FIFA Mobile 21 Marquee Stars Guide

Marquee Stars is back and this time with... better rewards!

Amidst the UEFA Europa League event, EA brings back the Marquee Stars event. Similar to the previous year, this will be a week-long event that gives the players a shot at some high-rated masters along with a stack of skill boosts every day. So let’s enjoy this week-long FIFA Mobile 21 Marquee Stars event. Check-in daily, complete activities and grab yourself some rewards.

FIFA Mobile 21 Marquee Stars Event Description

  • Event Duration: January 19th – January 26th (7 Days)
  • Coin Packs: 1 Coin Packs daily giving 6 Marquee Points for 15,000 coins.
  • Energy: Base Stamina
  • Daily Claim: 1 Master Token

FIFA Mobile 21 Marquee Stars Event Flow


In the Marquee Schedule tab, you will play a series of skill games and matches. During this 7-day event, new skill games and matches will be unlocked daily. Complete the previous day’s activities before moving on to the next day, with the exception of the first day. Even if you miss a daily reset, Chill they are there to stay for the next 7 days. Daily skill games and matches can only be completed once.

FIFA Mobile 21 Marquee Stars

This event, unlike others, doesn’t have any special energy which you need to keep a track of, and uses your normal stamina to play. Phew! Use your Base Stamina to play skill games and matches, from which you earn Marquee Points. On completing all the daily activities for a week unlocks a 88 OVR CDM at the end of the path.

FIFA Mobile 21 Marquee Stars

Note: You can only claim Day 2 Node 4 after completing all other nodes. As for Day 4, you can play one of the matches available.


In the Rewards tab, you will spend your hard-earned Marquee Points. Use your Marquee Points on a Marquee Booster pack for a guaranteed 25 Skill Boosts, and a chance of claiming a Master Token. Every time that you claim this pack, your chance of claiming a Master Token will increase.

The first pack that you open gives you a 2% chance with each new pack opening the chance increases until you reach 7 packs and then you are guaranteed a Master Token. At any given point. if you receive a Master Token, it just resets back to 2%. This is a luck-based pack similar to the St Patrick’s Day we had a couple of seasons back. Use your Master Tokens to claim Marquee Players, Skill Boosts, Training XP, and Base Players. Claim all Marquee Masters to unlock a 97 OVR CM.

FIFA Mobile 21 Marquee Stars

There are a few decent masters, with the 97 OVR CM obviously being P2P exclusive. No Event Icons or Prime Icons are included in this short event. As Antwan said earlier, it’s a straightforward easy event to get the rewards and move on.

FIFA Mobile 21 Marquee Stars Event Currencies

Marquee Points

  • Earn them from playing daily Skill Games and Matches.
  • Use them on the Marquee Booster pack for Skill Boosts and Master Tokens.

Master Tokens

  • Earn them from the Marquee Booster Pack or from the Daily Claim.
  • Use them on Marquee Players, Skill Boosts, Training XP, and Base Players.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Marquee PointsTotal
Daily Schedule18 per Day (15 on 2nd Day)138
Daily Coin Pack6 per Day42

Total 180 Marquee Points and 138 without the Coin Packs

These Marquee Points will be used to acquire Master Tokens for the Rewards Tab.

Master TokensTotal
Daily Claim1 per Day 7
Marquee BoosterRange (mini-max)6-45
Total Range13-52

On average, you can get 15 total Master Tokens and acquire a total of 1125 skill boosts in the process.

FIFA Mobile 21 Marquee Stars Event Tips and Tricks

Amidst a short Europa League, Marquee Stars is a decent event in FIFA Mobile 21. It has a nice sort of tie-in promo as we wait for Team of the Year, the real thing. Here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

There is no special Event Stamina required for playing this event! Yes! after a long time, you are not limited to a sort of timer-based stamina refill and use them before they max out. You can play at your own pace finally! Bt remember to take your free Master Tokens every day from the Daily Claim

Reward Path

PlayerMaster PointsGems Needed
92 CB Bonucci12
92 RM Gnabry12
92 ST Depay12
94 GK Gollini2010000
95 LM Bamba3030000
97 CM Reine-Adelaide116202000

From the table above we can clearly see you can grab either of the three 92 rated players for free. The 94 and 95 are out of reach, free to play. Even if you are really lucky, you still can’t grab them without spending gems, and the 97 he is way out of range.

Alternatively, you can just go for the Boosts! If you really want one of the players from there, just go and buy them from the market! All the players are already auctionable, there is no point going for them for coins.

Marquee Booster1125
Marquee Rewards Resources1200-5200
Total Range2325-6325
Average Total2725
credits – Frangin twitter

Look at the numbers. Around 2,725 skill boosts is up for grabs for everyone! There is no point in wasting this opportunity for Boost. When you get an opportunity to get the skill boost from an event, get them. You can always buy the players from the market but not the boost! It’s definitely better to get the skill boosts instead of a player!

FIFA Mobile 21 Marquee Stars Players

Source: FIFARenderZ

That’s it the Marquee Stars in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. Play the event, don’t miss out on anything, forget the players and just grab the boosts and… get ready for Team of the Year!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 21 Marquee Stars Event Guide useful.

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A das

Hey bro, I need a cb right now. Should i get 92 bonucci from marque stars or get a cb from market after TOTY launches? Will price of master cards go down after toty launches? Right now 92 Can is around 2.5 million.

A das

Thanks bro…that was very helpful

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