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EA Sports: It’s in the Game – a phrase that we all love to hear in the loop, thanks to the Developer House’s most popular soccer simulation game, FIFA, and its counterpart FIFA Mobile. EA Sports has indeed brought about a revolution in the Gaming Industry with their sports genre titles. Recently, they have released their new football mobile title, EA Sports FC Tactical which could potentially take the FIFA Universe to new heights. In this FC Tactical beginners guide, we are going to walk through all the game modes that the game has to offer and share some valuable tips and strategies from our experience of playing the game.

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Game Overview

FC Tactical stars 600 licensed players that feature in the Premier League, including all popular clubs around the World. The mixing of turn-based strategic elements has given this game a unique outlook. You play as a Manager in FC Tactical and need to showcase your Footballing mind in time-limited games, World Class Competitions, drills, and heated PVPs. The gameplay bears resemblance to the FIFA Manager series that comes from the same Developer House.

Game overview
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Building your Ultimate XI takes time. It takes some serious grind to rise to the ranks and get the players that you want. You have to field a team of 1-star scouts initially. However, when you kick-start your journey, the game lets you sign a 3-star scout(top-rated player) from the Premier League that would add the much-needed boost to your side.

Each of your players would exhibit unique and stylish skill moves that improve as they level up. You need to play them according to their merit and put your footballing knowledge to the test by making quick tactical decisions. We will get into all of that in detail. First things first, let us understand the various Game Modes that FC Tactical has to offer.

Introducing the game modes

FC Tactical offers three varieties of PVP Game Modes. Let us walk through them in detail.

Ranked Match

Ranked Matches lets you compete in real-time online matches with users from around the World. They use metrics called Classes to represent the strength of users in each Season. A season usually lasts for about a month. Initially, you would be in the Amateur 5 Class. Your rating would increase or decrease based on wins and losses, and the rating value would determine the promotion or relegation between classes.

League Match

Leagues are modes where you play online, against users from all over the world using a deck of your creation. You can play against rivals globally using your unique Deck that matches Match’s rules. To play League Matches, you must enter a League. The number of Leagues you may enter at the same time will increase as you go up the Classes in Ranked-Mode Games. Initially, you will have access to only 2 Leagues:

Once a League starts, you can just select an opponent to play against. There is a limit to the number of League matches you can play each day, but more matches will be added each day. When the League you entered ends, you can earn in-game resources based on your ranking in that League.

Special match

Special Matches include three different sub-modes:

  • Limited Time Matches provide you with EA Tokens and Scout Tickets based on your performance. While EA tokens can be exchanged for various in-game items, Scout Tickets can help you sign 2 and 3-star-rated players on your side. There are also special completion requirements, squad requirements, and higher-difficulty matches for you to tackle. The harder the challenge, the more Tokens you receive. Just like in League matches, there is a limit to the number of matches you can play each day.
  • This is a must-visit game mode each day if you want to build your Ultimate XI soon. They are single-player Matches where some basic-to-advanced challenges are set for you to complete. On completion, Drills earn you player and coach development items. Additionally, you can earn loads of coins which is the basic in-game currency. While Training items can be used to level up your players and Manager, almost all in-game spending can be made with Coins. Hence do visit this mode daily if you want to efficiently level up your players and coaches. A limited number of challenges are available each day.
  • You can play against friends and Guild Members anytime. This mode unlocks at Level 2.

Scouting Talents and Upgrading Players

Through scouting, you can buy players for tactical points or scouting tickets. Some scouting opportunities are only accessible for a limited time. You will no longer be able to do the Specific Scouting after the time limit has passed.

Accumulate Swap Points to sign your target player

Swap Points are nothing but an in-game currency that can be obtained by signing Scouts. Once you have collected a target number of Swap Points, you can exchange them with your Target Player. The number of times you participate in some Scouting will determine how many Swap Points you receive. Depending on how many times you perform the Scouting, you can exchange Swap Points.

Swap Points
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The Swap Points’ expiration date is the same as the scout’s. If you reach the maximum amount of Swap Points you can hold, Swap Points-awarding Scouts cannot be used to scout until a swap is made. One must note that Swap Points are valid only when the Scout is active. They cannot be used for other scouts.

Exchange in-game items with scouting shards

Scouting Shards can be earned by acquiring duplicate players who have already reached the Evolution cap. They can be traded for various in-game items.

Level Up your players to enhance various parameters

The player level-up option allows you to level up your players which in turn increases various attributes of that player, thereby enhancing his in-game performance.

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To level up players you need Experience Points and Coins. You just need to select the level that you want to take your player to. If you have enough coins and XPs, you can even take your player directly to max level. There may be a Lucky Return in some cases where some of your XPs and Coins are returned.

Focus on developing the unique traits of your player

1. Enhance your player’s skill moves

Simply leveling up your players is not sufficient. You even need to enhance the Skill Moves of a Player. Skill Moves are nothing but some special skills that are unique to your Player Card. (the classic Mo Salah Dribble and Shooting for instance).

Enhancing Skill Moves results in your player getting better and more accurate with those moves. To enhance them, one needs to compare the tags between the skill move they want to enhance with the Skill Moves or Skill Growth items that they want to use. If the correct conditions are met, they will be able to spend coins and enhance the Skill Move.

