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Elona Mobile: The complete Karma changes guide and tips

There are a ton of paths to choose in Elona Mobile, a roguelike adventure game released for Mobile. It just so happens that jobs, quests, and certain actions reward Karma Changes that most certainly affect the way residents look up to you. In this Elona Mobile Karma changes guide we’ll dive into what these Karma Changes represent and how they can affect your gameplay.

What are the types of Karma in Elona Mobile

There are 2 sorts of Karma changes, negative and positive, which are earned through your performance in certain quests, interactive operation or committed deeds. Positive Karma changes make sure you are welcome at all locations, whereas the more negative Karma changes you get, the closer you get to becoming a fugitive.

The limit to how many positive karma you can have at a time is capped at 20 (can be increased) and -100 for negative karma. You can view your Karma by tapping your profile( image of you next to your HP bar).

Positive Karma

Elona Mobile Karma changes guide
Elona Mobile

Positive Karma changes are earned from doing actions, quests, or jobs that don’t involve hurting or killing innocents in any way. Since Karma is easily lost, but hard to regain, having more positive Karma Changes is recommended in case an action, quest or job fails. Here are a few ways to earn positive Karma changes.

  • Quests (story-related or side-quests) typically give +2 to +5 Karma changes while Job-related ones reward +1
  • Finding and triggering the “The remains of an adventurer” event when in a Nefia and burying it gives +5 Karma Changes.
  • If your Karma is below -31, you can Buy Indulgence in Noyel from the sister. Indulgence is not at all cheap (900k-1M Gold), but it will half your Karma changes, effectively bringing you closer to positive Karma.
  • Another way is stacking up on lost items (Lost Suitcase, Lost Wallet, etc.)  and returning them by talking to the guard to Hand in Lost Item, rewarding +5 Karma changes easily. If Wanted, use a Disguise Set first to prevent getting killed. Getting killed and returning home, or getting arrested by a guard will reward +10 Karma Changes.
  • Spending time in Jail’s solitary +1 Karma per <45> turns
  • Resurrecting yourself will reward +10 Karma changes.
  • Doing the sick Paels mom quest in Noyel by giving a Potion of Cure Corruption to help rewards +5 Karma changes.

Negative Karma

Just as you gain Karma, you can also lose it by doing something out of order. If you for example fail an escort job, you’ll get -10 Karma changes, while if you complete it, you’ll only earn one positive. Luckily, Negative Karma has no effect up till -30. Once below -30 Karma, you’ll be listed as wanted and most NPC’s will stop doing business with you.

Elona Mobile Karma changes guide
Elona Mobile

If you attempt to Buy and Sell, they will show the message “We don’t sell to wanted criminals”, but all other actions will still be accessible. Town guards will also become hostile and notice you even if they’re out of your vision. You’ll be forced to either fight or flee the location and can only return if your Karma reaches -30 or higher.

The only location safe location without the hostility of guards and freedom to buy or sell is Derphy. Getting the arrest debuff by the guards of any other locations and getting killed will send you straight to Jail.


Once sent to jail due to negative Karma changes, you’ll be in solitary until you reach -30 Karma. Solitary lasts for quite a while depending on how many Karma changes you need to regain.  You can still escape by mining your way out or killing yourself (Tight Rope) and returning home either weakened or losing half your gold.

Elona Mobile Karma changes guide
Elona Mobile

The Jailors aren’t even hostile if you attempt to escape, free other prisoners, or leave the location. Once you reached your Karma change quota though, the door of your cell will open, allowing you to leave wanted-free. Up next in this Elona Mobile Karma changes guide, we will see how to prevent negative karma changes in the game:

  • Failing to pickpocket will give -5 Karma changes, even if it is done to a Monster.
  • Turning in an emptied Lost item will give -5 Karma.
  • Attempting to “ Have fun” with a drunk NPC gives -1 Karma changes.
  • Failing to deliver or escort someone/something in some sort of way will give -10 to -15 Karma changes.
  • Choosing the wrong option when handing in a quest will give random, but usually -2 Karma.
  • Eating a Guard/Jailor corpse -15 Karma changes.
  • Choosing to instead LootThe remains of an adventurer” means -2 Karma changes.
  • Choosing Bash in an attempt to wake up an NPC gives -2 Karma changes.
  • Caught cheating when playing Blackjack is –5 Karma changes.
  • Killing any NPC out of the blue gives -2 Karma changes.
  • Attempting to give an NPC a potion by throwing it at them, no matter the benefit gives -2 Karma changes.
  • Patting an NPC lightly while they’re sleeping gives -1 Karma changes
  • The aftermath of using a Cat’s Cradle will give -100 Karma changes
  • Robbing and killing a Wandering Vendor will give -10 Karma changes


Finally, speaking about these two types of karma, it is regardless to say that having too much negative Karma turns you into a genocidal villain that no NPC truly wants to talk to or admire. Maybe the game will open up a clear route to those that want to pursue a truly evil path soon depending on their Karma, but until then it would be better to stay a model adventurer other NPC’s would look up to.

What are your thoughts on our Elona Mobile guide which helps you about the Karma changes? Let us know in the comments section below!

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