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Epic Conquest 2 Beginners Guide and Tips

Embark on an adventurous journey

If you’re a fan of Role Playing Games, then you must give Epic Conquest 2 a try. Epic Conquest 2 is a classic Single-Player Action/Adventure RPG with a special touch in the combat and story which makes it stand out among others in this genre. The game is a sequel of Epic Conquest by indie studio Gaco Games which boosted over a million downloads in Google’s Play Store. Epic Conquest 2 was first released for Windows then, the game made its way to mobile phones. So now, let us take a look at the Epic Conquest 2 Beginners Guide as you begin your journey.

Getting Familiar With The Game

The below image is a still from the game. The red bar on the top-left indicates the player’s health. The slight white line above indicates the EXP level of the player. While the blue bar indicates its MP which is then used for using abilities. The larger red bar indicates the health of the enemy (Boss) here, while the white line below it indicates their shield.

The big sword button is used as the attack. The players can use any of those three unique abilities above it which can be used once the MP bar fills up. The small button below it is the dodge (also called the footwork) button.

The rest of the 4 slots below are for the consumables to recover health and boost MP. You can navigate the map where you can find your objective’s locations and can even use the teleport option to travel farther places (but this option will be unavailable during missions). The setting button will lead you to this menu where you can check the stats of the Inventory, Skills, and Equipment.

Understanding the Gameplay

The gameplay is just based on killing monsters and going forward to the objectives. But it doesn’t come up that easy as you’ll meet higher-level enemies who will have different attacking styles. You can kill monsters and practice against bosses once you defeat them for EXP and loot resources when not in missions.


Your character will level the more you’ll use them. Hitting and killing monsters will grant you a specific amount of EXP which helps in leveling up your character faster. More skills and masteries are unlocked when the character levels up.

Building Your Character

Epic Conquest 2 guide tips tricks

You’ll receive attribute points every time you level up. The points can then be used to increase strength, agility, integrity, dexi, and vitality. You can use your attribute points in any of the attributes given below.

Skills and Masteries

Skills and masteries are unique abilities that the character can use after reaching a. You can equip any of 4 skills at a time while you can max any of 1 masteries. So choose them wisely. The following are the Skills and Masteries that you’ll be able to use in the game:


  • Tackle: The body tackle attack has a high shield-breaking potential. The enemy will be stunned for a while after using this.
  • Crescent Slash: Performs a wide slash then improves the basic attack for some time.
  • Round Slash: Attacks all enemies in a single swing inflicting 5s damage to them.
  • Impact Crash: Leaps and hits the ground, stuns every enemy it hits.
  • X Saber: A gigantic shockwave that travels slowly and deals multiple massive hits.
  • Cross Slash: Slash twice in a wide area which has a chance of inflicting the enemies.


  • Knight’s Bravery: Attacking power is increased when surrounded by two or fewer enemies; physical resonance is increased when surrounded by two or more enemies.
  • Iron Will: Increases damage reduction when stagger resistance occurs.
  • Sharp Cut: Basis attacks inflict bleed at a certain rate.
  • Inner Affinity: Reduce affinity required in activating the Soul Resonance.
  • Initiate: Basic attacks are enhanced for a specific number of hits after using the Tackle or Impact Crash.
  • Relentless Assault: Increase the cooldown reduction of the Soul Resonance massively.
  • Fortitude: Affinity increases rapidly when Claris is inflicted with negative status effects.
  • Tenacity: Withstands a deathblow at 1 HP remaining.
Epic Conquest 2 guide tips tricks

Tip– You can even reset and change the character’s build-up and masteries if you wish to play with another combination.


Resources are the in-game currencies that can be used to buy or can be used in any kind of upgrade.

  • Gold– Used in purchasing and upgrading items.
  • Ruby– Used for appraising the items and some purchasing too.

There’s no shortage of resources in the game and can be obtained by defeating bosses, discovering treasures and even there are daily missions that reward gold and ruby.


You can’t upgrade your items only with the gold. You’ll need different materials depending on the thing you want to upgrade. The list of materials varies from Iron, Ecnite, Mana Essence, Bone Pieces, and Thin Hide which can be obtained by killing monsters and slashing rocks. And some specific material like Bogu Horn, Boartusk, Crystal Eye, etc that’ll be rewarded each time you’ll defeat their bosses.

Epic Conquest 2 guide tips tricks


There is a wide range of consumables in the game which increase the HP and some increase MP. We have listed below the consumables along with the amount of health and MP they recover:

  • Herbs: Recovers 45 HP
  • Apple: Recovers 65 HP
  • HP Potion Small: Recovers 25% HP
  • HP Potion Medium: Recovers 50% HP
  • HP Potion Large: Recovers 75% HP
  • Honey: Restores: 50 MP
  • MP Potion Small: Restores 100 MP
  • MP Potion Medium: Restores 180 MP
  • Bandages: Cures bleeding
  • Antidote: Cures poisoning
  • Patin: A common fish restoring 100 MP
  • Tawas: A rare fish that increases by 20% damage for 30 seconds
  • Gurami: A common fish that restores 150 HP
  • And just don’t consume these mushrooms, they’re poisonous!!

