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Elona Mobile: Best skills to learn and train as a beginner

Best skills to upgrade your character in Elona Mobile

Elona Mobile is an outlandish roguelike adventure game released for mobile, mostly due to the odd mix of different elements you wouldn’t expect an RPG to present itself with. The game fits inside an unusual category, which is what separates it from any other RPG game. From the start of the game, you’ll be left alone, with few guides on what to do and raise for your journey. Therefore, we’ve listed the best skills you can pick up in Elona Mobile or upgrade the moment you’re welcomed into the fantastical lands of North Tyris.

This guide is focused on skills that you can view from the Skill page, upgrade and learn from Trainers. Some skills needn’t be learned if you’ve selected a class that already has them as an extra. Leveling up a skill usually requires you to perform a direct action related to that skill. Once a skill level is up, its potential will decrease by 50%, lowering the amount of proficiency earned from training it. To maximize the amount of exp earned you can train the skill by finding a Trainer at any location using Platinum Coins or a Potion of Potential.

Best Skills to learn and train in Elona Mobile

Trainer Skills

Trainers are found at almost every location, not only allowing you to learn handy skills but also increase the Potential of that skill, granting it more skill EXP. The more the Potential, the faster your skill upgrades, granting you various useful perks later on. Training and learning skills from them do require a ton of Platinum Coin, but it’s all going to be worth it later on. Leveling up also gives some Special Training skill points which can be used to add more Proficiency to a skill depending on its Potential.

All skills connect to a general stat (STR, CON, DEX, PERC, Magic, and Will), that earns its proficiency from leveling one of their basic skills. Weapon skills of those general stats can unlock a new ability at level 20/40/60, which is not an easy run, and unlock skills on the Magic page that will further aid you in combat.

There are many skills you can learn, but you’ll likely only understand why we’ve chosen the following when you’re in a situation they come in handy. Below we’ve listed the best trainer skills you need to pick up the moment you begin your adventure as to not fall behind too much later in Elona Mobile:


First up is cooking, because it is undoubtedly one of the best skills to have in the game. It is a Magic-stat skill that benefits you by raising Satiety and EXP levels higher than when allowed to digest meat raw. It is, however, a skill you need to learn, or else you will get notified “you don’t know how to cook” when you attempt this on a cooking station.

Elona Mobile Best Skills
Elona Mobile Cooking skill

Another reason would be that the raw food lasts a lot longer when cooked, allowing you to carry it longer while exploring. Leveling this up doesn’t require much either: all you need is the cooking ingredients and preferably a high-quality station.


Mining walls and ore requires learning to mine, which grants many benefits almost everywhere. The mining is especially handy when running a Nefia, due to the many twists and turns they have, enabling you to simply mine your way as a shortcut to reach the desired point.

Elona Mobile Best Skills
Elona Mobile mining skill

There exists also a religion that favors mining, because of the god’s love for ore. This skill is also needed to reach some chests hidden behind walls and have a chance to make a certain red gear appear. Do mind your SP, as mining can take a lot of it, inflicting you with the Tired status if below 50.


Fishing is also a good skill to perk up early since you will find that later there are great rewards up for grabs. There are many fishing-related quests later on, and even a religion that will recommend you to try it out.

Elona Mobile Best Skills
Elona Mobile Fishing skill

The higher the skill level and fishing rod, the fewer turns you take and higher chances the chances you have to obtain the fish you want. Learn and level this skill early on and enjoy the profit it brings later.


Elona Mobile Best Skills
Elona Mobile Alchemy skill

Alchemy is a handy skill to upgrade early in the game, regardless of your main class, as it’s especially handy when making Cure-type potions. You may not be able to replicate red quality ones, but once your skill is high enough and you’ve gathered enough material from Piles, you’ll lower the need of walking all the way to a town or running a ton of Nefia to obtain certain types. It isn’t easy to upgrade but is a must-learn skill for, especially mages.

Lock Picking

Opening high-level chests will require you to learn Lock Picking and gather a ton of lock picks for the cause. Learning Lock Picking also lowers the number of turns needed to unlock chests, which you can boost by opening Small Chests in Nefia, or, if you have a lot of lock picks, Gamble Chests from Vendors.

Pick Pocketing

Elona Mobile Best Skills
Elona Mobile Pick Pocketing skill

Pickpocketing may sound rash, but it’s convenient to have, not only to steal valuables of those levels lower than yours but also just to view them. Viewing items can be done even at skill level 1, allowing you to see what an NPC holds and may drop upon death. For leveling this one, you ought to go to lower level Nefia to try your luck or search for suitable NPC’s.


Elona Mobile Best Skills
Elona Mobile Performing skill

Learning Performing isn’t that big of a deal, but it does make you earn easy gold coins and Platinum Coin if you manage to make it worthwhile. Once you pick it up, perform in a large crowd for more attention or take Performer related jobs around town to quickly level it up. Try not to keep performing amongst the same people though, as they will eventually get bored of it, no matter what performance you put up.


