Rush Wars

Rush Wars is a new strategy game developed by Supercell, a mobile game developing company based in Helsinki, Finland. Supercell has also developed some popular titles like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars etc. Rush Wars is going to be the 6th title under the name of Supercell once it comes out of beta. For now, the game is available in Australia, Canada, New Zeland and Finland on both Android and iOS devices.

Rush Wars is a fast-paced strategy game. Player will grow a squad of strangely connected and surprising new characters. There are a lot of troop combinations and different models of enemy bases to defeat. The game is a pure player vs player game where the players will raid the bases of other players. So rushers need to have a decent plan to outsmart the opponents’ bases. It is a casual game that everyone can enjoy irrespective of the age group. However, there is enough element of competitiveness that certainly brings the potential to become an esports title in the near future.

As the players progress through the game, they can unlock more of the game. New areas, new characters, new cards will be available.

The game also has social features. Players can join a clan or build a clan of their own with friends to socialize and have more fun! And clans can wage wars against each other and it is named as Domination.

Please note, Rush Wars is a free to play mobile game but players can make in-app purchases to boost their game progress.

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