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DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE Beginners Guide and Tips

Tips to battle out with your favourite Anime characters!

DanMachi: Battle Chronicle is an action RPG set in the beloved anime, “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” Now, you can delve into the 3D rendition of the DanMachi universe, immersing yourself in its enchanting realm. This game offers a chance to relive the DanMachi narrative in 3D format, complete with well-crafted character designs and engaging voiceovers that bring various stories and adventures to life. Therefore, let’s get into this detailed DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE Beginners Guide to learn about the basic gameplay, characters, and more.

Fans of the show and newcomers will both enjoy this game. It’s designed to be immersive and has really well-made graphics that capture the feel of the anime. You can play as your favorite characters, follow the familiar story, and have battles that feel just like anime. It’s a whole new way to enjoy the world of DanMachi.

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Beginners Guide: Gameplay Basics

In the game, your job is to guide your main character as they explore dungeons and fight enemies they meet. While there’s an auto option that lets the AI handle the action, taking control yourself makes the game more exciting and adventurous. So, let’s dive into the key things you should know when you’re about to start a battle.

DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE Beginners Guide Gameplay
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When battles begin, pay attention to your character’s skills and abilities. You can use these to attack enemies and defend yourself. Also, keep an eye on your character’s health—this shows how much energy they have left. If it gets too low, you might need to use healing items or strategies to stay in the fight. So, by learning these basics, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled adventurer in no time.

Creating Battle Units

In this game, making battle units is really important. Units are made up of four types: Adventurer, Assist, Battle Item, and Scene Card. When you create a unit, you choose three adventurers and three assist characters, one for each adventurer. You can also use scene cards that give your adventurers special boosts. And remember, you don’t have to stick to the same team all the time.

DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE Beginners Guide battle units
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When you get new characters in DanMachi Battle Chronicle, you can pick the strongest ones for your team. And before you start a battle, it’s smart to know about the attributes to get more advantage in dealing damage. The game shows you the suggested power level for the fight and the enemies you’ll face. So, try to make your team’s power higher than what’s suggested. Once your team is ready, you’re all set to head into battles.

Switching Characters 

Even though you have three main adventurers and their assist characters in your team, you only control one character at a time in battles. However, at crucial moments, you can switch between characters by tapping the avatar of the character you want to change to.

DanMachi Battle Chronicle characters
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Each adventurer has a unique role: attack, defense, speed, and support. When you understand their roles, you’ll know when to switch between them. Picking the right character for the situation can give you an advantage in battles.

Using the Skills of the Adventurers

During battles, you have various skills at your disposal: a normal attack, special skills, ultimate skill, a dash option, and a virtual joystick to control your characters. While the basic attack can be used frequently, the other skills have cooldown times. It’s important to manage these cooldowns effectively to make the most out of your skills during battles and emerge victorious against your enemies.

skills of the Adventurers

Special skills and ultimate skills are stronger than the normal attack, but using the normal attack helps charge up the gauge for special skills and ultimate skills. You can move quickly and evade the enemy’s attack with the dash option, and the virtual joystick helps control your character’s movement precisely. By using these skills smartly and at the right times, you can win battles and be the winner.

Using the Skills of the Assists

As stated above in the section of Gameplay Basics, you can team up an assist character with each adventurer to join them in battles. These assist characters bring along unique skills such as recovering HP, temporarily improving the Adventurer’s stats, or dealing damage to the enemy that can provide certain advantages during fights.

When these assist character skills are available, you can use them during battles. However, there are cooldown periods for these skills, preventing you from using them continuously. So, make sure to use the assist character skills when they fit the situation best.

Skills of the Assists
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Using assist character skills well can make your battle tactics better. Think about how these skills match your plan, and using them at the right times can really change how your fights go. This balance between timing and skill use will help you become really good at battles in DanMachi Battle Chronicle.

List of Game Modes in DanMachi Battle Chronicle

In DanMachi Battle Chronicle, you’ll experience an exciting and adventure-filled battle system. This game lets you create your own team, and as you go on different missions, you can make your units stronger. There are two main ways to play: PVP Mode, where you challenge other players, and Story Mode, where you follow the game’s storyline.

1. Arena Mode

In the Arena Mode, DanMachi Battle Chronicle has Magic Stone Scramble and Battle Arena. In Magic Stone Scramble, you’ll join real-time battles with 8 players altogether. Upgrade your characters and Scene Cards to get ready for the fight. In this mode, your goal is to defeat monsters and other players, collecting as many magic stones as you can within a time limit to improve your ranking. The Arena can be unlocked upon clearing Mosterphilia “Episode 7: The Silver Eyes’ Gaze (Normal).

