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EA Sports‘ new strategic football management title EA Sports FC Tactical has a lot of features implemented in the game. Be it teams or tactics, it is always impressive to check out the features that the game brings. FC Tactical offers a more tactically immersive setup for which the players will have to take note of the squads and tactics they are playing with to get the best results. Hence, management is essential. A layered understanding can be done with the help of tutorials, but to go in-depth, some more guidance is necessary for the new players. So, in this guide, we shall look into Team Management in EA Sports FC Tactical with some necessary tips.

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Getting started with your squad

In FC Tactical, you get a decent squad upfront with some star picks, but that won’t be enough to beat the top teams after a while. So recruitments become important to bolster your squad. With any team you have, you can have changes made to your team, including the captain as well as the shirt numbers.

The scouting process involves recruiting the players. For the same, it utilizes the use of tactical points or scout tickets to acquire new players. These resources are often limited and need to be managed strategically. Both tactical points and scout tickets usually have limited availability within the game.

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They may be provided periodically as daily rewards, weekly bonuses, or as part of special events or promotions. Once obtained, they are typically valid for a certain period, after which they may expire or become unusable. You can also earn scouting shards by acquiring duplicate players with maxed-out Evolution.

Tactics and Player Management

Tactics and Matchups

Tactics form an essential detail for every match you play. Understanding the positional requirements and assigning suitable roles to players is fundamental. Each player should be aware of their position’s responsibilities, such as defenders focusing on marking opponents, midfielders controlling the game’s tempo, and forwards attacking the opposition’s goal.

For example, when you are in a 1v1 situation, the stats reflect on the screen. Picking a move out of the three options, or making use of a skill is also viable. But for all these to succeed, you need to have a better understanding of how things will work for each player.

Tactical Football Team Management
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As a coach, it is important to select the right tactic, be it offensive or defensive. The options are between Possession, Quick Build Up, Balanced, and Long Ball in Offensive tactics whereas the Defensive tactic options are Balanced, Counter Press, Constant Pressing, and Get Back on Defense. A preferred tactic of a Coach will affect the attributes or positions on the pitch.

Player Management

Player management is important for your team to improve. There are plenty of aspects to take note of in the game, so some player aspects are explained here. While playing a player in a formation, there are instances where you might have him playing in an unsuitable position. This is where he might underperform or disappoint. Hence, playing him in his optimal position is important.

When a player is placed in their optimal position within a formation, they can benefit from a stamina bonus. The stamina bonus refers to the player’s ability to maintain their energy levels and perform at a higher level throughout the match when playing in their preferred position.

Attributes, Skills, and Traits

While level-up and evolution of players fall under the training category, there are attributes, skills, and traits that the players should look into. An attribute is nothing but the player’s abilities in certain areas of the field. The rating system is a bit out of understanding, but it does give you an idea of how things should be looked at.


A player, apart from the Goalkeeper, has ten attributes categorized into three sections, namely Attack, Defence, and Physical. Shooting, Passing, and Dribbling under Attack, Blocking, Tackling, Intercept under Defense, and Power, Speed, Technique, and Stamina fall under the Physical section of the play. For Goalkeepers, Punching, Catching, Speed, Power, and Technique are the attributes rated.

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The total points added from these attributes constitute the total rating. You can strengthen individual attributes as well from the management menu. For example, if you want to increase the passing rating, you can simply allocate additional attribute points for the same. By strengthening individual attributes, you can tailor your players’ abilities to suit specific roles and playing styles.

Skill Moves

In the player management menu, the option to edit skill moves allows you to customize a player’s abilities on the ball. Skill moves are specific techniques and maneuvers that a player can perform to beat opponents, maintain control of the ball, or create scoring opportunities. These moves are often categorized by difficulty and effectiveness.

Tactical Football Team Management
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During a match, Skill moves are triggered with the help of Stamina. When editing skill moves, you typically have a main slot followed by three secondary slots to assign to a player. The main slot represents the player’s primary skill move, while the secondary slots allow for additional moves. The number of slots may vary depending on the player’s rarity.


Traits in FC Tactical provide players with additional abilities and attributes that enhance their performance on the field. These traits can have a significant impact on a player’s effectiveness in various aspects of the game. Players can easily get traits added to a player with the trait training system. This can be done by transferring a trait from a player.

Traits and Skills in tactical football
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Leveling up a trait allows players to improve their effectiveness. To level up, players need to compare the categories of the traits they want to enhance with available traits or trait growth items. If the conditions are met, they can spend Coins to enhance the trait, consuming the items used.

To learn new traits, players can do so by placing them in empty slots. Learning a trait requires the specific trait, Tactical Points, and Coins. If there is an empty slot, players need to compare the player’s category with the category of the trait they want to learn. If the conditions are met, they can learn the trait.

EA Sports FC Tactical Team Management Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some management tips and tricks to remember:

  • Player level-up needs to be monitored carefully. This way, the top players in your squad should be prioritized first, especially the forwards. In this game, more goals equals more wins.
  • You can use Auto Management in different types. The options given in the game help you to perfect the way things fall systematically. There are four types of options available, which you can make use of without much of a hassle.
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  • Keep changing your roster. If a player that you don’t need has some good traits to transfer, do not hesitate to use him.
  • Regularly assess the team’s performance and identify areas that require improvement. This includes analyzing individual player performances, team dynamics, and tactical setups.
  • To get a player to see if he can learn a particular skill move, compare the skill move category to check if this holds valid.

That’s all for our Team Management guide!

That’s all for our EA Sports FC Tactical Team Management Guide with Tips. Did you find this EA Sports FC Tactical Team Management Guide helpful? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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