Epic Conquest 2 Guide: Tips and Tricks

The game’s very simple once you get to know the usage of things, everything will become easier. There are different kinds of monsters in the game but their mechanics remain the same. Following the tips given below will ensure you won’t have to face much difficulty while proceeding through the game:

1. Understand The Enemy’s Attacking Pattern

Before engaging with any enemy, take your time in studying their attacking pattern. Each monster has a unique pattern of its own. So understanding will allow you to dodge their attack and you can find your right chance for attacking them.

2. Character Buildup

As a beginner, your primary target in building your character should be increasing its health and attacking ability. On each level up you get 3 attribute points for upgrading your character. So, it is recommended to use the points on both while prioritizing health.

3. Focus on Breaking Enemy’s Shields

As mentioned before, the white line above the enemy’s health bar indicates their shield capacity. When it is on, the enemy takes 50 percent less damage than that compared to when there is no shield activated. Use all your abilities in breaking the shield which will be your key moment.

4. Just Dodge The Bosses’ Attacks

After giving some shots the boss charges its ability on you. Unlike those regular shots, these attacks will be very powerful and can take almost half or more of your health. And if you lose your rhythm after it you’ll most probably be not able to defeat them. So, by just avoiding those attacks you can defeat them with ease.

5. Don’t Hesitate in Using Abilities

Understandably, you want your best against the Boss. But using abilities only increases the power of the ability. So whenever you get a chance, do not hesitate to use your abilities. After using abilities, the MP bar will automatically charge up with the damage you’ll deal to enemies.

6. Upgrade Your Items

Doesn’t matter how good of a player you are. This game is all about balance. Without having the right amount of damage you need to have against the enemies, you won’t stand a chance. So, always upgrade your items in the Blacksmith’s shop before heading towards any fight.

7. Don’t Skip Clearing The Forest Monsters

You may be focused on the story and want to get straight to the objectives by avoiding the monsters in the jungle. Of Course, you may do this sometimes but you shouldn’t do it very often. These monsters are easy to defeat and don’t consume much time. But the thing that you should be considering is you get valuable EXPs for that. Avoiding that will only slow your progress which isn’t the best thing anyone will want.

8. Assign Your Consumables Carefully

While battling against Bosses there won’t be enough time for taking consumables. To assign your consumables from the inventory according to the level of boss you’re facing. It is recommended to keep good consumables that recover a good amount of HP in 2 slots and MP in the rest 2 slots (bandage and antidote according to the situation). You can refer back to the restoring capacity of the consumables above.

9. Keep Looking for The Hidden Treasures

To make it easier for the players, there are tons of hidden treasures around the map. Opening them could reward you with any of gold, health potions, rubies, etc.

10. Unleash Once Enemy’s Shield Is Broken

Your primary focus should be on breaking the Enemy’s shield. Breaking it is the gateway to your victory. The enemy will go motionless for some time after you’ve broken the shield. Now it is up to you if you have taken any damage you can use this time for your recovery.

The second option that remains is to unleash it. The best way to do so is by activating the ‘Soul Resonance‘ which boosts the power for a specific time and activates all the abilities at once (this will be your best chance to do maximum damage to the boss).

Final Thoughts

So, we have discussed some of the basic tips and tricks in our Epic Conquest 2: Beginners Guide article which will help you in the game. The game is easy when you understand it so take your time in understanding the game. At last, the anime theme makes the game even more addictive. The game was released in December 2020 so the full version is yet to arrive.

The game receives Updates every 1-2 months which progresses the story mode further. So even if you aren’t a fan of RPG games you should consider giving this game at least a try, you won’t be disappointed. Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble in progressing, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Epic Conquest 2 Beginners Guide for tips!

Did you find this Epic Conquest 2 Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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What is the gear like in this game? Does it have substats and special effects?


I like epic conquest 1,i play and already raise char to level 99 (except zarev). When i see epic conquest 2 show up and wow, that is my first impresion. Many chance in epic conquest 2 like more open world. But i really hate they elimate auto loot feature. In epic conquest 1 we just Replay the stage over and over to level up, grind materials, etc , but now we must search manually. I fear EC 2 is a little bit more Pay than EC 1. We only use Gold(which is very easy to find) to upgrade, enchance, appraise… Read more »


That is completely wrong, Every boss gives its own special drop (rare-blue) and any of the rings that boost stats. Crafting and upgrading equipment needs a variety of materials that are not the same for everything like EC1. You can get cobalt-iron-encite from farming, wood and honey from trees, mushrooms pears and herbs from specific plants, and 9 different uniqe boss materials from their bosses. There is also the appraisal system that wasnt lost from the previous game. All in all, its the previous game but better and is open-world and dont forget the roll skill factor along with perfect… Read more »

Habeeb Akewusola

I want to know any cheat codes that will help me level up more characters in epic conquest 2

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