Elf Islands Beginners Guide and Tips

Guide to your Magical Village Adventure

Elf Islands is an amazing simulation game by Plarium Global Ltd where you can build your own village. Construct homes, looms, hospitals, and more to keep your villagers happy. In this magical world, your creativity knows no limits as you shape the destiny of your village. This Elf Islands Beginners Guide will help you navigate the game and embark on an exciting journey in this magical world.

Elf Islands Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Follow Tasks

Start your Elf Islands journey by completing tasks that involve exploring magical islands. These tasks guide you through thrilling quests with stories of love, loss, adventure, and friendship. Look for character icons at the top left of your screen and tap on them to begin tasks.

Elf Islands tasks
Image via Plarium

Think of these tasks as your map, leading you through different parts of the captivating story. Each exploration unveils hidden secrets, so immerse yourself in these tasks. As you go deeper, you’ll build connections with the charming inhabitants.

Building your Village

In Elf Islands, building your village is super important. Start by making essential facilities like food and material generators, and storage units to keep everything organized. Each building has its special job. As you level up, you’ll unlock new buildings that help your village even more.

Elf Islands building
Image via Plarium

Just remember, make sure you’ve got enough materials before you start building. Don’t forget to explore workshops for crafting tools and create fun spots for your villagers to enjoy. Try different layouts to make a village that’s both efficient and cheerful.

Farm Crops

To get and to make food to increase your energy, you need to farm. Plant simple crops like potatoes, peas, and spinach. Make sure to pick them up regularly. Because you can cook yummy meals with what you gather. This gives your villagers energy and brings in the resources your village needs.

Elf Islands farming
Image via Plarium

Don’t forget your animals, like sheep and quail. Feed them these crops for more village goodies. As you level up, you’ll unlock new crops and cooking ideas.

Craft Tools and Materials

Start by making tools to customize your town and help you progress. There are cool buildings like the Forge, where you can craft knives, hammers, and axes. And don’t forget the Sawmill, where you can make timber and wood stuff.

Elf Islands crafting
Image via Plarium

Make your crafting decisions wisely by thinking about what you need now and what you want in the future. As you level up, you’ll discover new crafting options, so keep an eye out for even cooler tools.

Trade with the Merchant

There’s a helpful merchant who trades with your village, swapping resources, energy, and rarities. To get those special chests, keep an eye on this resource merchant. Just complete all the orders they throw your way. But be quick, There’s a time limit before the merchant takes off.

Elf Islands Merchant
Image via Plarium

The orders vary, they might ask for resources, products, or food. Watch what they need, gather or make it, and hand it over in a flash. Each order you finish brings you closer to unlocking all the chests. So, hustle and grab those goodies in Elf Islands!

Elf Islands Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Prioritize Resource Production

In Elf Islands, getting those resources like wood, stone, and food is key. They’re the building blocks of your village! So, make sure you’re always gathering them up. Having a steady supply means your village grows nice and easy.

2. Complete the Merchant Orders

Don’t forget about the resource merchant in Elf Islands! Pay attention to their orders, and if you complete them fast, you’ll unlock cool chests full of awesome rewards. These rewards can be anything from extra resources to special items that make your village even better.

3. Clear Obstacles

In Elf Islands, make sure to prioritize clearing any obstacles in your way to resources. These obstacles might hide precious treasures, so give them a clear path. Swipe away those obstacles, and you might just uncover hidden magic that helps your village grow even faster.

4. Look for things that Glow

Always keep an eye out for things that glow, they’re like little energy boosters. If it’s shining, go grab it! These glowing wonders give your village an extra dose of energy, so don’t miss out. Keep in mind, though, that sometimes there might be obstacles in the way.

5. Conserve your Energy

Don’t forget to save your energy in the Elf Islands! Gathering resources can be tiring, so be careful not to get too drained. Without energy, you can’t gather resources, but you can serve meals to your villagers to give them an energy boost.

Final Thoughts

Elf Islands is a fun and magical game where you build your village, gather resources, and go on exciting adventures. It’s all about creating cozy homes, completing tasks, and discovering cool treasures. Remember to save your energy, and enjoy the simple joy of exploring and making friends in this enchanting world.

That’s all from us for the Elf Islands Beginners Guide! Did you find our Elf Islands Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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