eFootball 2024: Five things to do after new update

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eFootball 2024 is no longer a distant dream as we have got our favorite football title kicking off the new season much to the delight of the players. However, as we dive into the new season, we sometimes overlook fundamental aspects that are crucial for gaining insights into what lies ahead. That’s precisely why we have prepared this guide to ensure that you start the new season on the right track.

Five things to do after eFootball 2024 update

Here are our five essentials that players should do after entering eFootball 2024 for the first time.

1. Familiarise yourself with the game

Main Menu eFootball 2024
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You should always start by familiarizing yourself with the new features and improvements introduced in the update. Always, you should take things slowly, go at every menu item possible, and see what has arrived, be it changes to gameplay mechanics, graphics enhancements, new game modes, or even the addition of stats to individual players. Understanding these updates will help you adapt to the game much quicker.

2. Take advantage of the Chance Deals and rewards

A fresh season in eFootball 2024 invariably ushers in a plethora of thrilling events and enticing rewards for players to relish. Maximizing the benefits of these offerings is a vital step to kickstart your gaming experience on the right foot. There is a pleasant number of rewards that are waiting for the players, which includes Chance Deals to sign new players. What’s better than having this start?

3. Get the Match Pass

The Match Pass is an opportunity you definitely don’t want to miss, especially at the start of the season when it comes with a bounty of rewards, including two of the best Premier League players. It’s an absolute win, so seizing the Match Pass during your first attempt is a wise decision and if you haven’t purchased it previously, then this is the best time possible.

4. Release the contract-out players

Contract Renewal
Image via KONAMI

You might have noticed this as you don’t get auto contracts for players. This is where KONAMI has been a bit stringy, and this has led to a lot of players staying out of contract and being in the reserves rotting. Well, I recommend parting ways with players whom you think aren’t needed in your squad. Allowing contract tickets to go to waste on such players is not the right choice. Instead, consider releasing them, as you can obtain replacements through contracts throughout the entire year.

5. Sign new players and managers

Sticking to the old route is never good. Signing new players and managers is the way. Some players have received updated face packs, and there are a few others who have undergone gameplay changes. Therefore, adding these players to your squad is not only important but also beneficial in helping you understand the differences from their previous versions.

What are your thoughts on the five things to do after the new update of the eFootball 2024 guide? Do let us know in the comments below!

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The game is running fast too much,we want the old one speed, because the phone screen is small so do something about the speed

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