eFootball PES 2021: G. Lachini Manager Guide with Tips

Another 3 at the back formation

In a previous installment of our eFootball PES 2021 Manager Series, we enunciated an out-of-the-box formation in 5-3-2 of Italian Manager E. Reja. In this installment too, we will continue to talk about another defensive-minded manager. He uses another rare formation 3-5-2, the Italian Giuseppe Iachini. Hence, players who like to keep possession and build up their play with passing would be advised to add this manager to their team. So, let us look into this PES 2021 Manager Guide for Lachini.

PES 2021 G. Iachini Guide – Manager Introduction

  • Name- G. Lachini (Real Name)
  • Nationality- Italian
  • Team- None (previously Fiorentina)
  • Adaptability- 78
  • Team Management skills- 780
  • Formation- 3-5-2/ 3-3-2-2
  • Cost- 400(coins)/16000(GP)

Formation and tactical analysis of G. Iachini in PES

The 3-5-2 formation has been Iachini’s top priority. The compactness of the defense and the width in the midfield makes the formation a perfect defensive possession play formation. There will be 3 CBs with no option available for any fullback (neither RB nor LB). Further in the midfield, there will be two wide midfielders (LMF and RMF) who may also play as CMFs. In the central position, the centremost player may be altered between DMF or CMF. While the other two may be either a, AMF or a CMF. Hence, you can clearly see, you can use every available type of midfielder in this formation.

PES 2021 lachini Manager Guide
PES 2021 Lachini Manager Guide: Formation

According to our recommendation, the ideal midfield 5 would be an LMF, an RMF, two AMFs, and a DMF in the middle. Upfront, there will be 2 CF. They can also be switched to play as SS.

G. Iachini’s tactics

All PES managers have their unique set of tactics and mode of play (whether defensive or offensive). To consider Iachini’s tactics, it goes perfectly while playing defensive. To know the reason, follow and go through this article minutely.

Attacking StylePossession Game
Build UpLong Pass
Attacking ZonesWide
PositioningMaintain Formation
Defensive StylesAll-out Defense
Containment AreaWide

Now, let us further analyze the whereabouts of Iachini and his tactics in this PES 2021 Manager Guide. Just a reminder that these formations are subject to change concerning the managers. However, such changes don’t change the playing style you should adapt with these tactics. Hence, these tips are also applicable if you are using any other manager with the same formation and same tactics.

Attacking Styles – Possession Game

One of the most chosen tactics by renowned football managers. It simply means keeping the possession within your own players, by playing passes either short or long and quickly advancing your position to receive the ball from your teammates. In the case of Iachini, it is advisable to use a defensive strategy. Hence, try passing the ball to your teammate, whoever is available nearby, and gradually approach the opponent’s box. Don’t hesitate to give back passes, as they are an integral part of ‘possession play’.

Build up – Long Pass

Of all the options available, the players would choose the option, which is the longest and most favorable one.

Another constituent element of attacking your opponent’s goal, the build-up. Under Iachini’s defensive tactics, the players will try to find their teammates through long passes. Although long passing generally implies lob passes, if your players have ‘weighted pass’ as their skill, they can also find their teammates with grounded long passes or through balls. This is also due to the fact that the players will maintain their formation and the defender won’t even advance a bit. Consequently, if you have to cover the entire field with possession play, you have to find your teammates via long passes. This last point will be elaborated on later.

Attacking Zones – Wide

PES 2021 lachini Manager Guide
The LMF, (Nedved) who received the pass from a defender(not in frame) will attack through the flank. He has 2 choices, move closer to the opponent box and maintain possession, or deliver across towards the 2 CFs.

Probably the easiest tactic to understand. Your players are likely to attack wide from the flanks. As you can see, the formation has no such wingers, but only wide midfielders. They will be your team’s target every time you attack. Other players will try to reach them through long passes, which in turn would be supplied into the box in the form of a cross, by the RMF/LMF. Hence, you will need those wide midfielders who can perform ‘pin-point crossing’ and ‘weighted pass’, besides having good long passing and curve stats. As a matter of fact, your both forwards need to be good headers of the ball (like Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Edinson Cavani, Fernando Torres, etc).

