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Dragon Trail: Hunter World Beginners Guide and Tips

Assemble your squad and defeat evil dragons!

Dragon Trail: Hunter World is an outstanding RPG game. It has recently come into play on Android and iOS devices respectively. The game brings up many interesting features and easy-to-go gameplay mechanics which seem very fascinating and helpful to the players as well. The characters are divided based on several classes, surprisingly every character possesses unique traits and powers. The game itself comes with great features and a section called pets. Players can come across various pets and thus choose the best one to accompany their character. Thus, Let us now dive into a detailed Dragon Trail: Hunter World beginners guide along with a few tips for beginners. 

Gameplay Overview

Dragon Trail: Hunter World follows up an automated mode of gameplay where players need to tap on the MA progression tasks and then the character will start off its journey to complete it on its own. The character will go, use its skills and fight against the demons to complete the progression. By completing those tasks the players will earn EXP, Silvers, and some other valuable resources as well. Completion of MA progression tasks also leads to unlocking several pets and gears which provide extra support to the character respectively. 

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Beginners Guide
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The graphics of this game are very eye-catching and players get mostly attracted to this only. The game also serves up many sets of features to the players that enthusiasts and thus trigger their interest to play more. Dragon Trail also comes up with several fascinating in-game currencies as well that are used up in various sections of the game. 

Introducing the Basics of Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Algorithm of the Characters 

The game summons up six classes of characters at the beginning of the game and thus players have to select any one of those characters. The character list goes on as:

  • Warrior
  • Priest
  • Ranger
  • Shadowhunter
  • Cannonner
  • Dragon Knight

Every character possesses different sets of powers and abilities that bring up unique traits and features in themselves. Players must go through all the information regarding the stats of every character and then choose wisely so that they do not face any type of problem while battling against the odds. 

Understanding Game modes 

Dragon Trail: Hunter World brings up other several game modes for the players as well. Here is the list of the game modes that can be witnessed by the players:

  • Mode
  • Hunt Boss
  • Drill

The Mode section holds up two more game modes under itself. One is the single-player mode where the character will be left over a map and thus the character and its companions have to fight back those greedy monsters. It also has a PvP mode known as Arena where players will fight against real players and thus can compare their level of play at its best. 

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Beginners Guide
Image via TTHmobi

The Hunt Boss mode is the mode where characters will be left over a map with the served Bosses and thus they have to fight back to win over the rounds. The last game mode, Drill is a practice game mode where players will have unlimited rounds and thus can help out themselves to level up quickly by practicing and getting stronger. 


The Player section is the sole section where the players can check out all the progression details and stats about the character they are using. Players can even check out different sets of skins and titles for their character that they can use up on them and just roam around the open world with pride. Players can check out the stats even in a divided form under 2 sections:

  • Base attribute
  • Superior 


The pet section is the section where players can go through all the details about how many pets they own and the main selected pet as well. Players can easily feed them, evolve and enhance them to make the pets more powerful and thus they can become the best possible companion on the battlefield. Players can easily upgrade their pets by just following these few simple steps:

  • Open up Dragon Tail: Hunter World and go inside the Pet section.
  • In the Pet section, players can check out the Evolve option at the bottom of the game screen. Tap on it and move to that page.
  • There, players can check the number of Pet cards and Pet attributes that are required to evolve their respective pets. If the criteria are fulfilled, tap on the Evolve button present beside those requirement icons. Then the pet will get evolved and will also get enhanced at the same time. 


The mission is the section that pops up on the left side of the screen. Here players can check out all the sets of missions that are being assigned to them and thus players have to just tap on them. By just tapping on the mission, the character will automatically start running toward the desired location and thus complete the mission. The missions section has two sub-sections under itself:

  • MA: The MA missions are the ones that are directly connected to the main storyline. Thus, if players tap on this and complete this MA mission more, then they can easily complete the game and level up faster than usual. 
  • Side: The Side is the section where players get assigned to some of the missions that are not even linked to the storyline of the game and thus players don’t have to be in a hurry to complete those missions. 

In-game Features and Characteristics

Dragon Trail: Hunter World has many interesting features in itself and thus here are the best and the most important features that will help out players progress at the best possible rate.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Beginners Guide
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  • Pack: Pack is the inventory section where players can keep an eye on all sets of items like gears and the in-game currencies and resources. Players can even directly use these resources and items from this section and thus utilize them for their betterment itself. 
  • Skill: The skill section shows up all the skills that have been unlocked by the players. Every character comes up with different sets of skills and thus the one you will choose, you will get to see their skills over this section. The first two skills get unlocked at the beginning of the journey itself. But the other two skills are unlocked eventually when the player will increase their level. Thus, play more and increase your profile level to unlock all the skills and thrash away enemies in just a second.
Dragon Trail: Hunter World Beginners Guide
Image via TTHmobi
  • Refine: Refine is the gear section where players can check out all the sets of gear the character owns. Gears are one of the very important aspects players can check on while they hop into the battlefield. Thus, players must regularly keep an eye on the gears, and enhance and evolve them after a certain interval of time. This will eventually help put the players to increase their stats as well. 
  • Event: Event is the section where players can go through all sets of events and thus players can even win great rewards out of this section. Rewards such as the important in-game currencies and in-game resources which are utmost considered the most useful ones in the game can be claimed from here.

Dragon Trail: Hunter World Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After going through the game and investing so many hours, here are the best tips for beginners that will help them to flourish further in the game. 

1. Summon more Pets

Players must summon more Pets, this will increase the chances of the players receiving the best set of Pets and thus players can make the best duo companion by summoning the strongest pets over the game. 

2. Enhance the Gears

Enhancing the Gears helps the most as this helps out the players to increase the power of the character and thus the character becomes more powerful than before. Players must collect the basic enhancing token and thus use them at regular intervals to make the extra layer of protection more powerful. 

3. Play more MA Missions

MA missions are the main in-game missions that will help out players to progress further into the storyline. Thus, players must follow up on these missions and complete them immediately to enhance themselves and step ahead in the storyline. 

4. Evolve and feed your Pets

Players must evolve and feed their Pets as well. Feeding and evolving the pets just boosts up their power a lot and thus it is very normal for the players to expect from their companions that they will also fight back stronger. Thus, this is one of the important aspects players must follow up on during their journey.

5. Collect the reward from the Events section 

Players must visit and keep an eye on the events section. The events section has many sub-sections under itself and thus these subsections keep updating after a few days and thus the new ones come up with more fun rewards and missions. Hence, follow up on the events sections to receive amazing rewards daily. 

Final Thoughts

Dragon Trail: Hunter World is an outstanding RPG game that player can come across now. The game comes up with several fascinating features, characters, companions, and game modes that keep up the interest in the hearts of the players. Thus, follow up on this amazing beginners guide along with the best possible tips that will surely help you to become the best Dragon Trainer over the server you play. 

That’s all for today’s Dragon Trail: Hunter World Beginners Guide! Did you find this Dragon Trail: Hunter World Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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