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Evil Hunter Tycoon: Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Strategies

Among the latest games that got released this year, Evil Hunter Tycoon is one of the interesting games that is getting a good response. The basic mechanics and the concept involved in the game have attracted a lot of viewers. There has been a lot of confusion for beginner’s regarding the game, so to clear them out, we have come up with the Evil Hunter Tycoon Beginner’s Guide along with some tips and tricks to get good information before starting the game. If you haven’t read our other game guides which includes beginner’s guides for the latest games on the apps market, don’t forget to read them out as well.

About Evil Hunter Tycoon

Evil Hunter Tycoon is an RPG simulation game for Android and IOS developed by Super Planet. The game was released on 17th March 2020 on all mobile platforms.


Evil Hunter Tycoon Guide

The starts with a simple story-line, which gives an idea that the game follows a role-playing game style, which is further confirmed with the tasks allotted.

The game moves around you having to access characters in the form of Hunters, where you will be required to build a town in the area available. So, basically you act as the Chief of that town, a Town Chief is what you are called. You have two primary missions, number one is to rebuild the town that was destroyed by the Dark Lord and his army of Monsters. The second mission you should focus on is to fight those monsters and their leader by upgrading your hunters.

How to Play Evil Hunter Tycoon

Starting with, you will get to see the map of your town. Nothing exciting to be honest, only one small portion is with you to cherish. There are four maps present in the game, where your Hunters can move to:

  1. Town
  2. Invaded Land
  3. Land of the Dead
  4. Land of the Fallen
Evil Hunter Tycoon Guide
In-game view while you start the game

Your task is to get rid of these monsters roaming around these map areas except for your town. You have to assemble your hunters and upgrade them, making them invincible by providing them weapons, armor, and accessories, or even reincarnate them!

In-game items

Gems and Gold

They are essential for constructing buildings, items for your buildings, and removing unnecessary items from the village. You can earn gold and gems by completing quests.


They are your heroes in the game. Most importantly, they are sent to fight against monsters in the game. After killing the monsters, you can obtain resources that are required to manage your town and the buildings. In total there are four Classes;

  1. Berserker
  2. Sorcerer
  3. Paladin
  4. Ranger

These classes have different characteristics and differ by skills.

Knowing the Stats, Skills and Class of your Hunter is important

There are basic responsibilities that you should follow to keep your Hunters ready for battle:

For healing use the Infirmary. The lost health is restored.
For having your hunters to rest, you use the Inn. This will make them recover stamina.

If your hunter loses all his/her health or in simple words, died while fighting a battle, you can revive him/her by checking the revive option and sending your hunter to the Statue of Resurrection.

Hunters can attain special abilities via Reincarnation. They can be reincarnated once they reach level.100.

Buildings and Décor

These are the Construction items that are essential in building your town. You can find these from the Construct option on the menu.

Buildings in Evil Hunter Tycoon

Evil Hunter Tycoon Guide
Construct option and buildings

Town Hall

The heart of your town and the most important building. Upgrading the Townhall will allow you to construct more buildings and décor and also to upgrade your current buildings.

Trading Post

This is essential in terms of the resources that are available in-game, all the items that are used for other buildings are obtained here. They are not for free, they cost coins. Each of them carries different use. Hunters will grind for these resources and then trade-in for the requested resource.

Other buildings in Evil Hunter Tycoon:

RestaurantBusinessSell food to fill Hunters’ satiety gauge
InnBusinessHunters’ rest place
Bounty HutQuestProvides bounty quests to hunters
BlacksmithProductionCrafts weapons and armor
JewelerProductionCrafts accessories
TavernBusinessSells cold beverages
InfirmaryBusinessHeal injured Hunters
Training GroundBusinessHunters train to become stronger
Alchemist’s HomeProductionCrafts potions
Weapon’s ShopPurchaseSells weapons crafted at Blacksmith
AcademySkillHunters’ skill and trait learning center
Potion ShopPurchaseSells portions crafted at Alchemist’s
Accessory ShopPurchaseSells accessories crafted at Jeweler
Armor ShopPurchaseSells armor crafted at Blacksmith

Evil Hunter Tycoon: Tips and Tricks

Here are bonus tips as a bonus guide to ease your way through Evil Hunter Tycoon.

Evil Hunter Tycoon quests
Novice Quests
  1. Complete the Novice Quests that are displayed at the top of your screen. Completing them will grant you Gold and in-game items that are useful for upgrading buildings in your town.
  2. Keep the track of your hunters in Evil Hunter Tycoon using the Hunters menu. This will help you to easily identify where your hunters are, their condition, and the current status.
  3. Unlock and Upgrade Buildings, remove the unnecessary structures or items to make space for other buildings.
  4. Keep your items and resources ready to use them for specific buildings. For example, Inn needs its own special resource to produce elements that help Hunters to rest.
  5. Collect the drops from enemies after you kill the enemy via your hunters. They will be found on the enemy maps. These contain a lot of value and are usable throughout without expiry.
  6. Craft your weapons regularly. It helps to assign weapons to your hunters, which are also part of some quests.
  7. Check out the Bounty Quests to earn gold and exp. This can be obtained after unlocking Bounty Hut from the Construct menu. Hunters are used in these quests; they are assigned bounty quests when they are sent to the building.
  8. Level up as soon as you can. This will help you to train your hunters faster and gain more resources. Continue farming as much as possible.
  9. Check the Achievement section to make sure you do not miss out on rewards for completed missions/quests.
Evil Hunter Tycoon Guide

We hope that you will find this Evil Hunter Tycoon Guide useful. For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp group or Discord server. Also, follow us on Instagram and Twitter for quick updates.

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