Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Upgrade Priority Guide with Tips

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Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is a free-to-play, strategy-based multiplayer combat game featuring high quality, intense color graphics and a collection of fully customizable 3D heroes with player-controlled abilities and much more. Players often get stuck in the mid-stage of this game because of the higher time period of even small upgrades. It becomes utter most difficult to choose the right building and unit to upgrade than anything else. Upgrading your core after completely maxing out the current one always builds up excitement for a player in Dystopia. Most of the time, players have confusion regarding which buildings to upgrade first. However, some of them usually search for how to level up faster tips. So, no need to worry now! We are presenting you with a complete Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Upgrade Priority Guide with several tips to level up much quicker in the game.

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Upgrade Priority Guide and Tips

1. Upgrade your Core up to level 6

Why upgrade to Core level 6 and not higher or lower than that? Dystopia is quite similar to a fast-paced strategy mobile game in its initial stages. However, when a player reached Core level 6, things start becoming difficult. All you need to do is, focus on rushing out your base. Upgrade your core first and then, other things such as energy or cash storage.

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Upgrade Priority Guide

The major reason behind upgrading to a higher core is that you always get more loot than required. After level 6, you can start farming and focus on upgrading other things like Soldier and or Hero laboratory, your Hero base, etc. Also, with this focus on giving priority to cash instead of energy in the initial stages to rush faster.

2. Which building to focus first?

In Dystopia, you don’t need to worry about spending your resources on defenses. This game still needs some work on in-game mechanisms to balance the situations. It only offers cannons, guard towers, and mortar up to level 6. Besides this, there are only explosives that players can place as a trap. If we do not have to spend much on these things then? Here we have a list of things, you need to upgrade first in the same serial order. All the listed things should be leveled up to the max level of that core level:

Energy & Cash Drill

It is just like the elixir collector in Clash of Clans. Players should focus on this after reaching Core 6. You will now need a huge amount of energy (or elixir) to upgrade your units or upgrade your laboratory. You must upgrade the energy drill up to the max eligible level as it increases the production rate and storage size with every upgrade.

Soldier & Hero Laboratory

It is essential and should always be a priority of any player. You always need more troops but at the same time “higher level troops” or upgraded units. This game offers 2 laboratories to its players, a Hero laboratory and a Soldier laboratory. All research concerning Heroes is done in the Hero laboratory. However, in the Soldier laboratory, soldier unit upgrades are done. If you want to upgrade or increase the maximum upgrade cap. try to upgrade this laboratory first.


No doubt, there are only a few things as defenses. But the things which are available with you worth it. The damage of every defense is higher than of defenses in any other mobile game. Start focusing on mortar first, cannon next, and ultimately the guard tower. Moreover, if you have enough cash, you can invest it in upgrading the explosives too.

Energy storage and Money vault

Don’t forget the more you upgrade your storage, the more you will be able to store in them. If you have enough cash or energy, invest them in these buildings. The money vault is the same as gold storage in Clash of Clans. You can upgrade this building to increase the limit of how much cash you can store.

Soldier Base

It is a place to train your recruits. Upgrade this building to increase the limit of how many recruits you can have at a time. Unfortunately, it only allows you to train your recruits once a time, after then you have to train them again, The total unit capacity at Core 6 is 28. If you have to increase the unit capacity, you need to reach Core 7 and upgrade this building.


Last but not the least, is walls. Why we have selected it in the last? The reason being, Dystopia looks like a fast-paced mobile game, in the beginning, so you should focus on upgrading the Core first. After reaching a certain level, now you can easily focus on other things as now you’ll be getting much better loot in most of the regions.

3. Which units to upgrade first?

You should go with goons and bouncer first. It is highly recommended to not use Scavenger in any match. Scavenger only attacks the resources first (just like the goblins in COC) If you want to progress faster, use the listed units only and you will surely rock. In Heroes, prefer Bjorn to Volta.

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Upgrade Priority Guide

The reason being, up to Core 7 Bjorn is more effective and useful in comparison with Volta. However, once you reached Core 8 or higher, start focusing on Volta as well, because now players with air units can the tide against you.

  • Goons – Goons only attack ground targets and avoid engaging with air units. However, their movement speed is a little low as compared to the gunner.
  • Bouncer – They are similar to Giants in Clash of clans. Bouncers love to attack defense favored buildings such as cannons, mortar and guard towers, etc. The one downside is speed, bouncers are agonizingly slow than any other unit.
  • Gunner – The next thing you have to do is upgrading Gunner. The main specialty of this type of unit is that they attack ground & air units too. The plus factor is that they have better movement speed than goon or bouncers.

Bonus: Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Attacking Strategy

If you have ever played Clash of Clans, you might know the importance of destroying the defenses first. If not, no need to worry. Here are simple steps you need to follow to master each attack (no matter which Core level you have):

Take out defenses

If you are new to Dystopia, you should start rushing out your Core (Townhall) up to level 6 or 7. Further, unlock bouncer and train at least 5. Do note that they love to take out defenses. So, prefer deploying them near to a defense building such as cannon, mortar, guard tower, etc.

Must check for hidden Traps

Always check for hidden traps such as explosives before deploying your bouncers or hero near an uncovered defense building. Deploy a goon first and let him check for the explosives first.

Deploy your Hero from the end of the map

Is there any advantage of this? The answer is YES. Avoid deploying your Hero near the defenses, as it may end up ruining your complete game strategy. Always prefer deploying your Hero from the end of the map, and use the ability (in the case of Bjorn). You can deploy Volta after bouncers, to support them and can use her ability next.

Walls are troubling you? 

Covering your defenses or the Core with walls is one of the best ways to avoid players to get 3 stars on your base. However, no need to worry now. You should start clearing the major hurdles before the walls with your gunners. Now, start deploying bouncers and then support them with your Hero. Pretty simple? Practice it in your leisure time, you will master it with ease. Additionally, you can refer to our other guides on Dystopia: Contest of Heroes.

Did you find this Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Upgrade priority guide helpful? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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