Era of Glory Beginners Guide and Tips

The only guide you will need to turn your camp to a civilization!

Era of Glory is an all-out strategy game developed by 37GAMES. The game is inspired by monumental historical events such as the Enlightenment in the 18th century, and global warfare in the 20th century. Era of Glory is an all-out strategy and base-building sort of gameplay on offer, from the very beginning you are the base commander and have to keep everything, the troops, the resources, and the enemies in check. With this Era of Glory Beginners Guide, we will try to help out the beginners of the game with some tips and tricks.

The game lets you control the creativity and leadership aspect of your camp, and eventually turn that camp into a mighty empire. Remember the power of the troops on the battlefield depends according to the commander above them. Stricken by chaos and wars, we are forced to leave our homes and must overcome tremendous hardships to settle in a new land. The new land however is full of enemy camps and potential allies, it will be up to the players whom they decide to side with

Decide the nationality of your civilization

The game gives a unique option to the players by selecting the nationality for the camp, America, Germany, the Ottoman Empire, Japan, Russia, or Britain. Players get the option to choose one of six unique civilizations and build their city into a prosperous empire. Each nation has something special to them.

Era of Glory beginners guide, Era of Glory
Image via 37GAMES

For instance, The United States gives an Increase to the troop might by 3% along with an increase of 30%, on the other hand, Russia follows the expansionism route in the game and offers an increase of 5% in Mobile Unit HP and increase of 15% in the Hospital Capacity. Similarly, there are four other countries in the game that offer different stats in the game, and depending on the gameplay preferred players can make the choice as to which country might suit them the most.

Pick your commander to lead the troops into battle

Commander’s position is extremely important, be it in real-life army scenarios or in this game. The game offers a good number of commanders to choose from in the game, and the best thing about them is the fact that they are all real-life commanders. Players can have great historical figures like Napoleon, Queen Victoria, Abraham Lincoln, Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, and many more. Do make sure to follow our commander tier list for the game to make sure you get the in-depth details of the commanders.

Era of Glory Commander Tier List, Era of Glory
Image via 37GAMES

Each commander brings something different to the empire and can be used for different strategies in the game. Different heroes have different specialties such as resource collection, unit production, economic development, or unique combat abilities, make good use of your heroes to develop your empire. There are different strategies best suited for each of the commanders, it is the responsibility of the players being the general to make sure the best commanders are chosen for the empire.

Build your camp into a fortress

There are a lot of options in the game to upgrade the infrastructure of the camp, there are gun towers, sentries, cannons, and the main gates of the camp which provide defensive sustainability to the camp in the time of siege by enemies and opposite clan members. The thing that makes the game special is the fact that there is much more to the constructive side of the game other than the offensive and defensive side.

Era of Glory beginners guide, Era of Glory
Image via 37GAMES

Players can take a step forward and build trains, boats, and warships to secure safe passage to different places and capture as many resources and territories as they can. Resource gathering is given equal importance to the game as has the base defense been given. Players can make their troops travel on trains and loot resources of different players and civilizations, as brutal and wrong as it may sound, this is a cruel world in which you are trying to survive and looting is the only way forward.

Era of Glory Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing multiple hours in the game, we have come up with the following points in our Era of Glory beginners guide to make the journey for new players in the game easy.

1. Keep an eye out for the Events

37GAMES, the developers make a lot of events available for the players to test their strengths and gain some additional experience points in the process. Events are weekly in nature and bring in different tasks which can also help the players unlock historical moments in the main city hall.

Era of Glory beginners guide, Era of Glory
Image via 37GAMES

Historical moments are the milestones set by the developers for players to achieve, which also offer different rewards for the players in the game in terms of in-game resources to collect. These events are a great source of building your camp and turning it into civilization, best part about them is that they are repetitive and refresh on a weekly basis, meaning new rewards and experience points every week.

2. Join an Alliance as soon as possible

Alliances in the game are a very reliable source of resources and new quests. There are certain quests in the game that are alliance specific and are only triggered if you are enlisted with a Guild or alliance. Not to forget that the rewards are pretty handsome too.

Era of Glory beginners guide, Era of Glory
Image via 37GAMES

The biggest advantage for players to enlist with an alliance in the game as early as possible is the fact that players can participate in higher-level quests as well because quests are initiated in the alliance system based on the alliance level and not the individual level. This allows the players to play and receive higher-tier rewards in the earlier phases of the game.

3. Use the Commander’s assistance in finding new Settlements

Commander’s abilities also include high-level scouting techniques which can be used to find different opportunities in the lore of the game, in the form of different real-time settlements, different invading options, and different alliance outpost locations for the alliances in the game.

Era of Glory beginners guide, Era of Glory
Image via 37GAMES

Thankfully every commander in the game has this power equipped, however, the level of opportunity you find will be dependent on the fact of how high the tier of your commander will be. This makes it highly important for players to have a high-tier commander leading their ranks.

4. Use the intelligence Station to take on additional rewarding Quests

Intelligence stations are the informers in the game, they can inform you of different opportunities in the game, opportunities are the quests that are available to be accessed via some resource-gathering measures, like trains, boats, and warships.

Era of Glory beginners guide, Era of Glory
Image via 37GAMES

These trains, boats, and warships can be accessed via the in-game menu, where players can build these modes of transport by completing different quests in the game. These resource-gathering measures are important as intelligence stations cannot be accessed otherwise.

5. Your Turrent levels define the defense stats of your Camp

Era of Glory beginners guide, Era of Glory
Image via 37GAMES

The Turrent at the camp, are the cannons which are available in the camp which attack the invaders at the doorstep of your camp. The higher the level, the lower the chances of enemy sieges in your camp. The defense stats of your camp are directly proportional to your turrent levels as well, however, you can also increase the current levels by having higher-level troop barracks and armory which will also help you sustain a better army in the game.

Final Thoughts

The game, Era of Glory offers a classic Strategical base building experience for the players to experience, with many new settlement options for the players to go for. There are many new buildings and army customization options for players to get a real customized experience. Developers let the players decide what nation they should align themselves with and choose the allies accordingly. We hope that with this Era of Glory Beginners Guide, new players moving into the game will find the basic tips and tricks of the game helpful.

Did you find this Era of Glory Beginners guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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