Era of Glory Commander Tier List for February 2023

Be sure to select the most suitable general for your army!

Era of Glory is an all-out strategy game developed by 37GAMES. The game is inspired by various monumental historical events and global warfare in the 20th century. Players are introduced to a war-torn environment where everyone is for themselves with a camp and army to take control of. The power of soldiers on the field is directly proportional to the qualities of the commander in the army. Of course, the game gives various options in terms of selecting the commander in the game, in this Era of Glory Commander Tier List we aim to list out the best commanders available in the game.

Era of Glory Tier List for February 2023: Best commanders ranked

After investing multiple hours of gameplay in the game we have come up with the following brief overview of the different classes in the game, Era of Glory. This Tier list aims to give clarity in terms of character choice to the players in the game. To simplify things even further we will divide the characters into 3 different tiers namely Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B).

TierAll RounderCommanding GeneralMobileInfantryArtillery
Strong (S)Abraham Lincoln,
Queen Victoria
Napoleon Bonaparte
George Washington,
Oda Nobunaga,
Otto von Bismarck
Michel Ney,
Joachim Murat
Catherine the Great,
Frederick the Great
Mahmud 2
Good (A)Anne Bonny,
Osman Nuri Pasha
Zheng ChengGongBlucher,
Alexander Suvorov
General Green,
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Horatio Nelson
Average (B)Maharaja Ranjit SinghMameluk EmirPine LeafElephant Gunner,
Era of Glory Character Tier List for February 2023

Best meta characters in Era of Glory for February 2023

Now moving forward with the tier list we will try and list out the best characters available in the game from each tier stated in the table above. The game, Era of Glory gives 25 different options for players to select their war commanders in the game as reflected in the table above. Each character offers something different to the team and the rankings in this article are subjective.

Being a strategy game it is highly imperative for the players to understand the fact that each commander brings something different to the battalion and thus favors different strategies. This makes the tier list very subjective, following are the best characters from each tier for us.

S-Tier characters – George Washington

The top spot in the top tier of our article would go to the former US president, George Washington. In the game, the commander offers a total power stat of 9120, combined with a very high leadership stat of 3100. When it comes to skills the commander is a very useful addition to any unit with skills like musket Barrage, Turtle warfare, and great support-based skills that help to boost the morale of the troops.

Era of Glory Commander Tier List, Era of Glory
Image via 37GAMES

All these features make the commander a force to reckon with. The description of the character reads that the commander is well-equipped to handle all sorts of situations thrown at him and after looking at the stats it’s hard to question it.

A-Tier characters – Anne Bonny

The famous Irish Pirate, known for her bravery and respect for freedom was one of the first female pirates to have been recorded in our history. In the game, the commander offers a more resourceful approach to the game, with her wits and strategic allocation skills. The commander offers skills like Powder Keg which increases critical damage by the players’ troops, while also increasing the resource-gathering skills of the player.

Era of Glory Commander Tier List, Era of Glory
Image via 37GAMES

Due to these reasons, the commander will take the top spot in our A-tier list. The commander is labeled as an all-rounder in the game making her capable of leading troops of any size and capabilities.

B-Tier characters – Maharaja Ranjit Singh

The Indian Legend, Maharaja Ranjit Singh takes the spot in our B-Tier spot. The commander offers options for a direct offense strategy. Being known for the bravery and leadership skills he showed while uniting Sikh Empire in India against invaders, he is indeed a very good addition to the army. When it comes to skills, the character gets a Sikhi bonus which allows an attacking bonus to the troops under his command thus making him a force to be reckoned with.

Era of Glory Commander Tier List, Era of Glory
Image via 37GAMES

Due to these reasons, Maharaja will take the top spot in our B-Tier for the game. The commander is labeled as an all-rounder in the game making him capable of leading troops of any size and capabilities just like Anne Bonny.

Final Thoughts

The game, Era of Glory offers a true strategic experience to the players, where they are offered 25 choices in terms of choosing a commander with each offering different stats, perks, and suitability of warfare. The choice ultimately lies with the players who they want as the main commander leading their troops to their victories. We hope that this Era of Glory Commander Tier List was able to help you figure out what the best commanders are there to be selected in the game.

Did you find this Era of Glory Commander Tier List Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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