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Dragon Nest 2: Evolution: Tips to Level up easily in the game

Level up easily with these tips!

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is an RPG game that follows a certain storyline and thus it’s very obvious that every player wants to level up faster in the game which eventually makes every player powerful as well. Thus, let us now go through the best ways through which players can level up faster in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution. 

How to Level up easily in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution

The following are some of the important tips for players to level up easily in the game:

1. Go for the Main Game mode missions

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Mounts Tier List
Image via Level Infinite

The primary game mode includes the storyline missions which players need to complete. This will eventually lead the players to conclude the story and thus earn lots of EXPs that help in leveling up the players. Thus this is considered to be the best and easiest way to level up faster in the game.

2. Unlock all the skills for your character 

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Beginners Guide
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Skills are one of the most important aspects of the character. As the more the skills get unlocked, the more powerful sets of skills are equipped by the players. A powerful set of skills will always support the character to claim victory over every fight they go through and thus players will level up faster due to this. 

3. Do not ignore the Forbidden Ground 

Forbidden Land
Image via Level Infinite

Forbidden Ground is another game mode players get to witness in the game. Players need to complete all the stages and levels under every stage of Forbidden Ground to earn great rewards and a bunch of EXPs which will further help them in leveling up faster in the game. 

4. Complete all the Achievements 

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Resources
Image via Level Infinite

The achievement section comes up with so many one-time tasks which once completed, provide players with a tag and great rewards. Thus by completing more achievements, players will earn lots of rewards along with EXPs that will help them to level up faster in the game and hence make them more powerful. 

Final Thoughts

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is an outstanding RPG game and thus leveling up faster is an important task in this type of storyline-based game. Thus follow up this detailed piece if you are a beginner and know about the best ways to level up faster in the game which will make the players not only powerful but also open up many interesting features in the game for them.

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