Positioning – Maintain Formation

As you can see, none of the players except the RMF Beckham is pressing the opposition. Instead, they are maintaining a deep backline, in their own half. The positioning and pressing tactics are clear here.

Whenever your manager has this tactic, don’t press too much with your players. Pressing and then calling a teammate for assistance to press, leaves behind a lot of space which was to be covered by those players of your team. In case your manager has a ‘maintain formation’ style of positioning, other players won’t come to fill those voids left by their teammates. As a result, that position would remain vacant, allowing the opposition team a smooth flow of their play.

Defensive Style – All-out Defense

PES 2021 Lachini Manager Guide: Only the player whose zone has been breached (Vieira in this case), will try to press. Others will try to fall back and block the passing routes or increase population inside their own box.

Many defensive-minded managers apply the ‘all-out defense style of defending. This style ensures that your players, whenever there is an opposition attack, instead of zonal pressing, would try to fall back toward their own goal, and increase the defense there. In the case of this formation too, the 5 midfielders will drop down and support the 3 defenders, whenever there is an opponent attacking threat. Hence, it is advisable to use box-to-box midfielders as far a possible, especially the RMF and LMF. David Beckham would be an ideal choice. As the DMF though, you may use a destroyer or an anchorman. Sometimes you may do the zonal pressing by calling a 2nd player to press, but make the player you are controlling, drop back and block the possible passing routes as much a possible.

Containment Area – Wide

PES 2021 lachini Manager Guide
As the other players will try to maintain their positions, only the RMF is trying to contain the opponent at the wider zone. This formation extracts the best out of your wider midfielders.

It is normal for such a formation to have a wide containment area. Since those two wide midfielders are present, they will try to contain the opponent’s wide players (wingers, wing-backs, or wide midfielders) towards the sidelines. The wider CBs assist them in this task too.

Pressing – Conservative

A common mistake many gamers make which in turn makes them concede goals is, pressing too much. As the tactic suggests here, do a conservative pressing on your opposition. This doesn’t only make sure your defenders maintain a low backline, but also make sure all the players don’t press too much unnecessarily and waste their stamina. Instead, fall back towards your own goal and ‘park the bus’. And after you regain your possession, play passes with your teammates and try to keep the possession, until your other players go back to their attacking positions. Also remember, not to call your teammate for assistance to press, ever.

Advantages/ Reasons to use this formation

  • The defensive tactics make sure you concede less. An interesting yet awkward tip would be, to use Oliver Kahn or Jan Oblak as the goalkeeper. Defensive goalkeepers play best in such tactics.
  • The wide area covered by your LMF and RMF increases the scope of attacks. Remember, as long your opponent doesn’t have two wingbacks (a rare sight) or has a similar formation as yours, those two wide midfielders have no competition in their zones and can play comparatively smoother.

Conclusion and some important points to remember

  • All PES managers have their unique tactics which work best if they match with the playing style of the gamers. Hence, try to play your game according to the tactics. Playing short passes and trying to counter-attack under Iachini, won’t do any favour. You will see your forward not even in a position to counter-attack always.
  • To play well with a manager, team spirit needs to be high enough (99 maximum, always preferred). Also, while newly appointing a manager, team spirit may not be favourable for you. For that, you have to choose players who match the manager’s tactics and then play more matches, until the spirit is 99.
  • Iachini’s tactics work best in defensive mode, with a defensive-minded goalkeeper at the back.
  • In this formation, you may use all kinds of midfielders available in the game, LMF, RMF, CMF, DMF, AMF.
  • Use RMF and LMFs that have a good curve on their long passes. The curve generally takes away the ball from the opponent goalkeeper, making it favourable for your forwards to head it home.
  • The AMFs and CBs too should be good playmakers. Since the tactic involves build-up through long passes, a few long passes from your CBs to your forwards won’t be any crime.

This formation has been played with and tested by our team’s PES enthusiast, which made us come up with this PES 2021 Iachini Manager Guide. Do give feedback if you found this helpful, and don’t forget to give a read to our previous PES manager guide, and the upcoming editions to come.

Did you find this PES 2021 Lachini Manager guide helpful? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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