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Epic Garden: Action RPG Games Beginners Guide and Tips

Train your Hero, upgrade the base, and fight evil fruits in a Pixel fantasy!

Epic Garden is an online action RPG title developed by Fansipan Limited based on 2D-Pixel theme characters. This game is a single-player adventure full of mystery where the player is required to battle evil fruits and plant creatures and save their Base Garden. So, let’s get into this detailed Epic Garden: Action RPG Games Beginners Guide and gain knowledge about the basic attributes of this game. Also, follow up till the end to get some valuable tips for beginners.

With amazing pixel theme graphics and challenging quests, the players will be bound to get attracted to this game. The game combines some of the finest features and equipment that will assist the players in winning against the schemes of an Evil Witch.

Gameplay Overview 

Epic Garden: Action RPG Games is a single-player game, featuring 30 tools with special abilities to choose from, that will assist the player win over their enemies. It depicts a fantasy world where an Evil Witch has created an army of evil fruits and plant creatures to take over the kingdom. Thus, the user plays a little Hero that is on the way to save their garden from the attacks of these vicious enemies.

Image via Fansipan Limited

The player needs to defeat all enemies during a battle in order to win over them. For killing the creatures, the player needs to attack them with equipment called the Chicken that fires in the direction from where they are approaching. This can be done by tapping on the sword icon present in the bottom right corner of the screen continuously.

The player must dodge the attacks of their enemies using a joystick, provided in the bottom left corner of the game screen. Moreover, the players can use the Special Attack icon present just above the sword icon, which ensures to fire constantly at the creatures for a few seconds. This special attack mode gets regenerated after a few seconds enabling the player to use it again.

Image via Fansipan Limited

The players and the creatures hold an HP level where they are represented by green and red bars respectively. The gameplay requires the player to safeguard their HP while concluding the HP level of their opponents. The faster the player wins a battle, the more exciting rewards they will receive after their victory. The player can start a match by tapping Play Now after selecting an unlocked level in the Battle section, present at the bottom right corner of the game screen.

Introducing the Basis of Epic Garden


The Battle section is projected on the bottom right corner of the game screen. The player can access a match through this section as mentioned above. The game consists of three worlds in total including Wilted Fields, Fairy Forest, and Christmas Town where they are represented by 1, 2, and 3 respectively. Each world involves two difficulty levels, namely Normal and Hard.

Image via Fansipan Limited

Also, each level contains twelve stages where the player needs to win the twelfth stage of normal difficulty to unlock the hard stages and the twelfth stage of hard difficulty to unlock a new world. The stages are represented as 1-1,1-2,1-3 and so on, where ‘1’ depicts the Wilted Fields world while 1, 2, and 3 represent the stages of this particular world.


This section of Epic Garden is present in the bottom left corner of the game screen. There are two types of summoning namely Premium Summon, and Basic Summon done by using in-game rare currency. These can be obtained by winning matches, completing daily quests, and other activities. 

Image via Fansipan Limited

The players also get the liberty of free basic summons and a single premium summons. The player needs to click on Summon1 for gaining one tool and Summon10 for obtaining multiple tools. The players will also get to witness some sections that are labeled as coming soon that include Pet, Costume, and Artifact. These sections will surely be available in further updated versions of the game. These help the player gain equipment that can prove fruitful in their battles against those creatures.


This section lies just beside the Summon section where each piece of equipment has its own HP and ATK levels. The players can upgrade any equipment using in-game coins. This can be accessed by choosing the equipment they want to advance and clicking on Level Up. This section also allows the players to equip or unequip any tool that they require to win a battle.

Image via Fansipan Limited

The players can even merge the same type of three tools to form a stronger and more efficient equivalent. The players can view and use the loot items from the Exercising section which are dropped by the creatures while getting defeated during a battle. Upgrading the equipment helps the players in progressing ahead in the game.


Image via Fansipan Limited

Headquarters can be accessed from the middle of the garden map. This section mentions all of the tools and equipment the players can get hold of throughout the game. There are a total of 30 tools that can be equipped for the user for advancing in a battle. These include Magic Mirror, Winter Coat, Magic Bell, Monster Boots, Invisible Gloves, Dark Orb, and many more such resources that are helpful for the player to win against the creatures.


Image via Fansipan Limited

The Storage section can also be accessed from the garden map on the game screen. This particular section holds all the information about the availability of tools. The players can view all the tools, materials such as Blueberry, Peach, Mushrooms, and rewards they receive throughout the game from this section. These can be obtained through winning battles, completing daily tasks, and other adventures.

Juice House

Image via Fansipan Limited

This section is available on the game screen itself. Through this section, the players can manufacture juices of different fruits such as Blueberry, Peach, Mushroom, and many more by dragging the required materials to the empty jars. The juices are ready after a few minutes and the players can obtain some valuable rewards by delivering these to the customers. The players can skip the manufacture time of the juices using sufficient in-game diamonds.

Hot Air Balloon

This section lies just beside the Juice House. The Hot Air Balloon helps the player to deliver the orders given by some customers within the allotted time. The players can deliver the orders by clicking on Send after they have the complete order materials.

Image via Fansipan Limited

The orders can include fruits like peach, blueberry, watermelon, pom, and others, or their respective juices that are being manufactured in the Juice House. Delivering the orders ensures the player with numerous in-game coins that can be further used in upgrading and advancing the powers of the Hero.

Expedition Pass

This section can be accessed from the Shop section present in the bottom left corner of the game screen. As the level of the expedition pass increases, the players will receive valuable resources as rewards.

Image via Fansipan Limited

The player needs to complete a particular stage and advance toward the next stage in order to receive multiple rewards. There are two types of passes namely Free, and Premium, where the premium pass can only be bought using real-time transaction money. 

Daily Quest

Image via Fansipan Limited

This section will be found in the left corner of the game screen from where the players can view the daily tasks and missions assigned to them. Completing these missions will ensure great progress in the game, as well as the players will gain exciting rewards such as coins, diamonds, and fruits, that further help them in winning over the atrocious creatures of Epic Garden easily.

Epic Garden Games Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Attack Creatures while Dodging their Attacks

The players must make a move against the creatures while dodging their attacks. This can be ensured by the use of a joystick, and the special attack more often. This will reduce the HP of your opponents more easily while safeguarding your own.

2. Complete Daily Quests as soon as possible

We recommend the players keep upgrading the tools or equipment using in-game diamonds, in order to have a clear win against the creatures. This will enhance their HP and ATK levels which will help the player further when fighting battles.

3. Keep Upgrading your Equipment

The players are advised to complete the daily quests assigned to them in Epic Graden. This will help them in gaining rewards throughout the game.

4. Complete Multiple Orders at a Time

The players should complete considerable orders at a time to gain numerous rewards and in-game coins that will be further useful in progressing in the game. They should make use of the Juice House to manufacture as much juice as possible and Hot Air Balloon to deliver multiple orders instantly. 

5. Keep checking your Storage from time to time 

Lastly, the players should keep a check on their storage more often. By keeping track of the items and tools available, the players can equip the most appropriate resources in order to have a smooth victory against those creatures.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, Epic Garden: Action RPG Games is an amazing casual RPG with eye-catching pixel themes, resources, and skill sets all over the game. This game will attract players from all over the globe because of the great organization of its attributes. Follow up on this detailed Epic Garden beginners guide and tips to progress ahead in the game and save your garden from evil creatures.

That’s all from us for the Epic Garden: Action RPG Games Beginners Guide! Did you find our Epic Garden Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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