purchasing them with gems or finding them in mystery boxes. When a treat icon appears next to an impatient or unhappy customer’s order, offer them these treats to improve their mood and satisfaction.

4. Strategic Kitchen Upgrades

Upgrading your kitchen is crucial for level progression. Check specific upgrade suggestions for each restaurant, available on their respective pages. Starting with upgrades that increase cooking capacity and tabletop spaces is often a wise choice.

5. Balanced Cooking

Begin with upgrades that increase the amount of food you can cook at once and tabletop spaces for storage. Two cooking burners/grills for each dish are usually sufficient unless you excel at multitasking. Avoid overcooking, as burning food and discarding it leads to point deductions.

Final Thoughts

As you start Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars, remember success in the kitchen needs strategy and quick thinking. Pre-cook smartly, arrange your space well and keep customers happy. Upgrading your kitchen matters, so follow our tips while finding what works for you. Enjoy the challenges, try different ways to cook, and have fun in each battle. Your journey through restaurants and cooking duels will be full of excitement and tasty wins.

That’s all from us for the Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Cooking Fever Duels: Food Wars Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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