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Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide and Tips

Embark on an exciting journey to Dragon valley!

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is an outstanding open-world RPG game with many exciting characters and combats. The game brings up so many exciting features for the players in the game and thus it makes the players more enthusiastic towards the game itself. The characters are so good and the players interact a lot with all the characters in the storyline, making the players feel connected to the story. Let us get into a detailed Dragon Nest 2: Evolution beginners guide with tips for amateurs to help them flourish well at the beginning. 

Gameplay Overview 

As Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is an MMORPG game, the players will thus get a typical RPG game format of gameplay mechanics and UI to witness while they play the game. Just like all other RPG games, here also players will get to the combat buttons and all other features at a single game screen itself and thus can easily get access to all other sections of the game.

The game comes along with a joystick at the left slide of the screen that helps the character in further locomotion. At the right side of the screen, players will further witness the attack and the rage skill buttons that they can use in between the fights. Remember that every rage skill, once used then goes under a cooldown period. Thus players can use them again after the cooldown period is over and slash away the enemies. 

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide
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At the beginning of the game, players get the chance to select the character with whom they wanna play at their convenience. Players can thus choose a character from the list of classes of characters they get which consists of classes such as:

  • Warrior
  • Cleric
  • Archer
  • Mage
Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide
Image via Level Infinite

Players thus have to choose any one of the classes and then they can customize the character as per their convenience. The customization includes changes in facial traits, Hair type, Hair Color, Eyeball color, and many more physical traits. Thus after doing all this players will straight away jump into the storyline and have the best gameplay experience. 

Introducing the Basics of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution 

Main Game Mode 

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is a storyline-based game and thus the story mode is the main game mode in this game. Up in this, players get some assigned missions and thus they need to follow them to continue further in the storyline. By doing so, they can thus progress well in the game and level up pretty much faster.

Main Game Mode
Image via Level Infinite

They will also earn a wholesome of EXP points along with other in-game resources such as gears and gold. Players get to interact with a lot of characters in the game as well who are part of the arc and thus build up great bondings with them. Players also get to fight with many different creatures in the game through this storyline game mode. 

Forbidden Ground 

Forbidden Ground is another game mode players will find in the game at the beginning of the game itself. Here players jump into a barren land full of devils and creatures and thus our character has to fight with them and clean out all the filth from this place.

There are certain stages and every stage has a few levels as well. Every level has different villains and the last level of a particular stage has the main villain of that stage who is the most powerful being players will face throughout that particular stage.

Forbidden Land
Image via Level Infinite

Also, players have to play the matches present over Forbidden Ground because some of the storyline missions get unlocked after the players have completed a particular stage level in Forbidden Ground and thus then they can proceed further into the storyline. 


Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide
Image via Level Infinite

The character section helps out players to check out all the basic information regarding stats, gears, health points, and many more of the characters players own. Players can also check for the attributes and the properties of their character. They can even share their character ID with their friends and compare their power levels. 


Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide
Image via Level Infinite

The skills section shows up all the skills the character will unlock or has unlocked with the help of Skill Points that they can earn by leveling up their profile or by completing missions. Players can also level up the skills with the help of these Skill Points and have a powerful impact with all those skills on their opponents in between fights. 


Mounts are a type of pet that helps the characters in faster locomotion to their destination over the map. As it is an open-world MMORPG, it is pretty obvious that the map will be a very big one covering acres and acres of area.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide
Image via Level Infinite

Thus running will consume a lot of time for the players themselves and at some point it will genuinely become a boring task. Thus for that, some mounts will help out players to move faster and complete their missions. Mounts get unlocked in various ways such as:

  • Leveling up the player profile
  • Summoning 
  • Buying Resource packs 

Thus, get your hands full with the best set of Mounts and enjoy their company while moving towards your next mission with your character. 


Pets are the best companions players can have alongside them in between fights. As the player moves more toward the storyline, the number of opponents they will face at a time will increase and eventually they would crave for a companion to fight along with them.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide
Image via Level Infinite

And thus for that purpose, pets are being introduced in the game so that they can help out the characters in between fights and claim the victory quite faster than expected. Players can easily summon Pets with the help of Pets tokens which they can either buy from the shop or earn in the form of rewards by completing missions. 

Adventure Handbook

Adventure Handbook
Image via Level Infinite

The Adventure Handbook shows all the missions and some of the conversations or some side missions which are related to the characters players come across while going through the storyline missions. This also helps them to earn some of the finest rewards such as EXPs and Golds. 


