Donut Punks: Online Epic Brawl Beginners Guide and Tips

Get into the world of Donut with your Punks!

Donut Punks: Online Epic Brawl is an action multiplayer game developed by Donut Lab where your main target is to collect the maximum number of donuts. The game brings an outstanding gameplay experience with an engaging fighting spirit. Players need to compete with three others and collect the maximum number of donuts to claim a victory. Hence, I’ve elaborated the entire gameplay mechanics and in-game vitals through the Donut Punks: Online Epic Brawl Beginners Guide and Tips piece. 

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Gameplay Overview

Donut Punks: Online Epic Brawl is an action-packed multiplayer game that follows an interesting competition between players to collect the maximum number of donuts in every match. The game follows multiple modes, where players must win matches to get promoted. The matches are conducted between 4 players who fight for their wins. Players can set traps according to the character’s specialty.

donut punks gameplay
Image via Donut Lab

These traps help kill the opponents and then collect all their donuts to make a lead in the game. Every mode has different rules and formats accordingly, players need to check them properly as I’ll be mentioning them below. Players will earn amazing resources such as Donuts, Koins, and Battle Points that will help them upgrade their Punks and Rank them respectively. The gameplay mechanics are comprehensive and you get a joystick at the left side of the screen for locomotion

Image via Donut Lab

On the right side, there’s the Shoot and Trap button. These buttons help in Shooting toward the zombies and setting traps for the opponents respectively. The characters collect donuts on their own. In some modes, players get a Bucket to store their donuts, this feature helps keep the donuts safe. Even if you die, the donuts remain intact in the Barrels and opponents can’t collect them from you. 

Donut Punks: Online Epic Brawl Basics 

Game Modes

Donut Punks: Online Epic Brawl offers several different game modes. Remember, to unlock all the modes, you need to collect a definite amount of Trophies. Trophies can only be earned by winning matches over all the modes. Here are the list of modes you’ll get to see in the game:

Image via Donut Lab

1. Donut Hunt

Donut Hunt is a single-mode game. Players need to collect the most donuts by the end of the round to win. To keep your donuts safe, you should store them in the Barrels and keep them safe till the end. Also, make sure to set traps for your opponents and forbid them from going ahead of you. You’ll earn the entire amount of donuts collected as a reward. If you win, you’ll get 20 Battle Points, else a defeat will let you have only 5

2. Collexion

Collexion is a 2v2 Team Format mode, the team who feels all the barrels with donuts wins the match. Players need to defend their Partner and set traps for opponents to get the lead. Just like Donut Hunt, here also players will get the entire amount of Donuts they have collected as a reward. If you win, you will be awarded 20 Battle Points, else only 10 will be given.

3. Flag Bearer

This is yet another single-mode game. Players need to grab the Flag from boxes or snatch from the opponent. The one collecting 150 Points, wins the round. Players will earn the exact number of donuts earned as points. If won, 20 Battle Points come along with them else you’ll receive only 5

Image via Donut Lab

4. Llamaland

This is a 2v2 mode where the one bringing 2 Llamas to their base, wins the game. Players need to go to the Llamas and feed them donuts. The team having more donuts will be followed by the Llamas. If you get a Clear Victory, you’ll be rewarded with 250 Donuts and 20 Battle Points. If it’s a normal Victory, 125 Donuts and 20 Battle Points are for you. And if it’s the alternate fate, that’s defeat/draw then you will be awarded with 50 Donuts and 10 Battle Points

5. Hardcore

Hardcore is a single-mode game that follows the exact rules as Donut Hunt. Here, players need to collect donuts and the one having the maximum number of donuts after finishing wins the round. Use your perks to take the lead from your opponents. If you win, you will be awarded 40 Battle Points, else you will get only 10 Battle Points. Just like in other modes, players will receive the exact amount of Donuts they have collected as a reward. 


Image via Donut Lab

In the Punks section, you can check all the Punks present in the game. Players can easily unlock them by collecting Punk Cards from BagPacks. Here you can view all the basic stats about the Punks present in Dont Punks: Online Epic Brawl. To upgrade them, you need a certain amount of Donuts for every level with Punk Cards. 


The Championship section lets you see your rank in the game. The rankings stand as:

  • Super Final
  • Super Semifinal
  • Super Quarterfinal
  • Diamond League
  • Pearl League
  • Ruby League
  • Gold League
  • Silver League
  • Bronze League
  • Copper League
  • Wooden League

Collecting more trophies helps in getting promoted to the next Rank. The same process also helps in unlocking all the different game modes. Promotion to the next Rank will help you earn the best rewards such as Punk Cards, Donuts, Koins, and BackPack.

Donut Pass

Donut Pass is the in-game pass of Donut Punks: Online Epic Brawl. You need to collect Battle Points to level up your Donut Pass. Like other games, you’ll witness a Free Pass and a Premium Pass. Premium Pass requires real-time payments which I wouldn’t recommend initiating. Resources such as Backpacks, Koins, Universal Upgrades, Donuts, and BattlePoint Boosters will be received alternatively at every Pass Level. 

Donut Punks: Online Epic Brawl Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Unlock Powerful Punks

As an amateur, you must look for ways to unlock Powerful Punks. Punks can be unlocked by collecting trophies, promotion to the next tier, and opening BackPacks. Powerful Punks have great Perks, using them at the right time during matches, will help you claim more victories. So make sure to unlock Punks and collect more Donuts. 

2. Set Traps for your opponents

Every Punk has unique Perks that help you, set interesting traps for your opponents. To win matches, you’ll have to play mischievous moves to grab more Donuts. You should kill your opponents by setting traps and collecting all their donuts from their grave. This will help you take a lead in the game if you are running behind. 

3. Collecting Battle Points is more important than Donuts

Battle Point is the most important resource you’ll see in the game. This resource will help you rank higher in the Championship section and level up your Donut Pass. By doing so, you can easily unlock more valuable assets in the game and progress faster than usual. 

4. Rank up to get real competition

At the beginning of Donut Punks, it’s a child play for everyone to win the matches. The real battle starts when you rank higher. As you rank up, the difficulty and the quality of the reward increase significantly. So, I’d suggest you play more matches strategically and collect trophies to rank higher and quicker. 

5. Be alert during the match

Like you, your opponents will also be looking to set traps for you. You should check for the red radius around you and try to escape that area to dodge traps. Getting into traps will lead you to death and eventually your opponents will collect all your donuts. Therefore, watch your back, escape from traps, and try to win matches. 

Final Thoughts

Donut Punks: Online Epic Brawl is a unique, and conceptual action-based multiplayer. The game lets the player collect more donuts during the match. The one collecting more donuts wins the round. The graphics and mechanics are the key points in the game. There are several interesting missions and modes to explore in this game. Thoroughly follow the piece to learn about all the basics and roots. You can get back to this Donut Punks Beginners Guide in matters of doubt.

That’s all from us for the Donut Punks: Online Epic Brawl Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Donut Punks Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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