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Eversoul Guide: Tips to Increase your Combat Power (CP)

Be sure to maximize your combat power as soon as possible in the game!

Eversoul is an RPG genre game developed by Kakao Games Corp. This game has visuals such as animation, graphics, and anime-like artwork with a combination of amazing battles with various skills and ultimates of each character or what is known as a soul with various different factions. In Eversoul, one of the things that you need to do is finish stages like battlefronts, but you need high combat power to make it easy to finish each stage. Therefore, we will explain how to increase your Combat Power (CP) in Eversoul.

How to increase Combat Power (CP) in Eversoul

Here are the different ways to increase CP in Eversoul:

1. Improve your soul character

Eversoul Combat Power improve your soul character
Image via Kakao Games Corp

There are 2 kinds of ways you can do to improve your soul character, the first is through Level Up. This level-up requires several resources such as mana crystal, gold, and mana dust. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your soul character’s CP and stats, besides that when you reach a certain level, your skills also increase.

Eversoul increase soul character
Image via Kakao Games Corp

Then the second way is through Keepsake which is similar to equipment in other RPG genre games. You can get this Keepsake when completing certain quests or stages. Besides that, you also check the bag, then look for the Keepsake Chest, and use the chest to get it.

2. Do Ascend Soul

Eversoul Combat Power Ascend soul
Image via Kakao Games Corp

Ascension is a key component of Soul growth because once you do ascension, the stats and max level of your soul will increase, as well as your CP. You need at least 3 similar soul characters to ascend. Because the material needed is a similar character or commonly referred to as a shard.

So instead of the character being unused, we better use the material to be used as an ascend. Eversoul is quite simple in terms of increasing your Combat Power, because the method needed is quite simple, namely increasing only in terms of your soul character.

What are your thoughts about our guide on how to increase Combat Power in Eversoul? Let us know in the comments below!

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