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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Beginner’s Guide

Glu has developed a turn-based RPG using all our favorite Disney characters, the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena. The game is a mix of action and sorcery, offering different campaigns to complete and also features real-time PvP mode.  Basically, the game is about ending the campaigns, obtaining new characters, and show your skills and dominance with other players around the world. And here in this Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Guide, we will brief you some tips and tricks to not waste your wonderful resources and be a leader in the game.

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Tips: How to become the best

Here are some tips to not waste your wonderful resources and be a leader in the game.

1. Farm your Characters wisely

You will be given three characters (generally Mickey, Ariel, Buzz/Sulley). You would also get Aladdin early in the game. So, now is the moment where you would be using and continuously leveling them up. That’s an important part of the game because if you use and level up all the characters randomly, then all your characters would be under-leveled, and it would be difficult to complete the required campaign mission and more importantly the events offering exclusive tokens.

So, level up characters wisely. Our suggestion is to focus on Ariel, Aladdin very, very much. Ariel is one of the best healers in the game and hence, one of the strongest characters with high HP level. Aladdin is quite useful as an offensive character and would be helpful in completing ongoing events. Take these characters to the end of the game, and they won’t betray you for sure. If you want to read the ultimate list of the best characters, please check here.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena Guide
Ariel is one of the best healers in-game

2. Focus on the Adventure campaign initially

At the beginning of the game, only focus on playing Adventure campaign and farming your main character token. The more the number of missions you complete, the more option is available for autowin mode. These would help to focus on particular sets of rewards (character tokens/gear upgrading items), therefore our suggestion is to play the adventure mode until you are level 15.

3. Use the AutoWin Mode

The game offers an auto-win mode if you complete the mission with three stars (without letting any character die). Use this mode for farming up and get rewards. Don’t just go for completing the campaign missions after a certain level. Use the autowin mode, to get character tokens, essential items to upgrade the character, and their gear level.

4. Know your Spells and Gear Enhancements

Gear Enchantments would increase your character’s stats, and two spells can be taken in any mission. Gear Enchantments are the ultimate items that make your character strong. So upgrading gear equipment are very important throughout the game. Enchantments are dropped at certain places (missions). To know about certain enchantments, tap on the enchantment’s slots. Tier up your main characters’ enchantments regularly.

Spells can be upgraded using spell tokens and ability runes. New Spells can be obtained with enough spell tokens collected. One of the best way to farm spells is by playing Tower of Endurance. Even if you can’t move forward in completing tower levels, restart the tower and play continuously. This way, you can earn tower exchange tokens which can be exchanged for spell packs or spell tokens.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena Guide
Aladdin is one of the powerful characters in-game

5. Join a club

Joining a club helps you in getting donations and also donating, exchange of enchantments, etc. Very importantly, you can get energy from other players. There is also a club store that can be accessed for character tokens and spell upgrade of the game. If you want to know more about Club Conquest, check here

Disney Sorcerer's Arena Guide
The layout of the game

6. Complete Daily quests and Ongoing events

One of the biggest mistakes players do is, they avoid the daily quest. Please don’t avoid the quests and the rewards. Events give an opportunity to get exclusive character tokens, or character. This way you can get access to some best characters (maybe your favorite) which may be unavailable at times. Some of these characters are very good for PvP battles.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena Guide
Daily Quest Rewards

7. Play in Sorcerer’s Tournament and the Club Dungeon

Play Sorcerer’s Tournament everyday. Sorcerer’s Tournament can be played 5 times within a limited time interval. Make sure to play and use the five chances everyday during the last part of the time interval. Sorcerer’s Tournament rewards can be exchanged for character tokens which are very powerful and strong in the game.

Completing Dungeons are equally rewarding as well. Club Dungeons reward club coins which can be exchanged for Character Tokens (Jack Sparrow and many more), Extracts for upgrading characters.

7. Save your gems and coins

Our suggestion would be spending the gems only on refreshing events timeline, another very important trick to remember. It would be very unfortunate to leave an event incomplete sometimes and missing the grand prize.

Alternatively, use the gems to unlock the 10x golden chest which guarantees a character unlock.

Bonus Tip

Mickey, Buzz, Demona, Mordu, Merida are a few characters that can be looked upon for potential upgrades. Get only those characters which are your favorites, rest check stats, and skills before farming.

Avoid Tinker Bell, Woody; it’s good for nothing.

We hope that you’ll find this Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Guide useful. For more Mobile Gaming news, updates and discussion, make sure to join our Discord server and subreddit today!

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