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Evil Nun: Horror Brawl Beginners Guide and Tips

Fight till you are the last man standing in this spine tingling horror battle royale

Evil Nun: Horror Brawl is an action horror online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Keplerians Horror Games. The battle royale aspect of the game with the integration of horror elements makes Horror Brawl a thrilling experience for both casual gamers and battle royale fanatics. Horror Brawl brings its players to its own unique setting where players are tasked to fight against other players worldwide. Fans of other Keplerians Horror Games are also provided fanservice as there are multiple characters from other games developed by Keplerians also making appearances in Evil Nun: Horror Brawl. If a player wants to understand the game’s basic mechanics, here is our Evil Nun: Horror Brawl beginners guide with some basic tips and tricks.

Getting started with Evil Nun: Horror Brawl

Evil Nun: Horror Brawl is a unique battle royale game that combines the horror game aspect with the battle royale genre and creates an exciting atmosphere for the players. Players can choose between four Kid characters and two Horror characters. The aim of the players as they play the game is to kill everyone and be the last one standing, just like any other battle royale. To achieve victory, players must search the areas they are in and loot chests and find powerful weapons that will help them attack enemies and win the battle royale in the process.

As players open more chests and collect crystals, they can also gain the ability to turn into one of the many popular villains from Keplerians, like the Evil Nun and Mr. Meat and Ice Scream, and thus gain overwhelming advantage towards their enemies. Players can also customize how their favourite Kid and Horror characters appear, and even have them wear backpacks or carry bats to add to the fashion. The hordes of weapons and ability to turn into a Horror character keeps the game fresh and entertaining to play.

Evil Nun: Horror Brawl Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Control the gameplay to the best of your ability

The gameplay of Horror Brawl is incredibly easy to master. While the basic gameplay is an option that players can choose to play the game with, if they deem other forms of controlling the gameplay more suitable, they are much obliged to do so.

horror-brawl-battle-royale-pre-registration gameplay
Evil Nun Horror Brawl Characters

Players are given the basic controls as beginners, which they can change and customize to fit their interests. An example of a change that players can make to the controls is changing the control of holding to just tapping. Another example is auto-aiming, which may not be too useful when the enemy is far away. Players can decide to turn the auto aimbot on or off depending on their preference.

Players are also advised to choose the character that they feel best fits with the players’ gameplay style. The characters are divided into two categories: kids and horrors, and players can choose from four kids and from two horrors. Different characters have different perks that are useful for different purposes, so players are encouraged to experiment with other characters and choose their favourite one.

2. Collect all the Free Rewards

Throughout the game, it is very easy to collect free rewards if you know what you are looking for. Do not forget to check your mailbox every now and then, as there might be free rewards waiting for you. There are also daily and seasonal challenges.

Challenges Evil Nun: Horror Brawl Beginners Guide

The daily challenges are easily approachable if players are willing to grind through the game, and can result in players availing awesome rewards. Just like the name suggests, these challenges are replenished daily so make sure you complete them before the 24-hour limit expires.

The seasonal challenges take a bit longer, but the cooler rewards are worth it for upgrading your characters. Keeping these challenges in mind while playing the game is an easy way of progressing. This also helps level up the characters and progress through the game.

3. Make sure you have a plan for the battle royales

Players are advised to not charge into enemies at the beginning of the battle royale. Like any battle royale, Horror Brawl favours those who are patient and wait for their enemies to come to them instead of the other way around. If players find themselves struggling to win the battle royales, they are encouraged to defend and not attack at the beginning and reveal their locations.

Battles Evil Nun: Horror Brawl Beginners Guide

Playing in a sneaky manner and collecting loots and health kits will help bolster the players’ efforts in trying to win the game. When playing with teammates, players are encouraged to coordinate their attacks with each other and help each other at times of need. Teamwork is the key to success in Horror Brawl.

4. Take Gems from enemies and Loot chests

It is crucial for players in Horror Brawl to loot as many chests as possible. These come in handy as the chests in Horror Brawl can contain various useful things such as health kits, gems, different types of weapons, etc. But while doing this, players are advised to make sure they do not leave an open space for their enemies to attack while they are looting chests. Players are still encouraged to loot as many chests as possible because that increases their chances of getting Chaos Crystals, and after getting four of these crystals, the players turn into ultra-powerful horror characters which help in their attacks on their enemies.

Chests Evil Nun: Horror Brawl Beginners Guide

The number of kills players get also affect their rewards, as players are rewarded with gems depending on how much inflict damage on their enemies. The higher the damage caused, the more the number of gems that players get. Again, players are encouraged to remain cautious while doing so.

So, this is our Evil Nun: Horror Brawl beginners guide with tips and tricks for you to help you have better enjoyment of the game. Hope this guide will help you to fight bravely and smartly to outlast your enemies and win the battle royales.

That’s all for today’s Evil Nun: Horror Brawl beginners guide. Did you find our Evil Nun: Horror Brawl beginners guide helpful? 

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