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The highly awaited actionadventure Dawnlands arrived on mobile platforms recently in which players embark on a quest to awaken an ancient land. With a vast and breathtaking open world, adventurers can explore diverse biomes, encounter relics, and solve intriguing puzzles. With the launch, the need to contact Customer Support has steadily increased as players try to know more about the game. So in this guide, we’ll be explaining the steps to contact the customer support service of Dawnlands.

Some players of the game are frequently hampered by in-game bugs, account-related issues, and in-app purchase questions. Every user desires a smooth and bug-free gaming experience. As a result, they must contact customer service to clarify their doubts and problems.

How to Contact Dawnlands customer support

The support team has a FAQ section on their official website to address common player inquiries. In the event that a player is unable to find a resolution to an ongoing problem or encounters a new issue, Dawnlands customer service is available to contact at any time to answer questions from the players.

There are two ways to contact the Dawnlands customer support team. Players can contact them through in-game menu options or directly through Dawnlands’ social media handles.

How to Contact via in-game Customer Service Option

The first method is to contact through the in-game menu. The game must be launched on the players’ devices. They must follow the steps below once the in-game home screen has loaded.

Dawnlands settings
Image via Seasun Games
  • On the home screen after launching the game, you can find the Settings cogwheel icon in the top right corner. Click on it.
  • You will find different options like Friends, Help, etc. in which you will have the option for Customer Service in the menu with the Feedback option. Click on it to open the customer support menu/site outside the game.
  • Clicking on it would take you to the Customer Service page where you can inquire about the game problems, purchases, events, and games addressed by the developers. The Help section has some game-related advice, but the support site only has submission options and not pre-answered queries. For payment issues, there is a separate submission section.

Reporting a Bug

Currently, you can follow the above steps to go to the support page. To report a bug the steps are given below.

Reporting a bug Dawnlands
Image via Seasun Games
  • Unlike the payment issue submission section, reporting bugs doesn’t have a separate category. For this reason, you need to select the Auto Submit option.
  • On the page, there isn’t a particular block to select different options. You need to fill in the necessary details with the only available options being Email ID and Description of the Issue.
  • Make sure to mention the Title in the box while writing the subject so that the team can get a clear idea about the bug you are referring to.
  • Players can upload screenshots of the bug if available, and then click Submit.

Chat Support

Dawnlands chatbot support
Image via Seasun Games

There is also an option to chat with a bot, which you can do by adhering to the steps mentioned below.

  • On the same page mentioned in the Reporting a Bug section, you can find a chat icon indicated at the right corner of the screen.
  • Click on it to open the Customer Chat. Note that this is not a Live chat, but a
  • After a while, a Chatbot Hedi will contact you, where you can place your queries. These answers are preset and will help in resolving common queries.
  • Currently, contacting an agent is not possible, so you need to head over to the other methods in case you do need assistance.

How to Contact the Developer team directly

Players can contact the developers at Seasun Games directly. You can head over to the official Facebook page @Dawnlands2022 as well as their official Twitter page @DawnlandsGames and get your doubts clarified, alongside their official Discord server as well. Players can also visit the official website to clarify their doubts.

Are you still facing any issues in contacting the Customer Support Team of Dawnlands? Head straight to our comments section and get your queries resolved! 

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When will you optimize the game? It runs really poorly on on top notch PC with 32GB RAM and RTX 4080 GPU. Will you please optimize your game?

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