Crowd City Guide: How to Make the Biggest Crowd

Crowd City by VOODOO is a compelling game in which you have to create the largest crowd possible to win and get 20 stars. The goal is to build up the largest crowd possible within a time span of two minutes after which there will be Time out. This is a good game played on an occasional basis for enjoyment. That’s why it has become famous as people are Quarantined because of COVID-19. The Scenes and objects like houses, roads, trees and public parks are much more realistic. There is a crowd of people in the game and you have to run around the town collecting people to join your colored team. While the enemies are also trying to do the same. You have to make sure, you are the biggest crowd in the city. Crush your opponents with your overwhelming leadership! Here we will talk about Crowd City Guide and How to Make the Biggest Crowd.

How to make Biggest Crowd in Crowd City

There are three ways to make the biggest crowd, according to this Crowd City Guide. One is being Aggressive, the other being Defensive and the third is having a Balanced Approach. If you decide to play it aggressively then from the start of the game, have an eye on the numbers of other teams. And also start targeting the other team whose crowd is less than yours. Following the directions of all the teams is mandatory in order to decide which team to kill who comes in your way and that would help you save the time. But in this way, there is a chance that you can be killed by a team with a bigger crowd. As you didn’t build a strong crowd and started attacking right away. But there is also a chance that you end up finishing all other teams in the stipulated 2 minutes.

scores in Crowdcity

In the defensive approach, you can first try to make a strong crowd of more than 100 in the first minute of the game by picking up random civilians to join your crowd and then try to attack other teams. If you have just started playing the game and currently facing difficulty then try to go to the popular zones. Try to roam on the popular buildings or areas to look for people to pick up into your crowd. In this approach, there is no guarantee to achieve the top spot but in most cases, you will not be killed.

Balanced Approach

There is a third way to make the biggest crowd and crush the opponents. In this, you can divide the stipulated 2 minutes into different sections. In the first 30 seconds, you should try to build a strong team by picking up randoms until you have a significant crowd and then for the next 30 seconds try to search for very smaller opponents to gradually build your crowd. Once you have destroyed all the smaller crowd, aggressively push for the teams with a bigger crowd. This way you can become a giant slayer. This way there is a high probability of becoming numero Uno almost all the time. If you follow these tips, you will dominate the leaderboards all the time.

How to unlock Skins in Crowd City?

You can unlock all the skins by completing various actions. The most important of them all is being at the top after the Time Out. The skins will change the appearance of your crowd and at first, you will get simple skins with just change in color. Once you start playing regularly and winning the game, all the skins will be unlocked one by one. As every skin available in the game has some criteria to be fulfilled. For example, in order to unlock the Witch, you need to cross the score of 1000 in a single game, which is the highest.

Witch Skin of Crowd City

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I didn’t find strategy like this anywhere. I am definitely going to follow these tips from next time I play Crowd City


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