Dead by Daylight Mobile Guide: 5 Tips to win every game

Dead by Daylight is currently one of the best multiplayer horror games on mobile devices right now. Dead by Daylight is perfect for jumping in solo and getting your heart racing from the creepy killers, or squading up with some friends and speedrunning the generators. We’re going to give you some must-know tips for surviving and escaping the relentless killer and getting those sweet blood points. Keep reading for important tips that will guide you in greatly increase your chances of winning in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

1. Teamwork is Crucial

Working with your fellow survivors in Dead by Daylight is extremely important, even if not playing with your friends. You will not be able to win a game by yourself against the powerful killers.

Your teammates will be a big help to you in-game. Whether that’s doing generators on their own or even simply running the killer around the map. This helps to ensure that you can safely complete a generator or two without worrying about the killer, which ultimately leads to your win.

Dead By Daylight Mobile Guide

Playing with friends can also give you a big advantage against the killer. Not only do you have better cooperation and coordination in-game, but you can also prepare for your next match in the lobby. If you coordinate with your teammates and figure out what survivors compliment others, you can easily build a team that compliments each other.

2. Use Your Items Efficiently

Items in Dead by Daylight, such as the medkit or the repair tool, are one-time use. This means once you bring it in-game, you lose it unless you survive and escape with the equipped item. A lot of beginners make the mistake of keeping all of their items and offerings so they don’t get wasted, but never actually use them.

As you level up, you’ll keep unlocking more items from the blood web, as well as finding some in-game if you’re lucky. Don’t be afraid to bring your items into the round because you’ll quickly get an item to replace it.

Add-ons are not only exclusive to survivors. So make sure to use them when you’re playing as the killer, too! Depending on what killer you’re playing, items & offerings can greatly increase your chances of winning if you choose the right ones. For example, when playing as The Trapper, you can bring in add-ons to make your traps less visible.

When playing as a survivor, plan ahead and adjust your items according to your character. Different survivors may utilize the medkits, repair kits, or flashlights more efficiently than another survivor. For example, if you’re playing Claudette Morel. You should bring in a medkit with you because Claudette’s perks directly complement healing.

3. Move Stealthily

If you’re playing as a survivor in Dead by Daylight, you will be easily knocked down from 2 hits. You don’t have any weapons to fight back with, and your only way out is by repairing generators and surviving each trial. If you’re not as sneaky and stealthy as possible, it will be easy for the killer to find you and put you on a hook.

However, having a stealthy playstyle will make it much harder for the killer to find you. The maps in Dead by Daylight all have many obstacles and objects to use to your advantage. With the killer’s limited first-person view, simply hiding behind a wall may be all it takes to survive a few extra minutes. Or hide in one of the many conveniently placed lockers around the map. But be careful- if the killer opens the locker, they will pick you up automatically.

Dead By Daylight Mobile Guide

Another major mistake many beginners make is always running around the map. Even though it may be faster than walking or crouching, running will make more noise, as well as leave a trail behind you that the killer can follow. If you happen to run into a ledge, always try to avoid running while vaulting (known as a quick vault), as it will make a noise and give your location away.

Make sure to beware of the crows in Dead by Daylight. When you’re close to the killer, these crows can easily give away your location if you walk by one. They will also start hovering above you if you are staying still in one spot long enough. Including the closet- make it very obvious where you are.

Don’t shy away from closets, though. When the killer gets near you, you will see and hear your heartbeat. The louder and more intense your heartbeat is, the closer the killer is to you. In this situation, feel free to hide in a closet. Make sure not to run to it though, because the trail you leave behind you will let the killer easily follow.

4. There’s More Than One Way Out

You may usually escape the trials by powering multiple generators and dashing out of the exit gates with your fellow survivors. This isn’t the only way to escape the killer, though.


  • you’re the last survivor alive, the hatch is guaranteed to be open.
  • you find it first, you can jump through and escape.
  • the killer finds the hatch first, though, then he can close it.

This will trigger the endgame, and you will have limited time to find an exit gate and escape that way. Or if you have a key with you, look for the hatch and unlock it.

Being the last one alive isn’t the only way the hatch is opened. The hatch will spawn as long as the number of repaired generators is one more than the survivor. For example, if three survivors are remaining, you will need to have four generators fully repaired. If you find the hatch, you still need a key to unlock and open it to escape.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice!

The best way to improve at Dead by Daylight: Mobile is just to practice. Make sure to try every survivor and mainly play the one that best fits your playstyle. With these tips in effect, you’ll win many more games than you have been before, especially if you’re a beginner and thus guide you into easy wins in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

We hope you find this Dead by Daylight Mobile Guide helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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