Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Beginners Guide with Tips and Tricks

Are you ready for a Cyberpunk experience?

Are you interested in playing a brand new strategy game? Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is just for you. It is a brand new epic RTS (Real-time-strategy) adventure game. This game is set in a futuristic cyberpunk world where players fight with the brave Conor McGregor and his squad against evil enemies. In addition, this game is described as a fantasy strategy game of the future with RPG elements by the developers, Beetroot Labs. In this Dystopia: Contest of Heroes beginners guide, we have covered all the basic tips and tricks you need to know to dominate your enemies and fight the right strategy to win every battle.

Gameplay Overview

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is a recently released epic RTS game by Beetroot Labs. In this game, all you need to do is build an army and destroy your enemies by planning hundreds of strategies altogether. Moreover, you can create your own base, manage your defenses, farm resources, and do much more. Besides, it also offers several heroes with different abilities and powers to spice up your adventure.

Besides this, you can also ally to build up a unique strategy. Players can manage their heroes with a variety of unique equipment and abilities that fits their desired gameplay style. Above all, if you love to play strategy games with your friends – Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is a definite must-try for you!

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Guide: Tips to remember

1. Be smart, save your gems for the future

Gems are one of the best ways to progress through this game. Having gems with you is beneficial for speeding up upgrades. You can get gems either by paying for it or from several events or ultimately, from the port. Most of the time, players go on wasting gems on small upgrades too. Some players usually prefer spending thousands of dollars on gems and other paid packs in order to rush with completely maxed out bases.

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Guide

But, ultimately the real fun of the game comes from successfully saving for things and using them at the right time. It is highly recommended that you should avoid caving and spending your precious gems on speeding up the production at lower levels.  You should prefer saving them for something important that you get to keep.

2. Design your base wisely

Having a good base design is vital, especially if you’re playing to win “trophies,” which come from successfully attacking a village or defending your own and are used to rank players. Choices have to be made at the lower levels of the game as there are few walls to defend buildings but as the game progresses and your village becomes larger, there are plenty of options.

Some of the players chose to place storages in the center of the base, protecting them, with the main core (same as a Townhall in Clash of Clans). There lies some hope that attackers will just destroy the core and leave without plundering resources. On the other side, others choose to protect the core above all else, which can help save trophies and is a tactic used when there are no more upgrades to save for.

3. Be patient, it is going to be easy

No doubt, one of the keys to Dystopia’s success is patience. The game seems quite easy to master in its initial stages. However, as a player constantly levels up, things start becoming much more difficult in the game.

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Guide

All the buildings and or minor upgrades are timer-based, which means only after a certain time the upgrade will complete. And so as you progress, those timers get longer. In conclusion, all you need is patience.

4. Hurry up and join an Alliance

An “Alliance” is a group of more than 20 players who can share troops, go to bounty hunt, chat within the game and some of them can even engage in Technology Tree upgrades. You can also create your own alliance yourself, customize the settings (who you want to join, whom you want to give some extra powers, and so on), and start hanging out with other players.

Besides this, being in a clan has multiple advantages: You can receive more troops, can engage with your teammates and share your strategies, complete bounties, and much more. Above all, once you reach a certain level of the game, you can start creating your own alliance and start donating troops and completing bounties together.

5. Campaign missions are waiting for you

In this game, you get to play story missions. These story missions or campaign missions offer you some amount of resources you need for building or troop upgrades. If you don’t want your shield to run out, you can simply invest your time in completing as many campaign missions as possible. Not only, it provides you the resources for upgrades but also, some gems.

Yeah! you heard that right. Whenever a player completes a specific level of missions, you get gems for completing different achievements. It is not compulsory to visit the achievements options all the time, to check for which task to do first. You just need to play the campaign missions in your leisure time and progress in the game.

6. Complete bounties for more rewards

Bounties are a whole new concept in Dystopia which refreshes every specific hour. It is divided into several parts such as Basic, Advanced, Expert, and ultimately Master Bounty pack. Each stage of the bounty offers different rewards as you progress further into the game and finish initial bounties. The bounties at higher levels start unlocking accordingly. Players have the option to choose from 3 different levels of difficulty.

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Guide

You can choose either easy, medium, or hard as your difficulty level in the game. The higher your bounty level, the more advanced task you will receive with greater rewards. Above all, if you are an alliance leader, you should recommend your alliance members to complete as many bounties as possible. Moreover, any member can keep track of its bounty completion history as well.


In conclusion, Dystopia is quite impressive. Despite having few bugs, it provides decent gameplay where you have to ally, command your army, win every battle, and conquer your army. In Dystopia, players assume the role of a Future Hero and start fighting for control over the city. It is quite easy to show your dominance by climbing the ranks in earlier stages. However, as you level up, at one stage it starts taking more than an hour for even small upgrades. If you have ever played Clash of clans, you will feel the difference for sure. Moreover, the concept of a Hero is unique and appreciative too. Above all, if you are finding difficulties in progressing, don’t forget to visit this beginners guide anytime to get a better understanding.

Did you find this Dystopia: Contest of Heroes Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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