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Disgaea RPG Beginners Guide and Tips

Enter the Netherworld and try to raise the Strongest Overlord

Disgaea RPG a new mobile RPG strategy game by Boltrend Games is finally out for the Global community, available for both Andriod and iOS devices. It is a new free-to-play take on the popular Disgaea series that has had many entries arrive in the past across consoles, PC and even mobile devices. Now, the game may seem overwhelming with so many parameters and game mechanics to go through but we have you covered with this guide that covers the basic stuff to start off your journey. So today in this Disgaea RPG Beginners Guide, we will be diving into some tips and basic tricks to help you out when it comes to playing this game.

Getting Started

After completing the initial tutorial you will be given a chance to roll multiple times to summon a 4-star character, where you should ideally aim for one of them among – Laharl, Valvatorez, Desco, all of them are top-tier character as of now and can immensely help you in the game, but characters alone can’t win you battles. You have to know how to upgrade and power them up, the following sections will help you do just that.

Mastering your Character

1. Using Nether Enhance

Nether Enhancement uses dupes of the characters to upgrade their stats and unlock Evilities, The first, fifth and seventh N.E level unlocks Evilities that provides a massive boost to the overall power of your characters, then the third N.E unlocks a Unique skill for your character and the other remaining N.E levels provide stat boosts for characters.
Each character requires the same dupe as themselves for Nether Enhancement or you can also use N.E Prinny, which can upgrade the N.E level of any character, but it is advised to use them only on top-tier limited characters as they are very rare and costs Huge amount of Nether Quartz and you can also get them from limited events.

2. Leveling up your characters

You can level up your characters by earning EXP through clearing stages, this includes stages of Dark Gate, Story Mode Stages, and Limited event stages, there is no exp potion or anything similar to it that gives exp. In Dark Gates, Each stage can be challenged three times every day and you can also use Gate keys to unlock them two more times if you are in rush to gain exp. Story Mode Stages and events stages also provide exp so clear them as you wish, event stages sometimes have a particular stage for exp farming. You can use the 2x Exp bill available in the Dark Assembly to farm stages of Dark Gates.

Disgaea RPG Beginners Guide

3. Increase the Star-rarity of your Characters

In order to make your Character stronger, you can upgrade the star level of your character by awakening them. Each character will require five characters of the same star level as itself along with some HL for awakening. Increasing the star level will increase the base stats of the characters. You can upgrade Prinnies to the same star-level as the character you want to awaken and use them as fodder material, you can also use other two-star characters as fodder, just don’t use some characters that may be useful to you in the future.

4. Ability Cheat and Equipment

Ability cheat is used to increase stat and Weapon Mastery for characters, weapon mastery can determine how your characters will grow, which skills and abilities they will be proficient in, weapon mastery is permanent for your characters so be extra careful when you increase it. Then we have the stats from Cheat Rank, which can be increased and can be reset, so you can invest in it without worries. The currency required to use anything in Cheat Shop is Mana and a unit gains 100 Mana each time it reincarnates.

Item World is the place from where you can get the strongest equipment for your characters, by defeating Generals, Kings, and Gods, these are the boss enemies that spawn on every 10th floor. Equipment that is drop-in Item World has a higher maximum rank than that of Shop’s Equipment. You can’t expect that bosses will drop equipment in every run, but what you can do is defeat the boss only and if it doesn’t drop the equipment, you can simply retreat and try again until it does. Since Thieves can increase your chest drop rate, so make sure to take a few.

Building your Team

The goal of team building is to make a solid enough team to take on various stages and content, the game throws at you, select your characters that can complement each other or buff the whole team if you go through the evilities description of various characters in the game, you will notice that most of them provide some buff to particular classes or type of characters, this should be kept in mind when building teams.

For example – Laharl is a universal team buffer, so you can pretty much build a team around him with no problems, then we have Desco which provides a buff to Monsters, so obviously, an optimal team will be, a team of Monsters. For farming, AOE skills are always a good choice for some stages. You can put Desco with four Thieves for that stacked increased chest drop rate. Optimally, your team should have two main damage dealers and others having support roles, like healing and buffering, but different stages require different team composition, so change as you wish and finally, you can make as many team compositions as you like if it can get the stage clear.

Disgaea RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our additional tips and tricks on how to progress in the game easily as an amateur in the initial stages of the game.

  • Don’t forget to do your daily missions, they give a decent amount of stuff for you to progress
  • Send sardines to your friends and they can send you back giving both of you some extra energy to work with
  • Make sure to refresh the equipment shop, as you may get the equipment that you want, but only do the free refreshes
  • You can do the Dark Gate stages three times every day for free, so make sure to do them daily
Disgaea RPG Beginners Guide

This game doesn’t have any PvP, so you can play the game at your own pace, there’s no need for any competitiveness or going after only top-tier characters i.e meta character. Enhance and upgrade whatever charterer you like because at the end of the day you are playing this game for fun, and enjoy your adventures along with the various overlords of Disgaea Universe. Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Disgaea RPG Beginners Guide for tips!

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