FIFA Mobile 21 POTM Tournament Guide

And this month's POTM is....

It’s that time of the month again! FIFA Mobile 21 POTM is here! Every month, based on the previous month’s on-field performances, EA brings a new Player of the Month (POTM) card in FIFA Mobile.

This is the newest recurring part of Team of the Week and it is monthly. Unlike previous years. users will now have to compete against each other in a POTM Tournament comprising of VSA or H2H matches based on their choice to acquire POTM points. Once the sufficient POTM point is reached, users can bank in to claim the featured POTM player.

The Player of the Month for the final month is Marco Reus (96 OVR).

FIFA Mobile 21 POTM Tournament

Everyone gets to play a total maximum of 30 VSA or H2H matches against each other. 30 times, no more, no less. There is NO OVR cap on the tournament. You will earn rewards based on how many wins you ended up with in-out those 30 matches with ties not counting towards this total of 30.

Note: Although the event is live for a period of 7 days, the POTM tournament is active only for the first 3 days, ie 72 hours the remaining 4 days are given by EA for the users to finish collecting their tournament rewards. So do remember to complete your 30 turns within the given time frame of the first 3 days and don’t get misled by the timer shown on the top of the tournament tab.


Your opponents are based on your form over the last five matches ie your result, whether you have five wins, five losses, ie if your last 5 matches are W-L-W-W-L, your form is 3-2. Thus your OVR, fans, cups, division all that has nothing to do with matchmaking. It’s all about your tournament form.

That means if you opt for VSA the higher your OVR and the higher your chemistry, the more likely you are to finish with good results.


Based on the number of games you win, you will receive rewards from the following milestone.

FIFA Mobile 20 POTM
Wins are rounded down when and if applicable ie if you win 12 matches and miss out on the 13th you get the rewards for winning 11 matches ie the Silver 1 Milestone.

Moreover, the Top 100 Global players will receive a Premium player of the month and logo that matches their position in the top 100, ranked by wins and goal differential as a tie-breaker in the Global Leaderboard.

FIFA Mobile 21 POTM
Bonus Rewards for the Top 100 Global Players

Note: POTM Points do carry over each month.

FIFA Mobile 21 POTM Players List

MonthPlayerPositionOVRSkill BoostClubLeagueNation
AprilMarco ReusLW96AttackingBorussia DortmundBundesligaGermany
MarchEdouard MendyGK94ReflexesChelseaPremier LeagueSenegal
FebruaryMilan ŠkriniarCB93MarkingInter MilanSerie A TIMSlovakia
JanuaryYoussef En-NesyriST92Second StrikerSevillaLa LigaMorocco
DecemberBruno FernandesCAM91DribblingManchester UnitedPremier LeaguePortugal
NovemberKevin VollandRW90AttackingAS MonacoLigue 1Germany

FIFA Mobile 21 POTM: Tips and Tricks

Since matchups are based on your tournament form for the last five Player of the tournament matches so you can’t drop division or lose unranked to pad your opponents, however, there are no OVR restrictions either so here is our suggestion.

Brush up your VSA skills, come in with the best team possible, along with the highest chemistry you can and just go for broke. There is merit in playing later in the days in hopes for the best players played early but there is also an argument for playing early when there are an absolute ton of players playing and that mix gives you a higher probability of playing against opponents with lower OVR. In the end, this just comes down to the highest OVR and chemistry takes the prize.

On the other hand, if you prefer H2H, your skill will be the sole factor coming into play, with no OVR or chemistry restrictions, so if you have the time by your side since it all comes down to ground within the time frame opt for H2H keeping VSA aside.

Note: You can consider a halt for a while after winning a chain of 5 straight games, in order to match yourself with an easier opponent but then this is just speculation.

POTM points do carry over though, if you fall short of 26 wins ie of the 100 points, you can store them and bank them in the next month. There is a gem pack in store which has a ridiculous offer of 5 POTM points for 2500 Gems, Don’t fall in the trap. Seriously don’t go for it. It’s not worth it at all. If you are looking to just sell the POTM for coins. then hold your coins and buy the player next month at the earliest and list in the market right away, before anyone else has played their 30 turns and it is highly undercut by the bot.

Bonus Tip

Every player along with the POTM points gets the previous month’s TOTW elites from the milestone rewards based on their ranks, thus the market gets flooded with TOTW elites at a dirt-cheap price.

You can easily invest in some TOTW elites at their lowest value and get double or even higher returns in subsequent weeks once the tournament gets over.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 21 POTM tournament guide useful. For more guides like this, make sure to follow Gamingonphone on Facebook and Twitter.

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