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Home, Planet & Hunters Beginners Guide and Tips

Become the ultimate saviour of your Planet!

Home, Planet & Hunters is an interesting Role-playing game designed by Black Pearl Games LTD. The game brings you all the nostalgic feeling with its storyline and graphics. The game brings three main characters, where you need to travel across the Planets. While traveling, you must take down the odds and save the natives. The characters carry some amazing Rage Skills with them that help them encounter enemies at a shot. So, in this detailed Home, Planet & Hunters Beginners Guide, I’ve mentioned all the primary concepts of the game. Also, don’t forget to check out the Home, Planet & Hunters redeem codes for the game and grab some freebies from it.

Gameplay Overview

Home, Planet & Hunter is a 2D game that follows an interesting storyline. Players need to travel across Planets and save their native ones from the odds. The game gives you an automated gameplay setting, so you don’t have to use much of your energy tapping on the mobile screen. But there are a few things you need to do manually.

Home Planet and Hunters gameplay 1
Image via Black Pearl Games Ltd

First, you need to move your characters by sliding them, if any of the characters is in a cluster of enemies. Also, you can slide and select targets for the characters, so that they can help you take them down. You need to tap on the Ultimate Skills once they gather the power. After using them once, you’ve to wait for a few seconds to let them gather the power.

Home Planet and Hunters gameplay 2
Image via Black Pearl Games Ltd

Mostly you’ll see 3 characters, Defender, Marksman, and Healer. As the name suggests, these characters have Skills according to their Class. They’re the only characters you’ll be able to witness in the game. You can easily enhance their gears and level them up with the help of certain in-game resources. Hence, to learn more about the basics, go through my piece.

Home, Planet & Hunters Basics

Story Mode

Home, Planet & Hunters has a single game mode namely The Story Mode. The Story Mode is divided into several stages and chapters.

Home Planet and Hunters story mode
Image via Black Pearl Games Ltd

These 3 Characters will help you throughout the journey. Players will just move around the Planets, save the citizens, fight against the odds, and create a healthy environment for all.

Prep Room

Prep Room is the area where you can utilize in-game resources to enhance and upgrade all the gears and characters. Resources such as Onyx and Gold can be used for these tasks.

Home Planet and Hunters Prep Room
Image via Black Pearl Games Ltd

Upgrading and Enhancing the gears will improve the attributes of the gears. Also, you can use Onyx to level up the Skills of the characters. This will help you upgrade and level up the players.


Supply is the section where you can call for some emergency supplies. These supplies come in the form of Crates in Home, Planet, and Hunters.

Home Planet and Hunters Supply
Image via Black Pearl Games Ltd

You will have to wait from 30 minutes to 2 hours so that you can open up the chests. Unboxing the chests will let you grab resources when in need. These resources can help you further in the game activities.


The Quests section brings up all the interesting events and tasks for the players. Sometimes, these events are time-limited and you need to finish them within the given limit. However, the rewards are equally jaw-dropping.

Home Planet and Hunters Quests
Image via Black Pearl Games Ltd

So, all players should complete these quests within the given time. You get to reap benefits in terms of valuable items and the quests also assist you in all the in-game activities.


The Missions section has lots of Daily and Weekly missions for you all. The daily missions have a timeline of 24 hours and you should finish the weekly mission within 7 days as obvious.

Home Planet and Hunters Mission
Image via Black Pearl Games Ltd

Completing them will help you gather some amazing sets of Gear and Resources. You can easily replace your previous gears, and use these better ones. This will help you power up your characters and progress faster.

Home, Planet & Hunters Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Setup your characters

As a beginner, you need to know the roles of all three characters. These will help you set them up during the fights. Use your strategies, and move your characters so that you can defend them properly. This will help you to keep your characters safe from all the enemies and clear the round easily.

2. Call for the Supply Crates

You will be witnessing the time you get out of resources. I’d suggest you not wait for the missions or quests. Instead, you should call for the Supply Crates. You need to wait for a while and unbox the Crates to get all the important resources.

3. Enhance the Gears

Gears are the ultimate source to knock down the enemies and defend the characters as well. So, utilize the Onyx and Gold properly to upgrade them. Also, keep an eye on the gears regularly. This will help you make them stronger and faster.

4. Complete Quests and Missions

The game provides you with some amazing sets of Quests and Missions. You should complete all the quests and missions in the game. Be sure to grab up all the rewards after completion. You’ll get Onyx, Gold, Supply Crates, and Gears as rewards. You can use them in your game progression.

5. Use Skills wisely

You are free to use the Rage Skills manually in Home, Planet, and Hunters. So, check for the perfect time, and use the Skills accordingly during the fights. This will help you knock down enemies easily and complete the round in just no time.

Final Thoughts

Home, Planet & Hunters is a great game to kill your time when you’re bored or free. The game brings back all childhood memories due to its graphics and gameplay mechanics. The game has a few characters which are quite marvelous and enhance the gameplay experience. Therefore start your journey and don’t forget to fall back to my Home, Planet & Hunters Beginners Guide should you need any help!

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