This skill may look insignificant because walking already does the trick for traversing even long distances, but learning Riding will shorten the time period. Riding requires an NPC that can be mounted (like a horse) and will also help you speed up a ton when adventuring in real-time.


Elona Mobile Best Skills
Elona Mobile Investing skill

Investing permits you to invest in certain shops like those from Vendors to make them sell more and higher quality goods. The higher your investment skill, the less gold it will take you to expand that shop.

Weight Lifting

Elona Mobile Best Skills
Elona Mobile Weightlifting skill

Chances are you’ll find heavy items along your journey you want to carry, but can’t take with you because of their weight. If you want to carry more stuff by weight, then learning Weight Lifting is suggested, so that even when you’re overweight, you can still move a few spaces.


Literacy is very much needed when reading Magic books as with each level, the chances of learning the book increase while the turns required decrease. It is exceptional for mages and warriors alike, useful for the buffs it applies to yourself or skills.


Elona Mobile Best Skills
Elona Mobile Gardening skill

If you ever consider becoming a Farmer by purchasing a deed at the Embassy, you can earn both an income from jobs and harvest crops a lot faster. Growing your own crops also means you get to have a food supply stable enough to keep your party going.


Anatomy means a higher drop chance of corpses when slaying monsters and bosses. More food means more stat growth. Easily leveled through combat, this skill will especially come in handy when you’re faithful to a god or just need a quick low satiety relief


Faith is a Will-type skill that instead of going to a trainer to learn it, requires you to go to an occupied altar and Convert it. Leveling it up does require patience, as while there are many ways to increase it, it takes time to upgrade it to the desired one.

Elona Mobile Best Skills
Elona Mobile Faith skill

Once you’ve chosen religion will then be bound to that one, until you decide to either give up your faith or switch gods. It does come with a long turn debuff as payment, but serving a god gives many perks that are worth it no matter the cost.

Weapon Type Skills

The weapon-related skills among the Elona Mobile best skills can unlock abilities when they reach a certain level, as such the following is a list of the best ones you can upgrade, regardless of which weapon type you wish to wield.


Learning to dual wield is suitable for all weapons, and all classes, offering a ton of perks. For instance, allows you to take 2 swoops at the enemy for 1 turn, so you’re dealing more damage per turn in comparison to when holding only one Main hand/Single hand type weapon.

Elona Mobile Best Skills
Elona Mobile Dual-Wielding skill

Any weapon weighing below 4.0s is for the main hand and below 2.0s counts as a single hand, no matter the weapon class (Sword, Axe, Polearm, Scythe, Stave, etc.). Class weapons eligible for dual-wielding would be either a Main hand and Single-hand type or two single hand weapons. As for individual exp gain, rest assured, as wielding two weapons also means you earn exp for their individual classes.

Two hand

Two hands are for those that want to wield a weapon with only one hand, weighing over 4.0s. This applies for all classes and does have a certain superiority over dual wielding, which is in damage. After all, the more the weapon weights, the higher the damage dealt.

The only downside is that you’ll be leveling up one individual skill, but that shouldn’t stop you if you’re into dealing high turn damage over earning exp simultaneously.

Martial Arts

Elona Mobile Best Skills
Elona Mobile Martial arts skill

Martial Arts are for those that wish to train their fists as weapons, instead of using any of the other weapon classes. If you are up for it, remember that by doing this you’ll only be upgrading but a few stats, mainly STR so try and keep this one for last.


If you want to prevent getting high damage per turn, then upgrading your Shield skill is the way to go. This increases the chance when holding a shield to evade and parry the send attacks. Holding on to a shield also drastically increases your defense, so try and equip one while dual wielding as well.

Armor (Light, Medium, Heavy)

Armor exists just to increase defense against received attacks, just like with shields. The heavier the armor the higher the defense at the cost of evasion, though this does not seem to impact speed, which signifies the number of things you can do per turn. Armor does not signify HP, but certain enchantments on it may greatly increase this, allowing you to tank more hits per turn.

Greater Evasion

Evasion is dependent on your DEX stat and is what allows you to evade attacks thrown at you. The higher this skill’s level, the more you can evade and counter. It may seem insignificant now, but when you’re leveled up you’ll find this is, apart from defense and HP is what keeps you alive most of the time.

Final thoughts

Skills will only be truly beneficial if they can carry you in the long run. If their potential is low, you’ll have a hard time upgrading them, so always stop by a Trainer and invest Platinum Coin on the needy ones. Good luck and may you with the help of this Elona Mobile best skills guide become the most talented amongst all adventurers.

What are your thoughts on our Elona Mobile guide which helps you with the Best Skills? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Theres either a lot left out of this or the author has yet to reach end game content. I know this is a list for beginners, but there are skills that are way more important to level up than some of the skills mentioned in the list. First, detection and gene engineering. Leveling up those two skills give you access to the currently best weapon in the game, lightsabers. Lightsabers are the only weapon that deal damage in end game content and are way better than red weapons currently in the game. Also tied to crafting lightsabers is blacksmith and… Read more »

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