2. Make your player learn new skill moves

new skill moves Tactical Football Beginners Guide
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You can also make your player learn new Skill Moves by just dragging and dropping a Skill Move in one of the Empty Slots. When you have an empty Sub Slot, you can just compare the Player Tag and the tag on the Skill Move you want to teach your player. When the conditions are met, your player learns the Skill Moves. One needs to spend Coins and Tactical Points to teach their players new skill moves.

Leveling up your Coach is equally important

Leveling up your coach
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Just like Players, coaches can be leveled up using Coins and Experience Points. On Leveling up, the Preferred Tactic of your coach gets a bonus which in turn impacts the Performance of your team under that Coach. A Lucky Return is on the cards in this scenario as well.

EA Sports FC Tactical Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here is our bonus guide for beginners to quickly assemble their Game Plan and make the most out of FC Tactical. What follows next are some useful tips and tricks from our experience of playing the game.

1. Choose a Striker as the starter reward

striker as the starter reward
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When you launch the game for the first time, the game gives you some forward-line players and asks you to pick one as a Starter Reward. Though every player is a Forward Line Player, try going for a Striker (ST). This is because Strikers in FC Tactical come with a special Skill Move for winning duels which is exactly what you need as a Beginner. Make sure to activate that skill move once he advances up to the Penalty Area.

2. Complete the in-game Missions regularly

beginner’s missions Tactical Football Beginners Guide
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As a beginner, one should look to cash on the Beginner’s Missions set on a Daily, Weekly, and Event basis. Competing with them not only earns those in-game resources but also helps them to naturally run how to Play and progress in the game. So, make sure to visit this section when you log in daily and try and complete as many Mission Sets as possible to bag maximum rewards.

3. Participate in Ranked Matches to level up quickly

Probably the easiest way to level up in FC Tactical is by playing Ranked Matches. As discussed earlier, you will be in Amateur 5 initially. But, as you go on winning matches, you earn Experience Points that help you level up. So make sure to play Ranked Matches aplenty, once you unlock them.

4. Complete your Daily Drills

drills set for the day
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As discussed earlier, if you want to quickly develop your Ultimate XI, you need to play this game mode every day. Drills reward you with player and coach development materials after completion. So this is a no-brainer as you would be requiring a lot of Training items to level up your Players and Coach.

5. Make sure that you line up your players in their optimal position

optimal position
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If you put a player in a position that is not his preferred one, his overall stats and stamina will take a drastic drop. Hence, make sure to line up your Player in his preferred/ Optimal Position. Additionally, you get a bonus on the Player’s Stamina when he is playing in his Preferred Position. So make sure not to tamper with the Player Position.

6. Plan your Tactical moves carefully

In FC Tactical, you play the role of a manager and not a player. It is you who would be asked to take calls when your opponent is looking to intercept you or make runs.

  • When the ball is in your Defender’s leg and your opponent is looking to steal it from him, see if there’s a player available on-side. Pass the ball to him or else choose Dribble to try and Dribble past him. When your opponent is on the run, it’s time for you to use your Defender’s Skill Move to stop him. You may even use an Intercept or Block Command. We would suggest using the Block Command if your Defender isn’t equipped with any Special Moves.
  • When passing in midfield, you can specify both the player and the position. Find the opening in the defense, then carefully pass through it by sliding your fingers screen through the open space, till you reach the player who needs to receive the pass.
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  • When you are on the Attack, the best way to go beyond two defenders is using the One-Two Passing Tactic wherein, player 1 tries to advance with the ball but runs into a defender. He gives the ball to player 2 who then carries on with his run past the opponent. Player 1 runs into the path of Player 2’s first-time pass and receives the pass in space and beyond the defender.
outfield.jpg 2 Tactical Football Beginners Guide
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  • When your Striker is inside the penalty area, instead of just opting to shoot, make sure to use the Special Skill Move of your Striker to increase the Scoring chances.
  • When your Goalkeeper needs to stop a Goal, make sure to use his Special Move as well.

Make sure that you teach and equip your players with these Skill Moves to survive and rise in Ranked Mode Matches.

7. Bring your coach’s preferred tactic into play

Similar to players, some coaches also have a special tactic that they can use to influence the outcome of a game if they choose that tactic. Your team’s Preferred Tactic benefits when you choose the same during a game. By raising their level, you can improve your Coach’s favored strategies.

8. Other Miscellaneous Tips

Miscellaneous Tips Tactical Football Beginners Guide
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  1. Log in each day so as not to miss out on the Daily Login Rewards.
  2. Level up your Players and Coach whenever possible.
  3. The further you are from the goal, the lesser your chances of scoring when you choose to shoot. Hence do not attempt long-distance shots in FC Tactical as they won’t be beating the Goalkeeper. Choose the Shoot command only when you are close to the Goal. 

Final Thoughts

More than testing you as a player, EA Sports FC Tactical challenges your ability to understand and read the sport. Though it has just soft-launched right now, the first look of it seems promising and engaging. By bringing a variety of PVP modes, the game has already earned a huge player base. That’s it from us. All the basic tips are covered. If you face any difficulty in this journey of building your Ultimate XI, you can always fall back to this EA Sports FC Tactical Beginners Guide for quick assistance.

That’s all from us for the EA Sports FC Tactical Beginners Guide! Did you find our EA Sports FC Tactical beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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