FIFA Mobile 22 POTM (Player of the Month) Guide

And this month's POTM is....

It’s that time of the month again! FIFA Mobile 22 POTM is here! Every month, based on the previous month’s on-field performances, EA brings a new Player of the Month (POTM) card to FIFA Mobile. This is the newest recurring part of Team of the Week and it is monthly.

Unlike previous years, users will now duke it out in the new monthly gauntlet in Challenge Mode and claim POTM Points and POTM Tokens. Once the sufficient POTM point is reached, users can bank in to claim the featured POTM player. And believe it or not, POTM now features six different players from different Leagues, yes six different POTMs to choose from, and a POTM Logo. 

FIFA Mobile 22 POTM Event Description

  • Event Duration: 4 days every month

FIFA Mobile 22 POTM Event Flow

Challenge Mode

Firstly, if you have trouble locating the event itself, then know this, the event is actually under Challenge Mode. The POTM can be found in the Challenge Mode for a limited amount of time. Be sure to check back monthly for a new POTM Challenge. Remember, before starting the POTM Challenges, there are additional prerequisites.

POTM Challenge Mode Event
POTM Challenge Mode (Image via Electronic Arts)

The initial requirement states that your team requires Two TOTW (Team of the Week) Players in your active lineup. The TOTW players can be from any week in the past and do not necessarily have to be a starter. You can get the players from the TOTW store packs or from the market. The TOTW players can be of any OVR as long as you have them in your lineup.

POTM Challenges

Complete Skill Games, PVE games and win H2H matches to progress through the Rounds to earn POTM Points and POTM Tokens. This is how it’s broken down, One skill game in round one, then Two AI matches, followed by Four H2H matches. This is the daily requirement for the entire 3-day long event.

potm tournament challenge mode
POTM Challenge Mode Matches (Image via Electronic Arts)

Win all your daily Rounds to get the maximum rewards, including a POTM Token that can be spent in the Store for a POTM Logo. If you lose then your turn ends. There is an option to spend 1250 Gems to retry from where you got knocked out.  Therefore, you can get a grand total of a maximum of 28 POTM Points per day from the challenge mode. 7 Rounds of matches for 28 Points per day.

Round 1Skill Game2 TOTW Players2 POTM Points
Round 2Match2 TOTW Players3 POTM Points
Round 3Match2 TOTW Players4 POTM Points
Round 4Head to Head2 TOTW Players4 POTM Points
Round 5Head to Head2 TOTW Players4 POTM Points
Round 6Head to Head2 TOTW Players5 POTM Points
Round 7Head to Head2 TOTW Players6 POTM Points, POTM Token

Of course, the challenge mode can only be played once per day during the event. Your POTM Points do carry over from month to month. So therefore if you don’t need the POTMs from a certain month, you can always save and claim from a later month, when a player whom you need arrives as the POTM.

The POTM Tokens that you earn can be traded for a POTM Logo in the store. Remember, the POTM Tokens will change monthly, so you can’t use the same Tokens to claim Logos for different months.  Therefore your POTM Points do carry over but your POTM Tokens do not. Claim your POTM Player in the Store and don’t forget to use your POTM Token to claim your logo!

FIFA Mobile 22 POTM Event Currencies

POTM Points

  • Earn them by completing Rounds in the POTM Challenge Mode
  • Use them in the Store to claim POTM Players.

POTM Token

  • Earn them by completing the final Round in the POTM Challenge Mode
  • Use them in the Store to claim a POTM Logo

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

POTM Points
Daily (Per Round)28 (84)

Total 84 POTM Points per Round with 28 POTM Points per day is available free-to-play

The Player of the Month (POTM Players) from the store requires 100 Points each. All of the players irrespective of their league or position require 100 POTM Points each.

FIFA Mobile 22 POTM Event Tips and Tricks

Different from the formats of yesteryear, FIFA Mobile 22 POTM is a tad bit irritating. From the first month, even if you max out your entire 84 POTM Points from the challenge mode, you are still 16 POTM Points short of your first POTM Player as each of them costs a minimum of 100 Points. So there is no means you can get them without spending Gems or FIFA Points. Still anyways, here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event.

The first three Skill Games and AI matches are more than doable. You should be able to walk through them hassle-free. For the remaining four H2H matches, brush up your H2H skills, come in with the best team possible, and just go for broke.

POTM Store Offers
POTM Store Offers (Image via Electronic Arts)

Remember your skill will be the sole factor coming into play, with no OVR or chemistry restrictions. If you lose and you are confident in your skills, you can always use the 1250 Gems offer to retry, but do keep in mind points do get carried over.

POTM points do carry over though, if you fall short of 28 POTM Points you can store them and bank them in the next month. There is a gem pack in store which has a ridiculous offer of 5 POTM points for 2500 Gems, Don’t fall into the trap. Seriously don’t go for it. It’s not worth it at all. If you are looking to just sell the POTM for coins. then hold your coins and buy the player next month at the earliest and list it in the market right away.

FIFA Mobile 22 POTM Event Players

Image via Electronic Arts

That’s it the POTM Event in a nutshell. There’s nothing else to say as it’s pretty straightforward. So even if you complete all your rounds for the three days, you will still be short of the required POTM Points. You will inevitably need Gems or FIFA Points to claim them.

That’s what it is, that’s the main problem. All the 6 players and logos, can’t have any of that. We were all originally worried about how pay-to-play this season is going to be and guess what, it has already started. Here we are at Player of the Month and practically can’t claim anything every month without gems even after winning 12 H2H matches and dealing with glitches, cheating, and connection issues in H2H.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 22 POTM Event Guide useful.

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