How to create a top clan in Rush wars

Supercell’s new game Rush Wars is now available as a beta in selected few countries. With the massive support, the game is already gettings, chances are high that Rush Wars global release will not be blocked. Within this short period of time, many clans, esports organizations have shown their presence on leaderboards already. Although it is not very hard to create a top clan in Rush Wars, you certainly need to know some basics to make it happen. Today in this article we will discuss, how to create a top clan in Rush Wars!

1. Have a decent name for the clan

Naming is important! It is kind of the first impression that the players will make at the initial phase of the game. When there are many clans with almost the same attributes, good names tend to attract more!

2. Start with friends or the people you know

Starting a clan without anyone can be tough sometimes. Even if you start, trust issues come. Starting clan with a friend or the people you know will give the clan a boost in every aspect. Be it an active chat, or donations for the team research.

3. Be interactive

Yes, interaction is very important. If the clan chat is dead, people will leave! so, always try to talk. But yeah, make sure not to show like you are talking to a ghost! Welcoming a newcomer also can be a good way to start a conversation.

top clan in rush wars

4. Set clan settings depending on the situation

Clan settings is a vital part behind the success of any clan. In the early phase of the game, required stars, clan locations, clan language, clan description matters a lot. So make sure to use your common sense on that. If you are creating a country-specific clan then make sure that you allow the local language as well.

5. Focus on the game progress

As we have covered the basics, now its time to get the clan into ranks. For that, the game progress is very important. Although the leaderboard is already full with pay to win clans, there are still chances for the free to play clans to mark their presence. The whole clan needs to support the idea of getting the clan into high ranks. The clan leadership will have to be strict with the progressive clan environment.

6. Keep the recruitment on

With time, many players will leave. And to deal with the gap, the recruitment should always be on! If a clan stop recruitment at the early phase, doing good progress will be nearly impossible. Leaders can also try looking to recruit from various other sources like discord channels or Reddit.

If you follow all of these, it will not take much time to make your clan into the top clan in Rush Wars. After starting the clan, within a week I skyrocketed my clan into top 200! I hope these tips will help in improving.

top clan in rush wars

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