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DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE: The Complete Combat System Guide and Tips

Unlock the secrets to be a formidable adventurer!

Welcome to the thrilling world of DanMachi: BATTLE CHRONICLE. Developed by Aiming Inc., where your strategic prowess and combat skills will be put to the test. In this action-packed RPG, battles are at the heart of your adventures, and mastering the combat system is essential for success. This DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE combat system guide will walk you through the key elements of combat, providing you with the knowledge and strategies needed to win battles against formidable enemies. Let’s embark on this journey together and uncover the secrets to becoming a formidable adventurer in the world of DanMachi: BATTLE CHRONICLE.

Adventurer Combat System in DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE

Adventurers are the main characters and heroes in the game. To do well in DanMachi: BATTLE CHRONICLE, it’s important to learn the basics of combat and how to control these adventurers. These brave characters explore dungeons, fight enemies, and complete quests in the game’s fantasy world. Each adventurer has their own special skills and abilities, so it’s important to understand how to use them effectively.

Basic Attack and Skills

Every adventurer in your party comes equipped with two crucial abilities: basic attacks and unique skills. Basic attacks are automatic, with characters continuously engaging nearby enemies to deal damage. The real strategy in battles comes from the special skills each character has.

These skills are different for each character and can do powerful things. To use them, you need to keep an eye on the character’s skill gauge, usually shown near their picture. When the gauge is full, you can tap the skills button to make the character use their special skill.

Team Composition and Positioning

In DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE, your team is made up of six characters, divided into three adventurers and three assists. Team composition and positioning are vital factors to consider, as they greatly affect your team’s performance in battles. It’s crucial to create a well-balanced team where each character’s powers and skills complement one another.

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To protect your team effectively, position tanky characters at the front to absorb enemy attacks and take the brunt of the damage. Meanwhile, it’s wise to position fragile DPS and support characters in the back for their safety.

Energy and Special Skills

As your characters engage in battles, they gauge up energy by hitting their normal attacks, and this energy is essential for using their powerful ultimate skills. These skills are highly impactful and can completely alter the direction of a battle. It’s vital to always monitor your energy gauge since these ultimate skills can deal immense damage to foes, offer critical team support, or produce remarkable effects.

Attribute Advantage

Consider the elemental affinities of both your characters and enemies. Attacking with the right element can deal extra damage, while attacking with a disadvantageous element may be less effective. Adjust your strategy and team composition accordingly.


Manual control mode gives you the ability to actively dodge attacks by performing well-timed dashes. When you anticipate an enemy’s attack, dashing left or right at the right moment can allow your characters to swiftly sidestep or roll out of harm’s way. This evasion tactic is crucial for avoiding incoming damage and maintaining your characters’ health and combat effectiveness.

Status Effects

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Monitoring status effects is essential for effective gameplay. These effects can significantly influence the outcome of battles. Pay close attention to the status effects applied to both your characters and enemies. Some character skills can apply debuffs, weakening foes by reducing their damage output, mobility, or other attributes.

Auto-Play and Manual Control

DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE offers the choice between two control modes: auto-play and manual control. Auto-play is ideal for simpler battles, as it allows the game to automatically handle basic attacks and skill usage, offering convenience when you want a more relaxed gaming experience. Auto-play is only applied on story quests.

In contrast, manual control provides you with complete authority over your characters, enabling precise skill management, strategic positioning, and the ability to dodge enemy attacks, especially valuable in challenging encounters.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the combat system in DanMachi: BATTLE CHRONICLE is your gateway to becoming a formidable adventurer in this captivating RPG world. From understanding the basics of controlling your characters to the intricacies of energy management and ultimate skills, this guide will help you with the knowledge needed to excel in battle.

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