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Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Companion Tier List for July 2023

Be sure to select only the best companions!

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is an open-world RPG game with exciting features and characters all accumulated inside a marvelous storyline. As it is an MMORPG, the characters will face a lot of enemies and will indulge in combats as well. But the main thing here is that the more they level up, the more enemies gradually increase. Thus, to develop a support system the game has introduced Companions in the form of Pets who will thus fight beside the characters to support them while they are in the middle of a fight and help them claim victory with their small efforts. Let us know more about these companions and check out a detailed Companion Tier List for the best Companions in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution. 

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Companion Tier List for July 2023

Companions are divided into S, A, B, and C. Here is the detailed Tier List:

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Companion Tier List
Image via Level Infinite
Strong (S)Fire Sea Dragon Effigy,
Water Sea Dragon Effigy,
Dark Sea Dragon Effigy,
Light Sea Dragon Effigy
Good (A)Angel Elf,
Flower Elf,
Elf Irime,
Mermaid Princess,
Minotaur Effigy,
Cerberus Effigy,
Typhoon Krag Effigy,
Apocalypse Effigy,
Manticore Effigy,
Average (B)Hobgoblin Effigy,
Orc Effigy,
Mad Armored Hound Effigy,
Cannoneer Effigy,
Wicked Hobgoblin Huge Broo Effigy,
Infantry Effigy,
Troll Effigy,
Cow Princess Effigy,
Invader Effigy,
Zacob Effigy,
Follower Effigy,
Aetos Effigy,
Gargoyle Effigy,
Wraith Effigy
Fair (C)Swordsman Effigy,
Archer Effigy,
Experimental Robot Effigy,
Goblin Effigy,
Armored Hound Effigy,
Mimic Effigy Poochum Effigy,
Apocalypse Effigy,
Dainty Fairy Effigy,
Swan-like Elf,
White Furball,
Little Fox,
Crazy Duck,
Carter Cat,
Elf Effigy,
Orc Effigy,
Broo Effigy,
Bomb Rat Effigy,
Robot Effigy

Top 10 Best Companion in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution for July 2023

As we now have gone through the Tier List, let us now get to the list of the top 10 best companions to see in the game. Thus follow up the list to get the names of those powerful companions:

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Companion Tier List
Image via Level Infinite
  • Fire Sea Dragon Effigy 
  • Water Sea Dragon Effigy 
  • Dark Sea Dragon Effigy
  • Light Sea Dragon Effigy
  • Angel Elf
  • Flower Elf 
  • Elf Irime
  • Mermaid Princess
  • Minotaur Effigy
  • Cerberus Effigy

Thus, these are the top 10 companions players will get to see in the game. So grab them up and make the perfect combo alongside your character to slash away all the enemies. 

How to Unlock Companions easily in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution

As now we can understand the value of Companions, it is also very important to know about the ways through which we can figure out how we can unlock more and more Companions for our team. Remember that players can have only one companion besides their character and thus for this players need to grab the best companion from the game. But for now, let us know about the various ways through which we can grab companions.

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Companion Tier List
Image via Level Infinite

For unlocking the best companion, players must collect Pet Summon Tokens which will thus help players to summon the Pets from the Summon section and then players can get their hands full of Pets. Players can either summon 1 Pet or they can even summon 10 Pets at a time. Thus, let us now know the ways to collect Pet Tokens so that we can summon them easily in the game:

  • Players must complete daily assigned tasks and missions, after completion players will thus receive the Pet Summon Tokens with the help of that players can then summon powerful pets for themselves. 
  • Players can even get the chance to win Pet Summon Tokens from Battle Pass rewards. Thus players need to complete all those Battle Pass missions and then level up their Battle Pass to get their hands on Pet Summon Token. 
  • Complete the Forbidden Ground stages and levels and thus win all those levels as well. Winning those levels lets the players choose a mystery chest and thus players can have a chance to win a Pet Summon Ticket from those chests.

Thus, these are the following ways through which players can collect Pet Summon Tokens and then summon the best set of Pets from the Summon Section. 

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