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Arena Mode
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In the Battle Arena, you face off against other players, working to build up your wins and climb to the highest ranks. By defeating your opponents and improving your rank, you can earn battle arena coins. These coins can be exchanged for fantastic rewards at the Exchange section of the game. The Arena can be unlocked upon clearing The Prum Girl “Episode 4: A Weapon’s Armor (Normal). 

As you participate, you’ll earn “Contest Coins” based on your performance, which you can trade for valuable Selas and powerful UR Battle Items. Additionally, depending on how you rank at the end of the season, you’ll receive fantastic rewards.

2. Quest Mode

At the beginning of the game, you can join quests. These quests fall into three types: story, daily, and training. Story Quest has different systems, each with its own set of stories. Every story is made up of lots of episodes and battles to play. These story quests also have three levels of difficulty: normal, hard, and very hard.

In the Daily Quest, these become available after you complete a specific episode within a story quest. These quests refresh daily and offer you a chance to engage in various activities to earn rewards.

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Quest
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Training Quests are designed to familiarize you with the gameplay fundamentals. Successfully completing these training quests not only enhances your understanding of the game mechanics but also grants you rewards. As part of these training quests, you’ll engage in battles against different foes. Overcoming these challenges is key to unlocking more rewards, making training a vital aspect of your journey in the game.

List of Battle Effects in DanMachi Battle Chronicle

Battle Effects are special advantages that give your character a boost during fights, helping in important moments and improving how well you perform overall. Let’s explore these battle effects and their effects on your gameplay when you’re in battles.

Battle EffectsDescription
STR Increase and DecreaseStrengthening STR (Strength) boosts your character’s physical power, making them hit harder in combat. Conversely, decreasing STR weakens their physical might, resulting in less impactful attacks.
VIT Increase and DecreaseIncreasing movement speed makes your character faster while decreasing it slows them down.
INT IncreaseRaising INT enhances your character’s magical abilities, making their spells and special moves more potent.
DEX IncreaseAn increase in DEX improves your character’s accuracy and agility, making them better at hitting enemies and avoiding attacks.
Damage IncreaseThis boosts the amount of damage your character deals with their attacks, making them more effective in battles.
Increase Action Skill DamageThis amplifies the power of your character’s special combat skills, causing them to deal more damage.
Increase Special Move DamageSimilar to action skills, this increases the damage dealt by your character’s powerful special moves.
Reduce/Increase Damage ReceivedReducing damage received lessens the impact of enemy attacks while increasing, it makes your character more susceptible to harm.
Increase HP RecoveryThis speeds up the rate at which your character regains health, helping them last longer in battles.
Critical Rate IncreaseIncreasing movement speed makes your character faster while decreasing it slows them down.
PoisonPoison inflicts gradual damage over time on your character, reducing their health.
BurnBurn causes your character to take continuous damage over time due to being on fire.
FaintWhen afflicted with faint, your character becomes temporarily unable to act.
BindBeing bound restricts your character’s movements and actions for a period.
Increase and Decrease Movement SpeedWhen afflicted with fainting, your character becomes temporarily unable to act.
SilenceSilence prevents your character from using skills or spells that involve speaking.
ShieldA shield provides temporary protection, reducing the damage your character takes from attacks.
Continuous RecoveryThis grants your character a steady stream of health recovery over time.

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on breaking the Enemies’ Shields

When enemies get ready to use strong attacks, they put up a shield. Breaking their shield makes them dizzy and stops their powerful moves. This gives you a chance to attack and stop their strong attacks.

2. Keep upgrading Characters

Keep improving your characters by making their skills, stats, and equipment better. Strong characters perform well in fights and can handle tougher challenges.

3. Use Dashing

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Dashing helps you avoid enemy attacks and positioning, and when you dash at the right time, it gives you an edge in battle.

4. Plan Your Battles

Understand how turns work in fights and plan your moves carefully. Use your characters’ skills wisely. Work together to attack, boost each other, and heal to stay safe.

5. Complete Daily Tasks and Events

Do daily tasks and take part in special events to earn rewards like items, experience, and in-game money. These rewards help your characters grow and help you progress faster.

Final Thoughts

With this guide, we have shared all the important information that will be helpful for newcomers to understand the game. Learning its features is key. Mastering this unique game, DanMachi Battle Chronicle can be very satisfying. Feel free to try it, and if you have issues, remember to use this guide for help.

That’s all from us for the DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE Beginners Guide! Did you find our DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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