The Achievement section shows all the achievements players have completed in the game while playing throughout all these days. Also, players get rewards with a certain amount of Gold after they complete an achievement task and thus get their names over that achievement. 


The Appearance section helps players to make some attractive changes to the outfits of their characters. Players can thus change the outlook and add some earwear, funky vests, pants, and even a cool sword skin that will thus make their characters look outstanding over the server and flex the outfits in front of other players as well. Players can thus have changed over the following things:

Image via Level Infinite
  • Outfits
  • Decorations
  • Team Frame
  • Chat Costumes


The Market shows some of the sections which are present over the map and thus by tapping on them the character will move to that particular shop and buy out some of the necessary items which are required for their character.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide
Image via Level Infinite

These items include some gear and other essential itineraries. Players get two options, Normal Shop, and Friendly Shop that distinguish between the common shops for all the players and the shops which only the closed ones of the characters have for them. 


Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide
Image via Level Infinite

The bag shows all about the items the characters own with themselves and thus can use them in between the game anytime when they are in need. Players can thus checkout for all the important items such as Potions, Pets, and Gears which are being owned by the character and thus use them for their betterment in the game. 


The Summon section allows players to some important beings such as Pets. Pets are one of the most important components of the game and thus every player wants that they have the best Pet of the game with them so that it will come up with the best set of support in between fights.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide
Image via Level Infinite

Thus players can summon pets with the help of Pet Token in this section. Players can even summon and get some of the fancy outfits and skins in the game that will thus help them get a fancy look in the game. 

Battle Pass

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide
Image via Level Infinite

Just like all other MMORPG games, this game also has a Battle Pass where players get some Battle Pass missions and thus by completing them the Battle Pass level increases and players get rewards at every level of the Pass. in this game, players get to see 2 types of Battle Passes, the Free and the Premium. The Free battle pass comes along with some of the finest rewards but the Premium one comes with the best rewards players can witness throughout the game. 


Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide
Image via Level Infinite

The Rewards section shows up all the daily rewards players will receive daily by completing some of the tasks and spending a certain time in the game. By this, they can get their hands filled up with Skill Points and Golds which they can further use in the game for their progress itself. 


The team is a feature players will get in this game which is quite an unique feature to witness over the game. This section allows players to create a team over the server and thus complete all the storyline missions and tasks altogether.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide
Image via Level Infinite

This feature thus helps out players to complete all the missions very easily and even beforehand. Players can thus do the following things in this Team section:

  • Create team
  • Invite team
  • Nearby teams

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks 

1. Be keen on the main Storyline Missions 

As a beginner, players need to stay stuck towards the assigned storyline missions as this will help them progress further in the game at an enormously faster rate, and also help them earn great rewards such as skill points, EXPs, and golds. By completing the storyline missions players can thus unlock all the important and key features of the game which will further help them in the game itself. 

2. Do not skip the Forbidden Ground

Forbidden Ground is one of the main aspects players will come across in the game. Players have to play and complete all the stages and stage levels under Forbidden Ground and then only they can complete the full story of the game.

As the stages and levels of Forbidden Ground are linked with the storyline, there is no escape route from here. Also, players get lots of Golds and mystery chests which have some great rewards hidden inside them. Thus players should not ignore the Forbidden Ground and complete them when required or assigned to do so. 

3. Equip powerful Gears 

Players need to grab the best Gear for their character as they will boost up the DEF stats and help their character to deal with great damage. This will thus eventually help in between the fights and help the characters to win them by losing fewer health points. 

4. Unlock more powerful Skills and equip them

Skills are an important feature that players need to use in between fights. Skills help out the players to defeat their opponents faster compared to the normal melee attacks. And thus for this mere fact, players need to gather more Skill Points and unlock more skills so that they can equip them and fight with them to defeat the opponents very easily in just a few blows. 

5. Do not forget the Daily Missions

Players need to go through the daily missions and claim all the rewards from the Rewards section so that they get their hands full of skill points and golds which they can further use in the game itself such as for unlocking and leveling up skills and many more.

Final Thoughts

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is an outstanding RPG game with a great storyline that will keep up the players’ interest until they complete the entire game. Also, the game has so many exciting features which can attract the players towards themselves and thus consistently keep their interest in it. Thus follow up this detailed beginners guide and all the tips and tricks which will thus help out beginners progress at a speed similar to light in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution.  

That’s all from us for the Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide! Did you find our Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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