Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense Beginners Guide and Tips

Protect the Kingdom with your own unique strategies!

Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense is the latest casual Tower Defense strategy title that comes from the Developer House of 111%. Within this guide for beginners, we shall be looking into the world of Dice Kingdom, in which dice morph and combine into your most trusty turrets to defend against unyielding alien armies.

Develop your distinct positioning strategy, take on the army that tries to invade the kingdom, and learn how to use the strengths and weaknesses of your defenses. Bringing an addictive mix of dice mechanics, strategy, and tower defense, the game asks users to take on the role of protecting their kingdoms from alien armies. In this article, we will be looking into the guides that would help beginners tackle the game much more easily.

Introducing the Basics of Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense

Dice Kingdom – Tower defense is, as its name suggests a tower defense game. In this game, the players will have dices that act as turrets that can be used to defend against the impending armies from another dimension. Although many have this ad many other games do not really have the same gameplay, but for people that have been trying to find the game, this is it.

Dice Kingdom - Tower Defense Gameplay Overview
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In this game, the players as mentioned above will use dice to defend their kingdoms. These dices are stackable, meaning that putting a number one die with another number one dice will make it so they merge and turn into better and stronger number two dice, then The number two dice can then be merged into number three dice, and so on and so forth. So in this game, luck can also be a huge factor in getting the right dice you would need to be able to defend your kingdom.

Dice Kingdom Loot Box
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This is due to the game having a kind of gacha system in which types of dice will be given to you as you can only recruit common dice for 200 gold and then rare dice that start as number 3 dice as they require 1000 gold to recruit. There are also spells that can be unlocked while progressing in the game. These are very useful when being in a pinch as spells are powerful enough to turn the tide of the defense.

List of Common and Rare Dice in Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense

For this article, as this is a beginners guide for this tower defense game, we will be only looking into the dice that the players will most likely have access to as they are guaranteed for them to be given in the earlier stages of the game. Below are each of these dice, and what they do.

Common Dice

  • Fire Dice – These dice deal huge amounts of damage and also deal a percentage of the damage dealt in an area around the attacked enemy, which scales per level of the dice in the upgrade menu. Its drawback is it does not have a good attack speed.
  • Wind Dice – This turret deal only single-target damage and lower damage per shot in comparison to the fire dice. However, these dice have so much better attack speed than the fire dice that their single target DPS is better than the fire dice which makes it ideal in boss fights.
Dice Kingdom - Tower Defense Dice Camp
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  • Ice Dice – Ice dices are crowd control dice that have a percent chance of being able to freeze an enemy It attacks this percentage also scales per level in the upgrade menu. This is exceptionally useful in making the enemy freeze around kill zones.
  • Ground Dice – This dice is exceptionally useful in keeping enemies that attack turrets at bay. Its job as protector of the damaged dice is important as getting a turret destroyed by enemies will make it so it does not attack anymore which leaves the players vulnerable.
  • Light Dice – This dice is a supportive dice just like the ground dice, however, instead of directly protecting them against enemies this dice helps strengthen other turrets giving them bonus attack speed and bolstering the damage potential of each dice as much as possible

Rare Dice

  • Slingshot Dice – These dices are high-damage turrets that are specialized in taking down, or executing weakened enemies as they have a passive of dealing more damage to enemies with 50% health or less.
  • Sniper Dice – The Sniper Dice is a very straightforward type of die. The only special thing about it is that it shoots enemies from really far away and has a ton of per-shot damage that is unrivaled. However its biggest drawback is that it has a very slow attack speed.
Dice Kingdom - Tower Defense Beginners Guide Market
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  • Landmine Dice – This is a kind of supportive turret that also still deals damage. This dice is best to be used in the back where it can be a fallback option in the case of enemies leaking through your defense as it has a huge damage landmine production that explodes when stepped on.
  • Bubble Dice – This is the main rare supporting die of the game. The bubble dice provides four adjacent dices a shield that can block the damage of the next three attacks or skills that are made by the enemies. This is a good protector for the frontline.
  • Modified Electric Dice – The modified electric die is an area of effect damage type of turret. This dice attacks all enemies within the radius of its range. This is very useful in stages with looping tracks as this gives this dice maximum surface area to deal damage on.

Coins Currency and Resource Management

In this tower defense as with most games, the currency is the most important thing to grind on if the players would wish to proceed and progress through. In this guide below we will be looking into the three main currencies that are needed in the game.

Dice Kingdom - Tower Defense Spell Resources
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  • Gold – The gold currency is considered the main currency and is the easiest currency to get in the game. This is the currency needed for getting more turrets into the dice camp. Gold can be gathered just by playing the stages. Each stage, win or not will give coins to be used in recruiting more dice into your cause.
  • Hearts – This currency is a staple for many phone games. This currency is important for fighting on stage. losing in a stage will cause you to lose one heart. Losing all your heart will make it so you will not be able to play. To replenish it the players will just need to wait a few minutes or pay real money to replenish it in the shop.
  • Upgrade Materials – There are a total of five upgrade materials that are present in the game. Each material is needed by different types of skills and towers for their upgrades. These materials are a bit harder to come by than the other materials as they can only be gathered after boss fights or mini-games

Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are tips and tricks that beginners may find useful, especially in starting the game.

1. Make sure to learn each Dice you get

One common mistake that people may make is that getting rare is better than higher-level commons or vice versa. The thing is that the effect of the tower is important to take note of as some may be more useful in a different map setting even if they are lower level than another tower.

2. Choose your Upgrades wisely

Upgrade materials are a lot harder to get than gold in this game so it is very important that you choose wisely what turrets you use the most and upgrade them not just upgrade any dice that you can see you can upgrade as wasting them by upgrading dices you would not use is not good, especially in the long run.

Dice Kingdom - Tower Defense Reward
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3. Play the Minigames with attention

As mentioned above upgrade materials are hard to come by and are one of the most important materials in the game. The only other thing except boss fights that you would be able to get consistently is the mini-games that you get points for by playing in the game. Playing these mini-games as much as possible and not wasting points by keeping them full would be a very efficient supply of upgrade materials.

Final Thoughts

So that is all for our, Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense Complete Beginners guide. We hope you learned everything that you would need to breeze through the early stages of the game. Furthermore, never forget to play the game for fun as it is a very cute game that has huge AFK potential where you can play once you have some awkward 10-15 minute time in your hands maybe in queues, commuting, and the such.

That’s all from us for Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense Beginners Guide! Did you find our Dice Kingdom – Tower Defense beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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