FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Guide

Its time to claim the final treasure!

Finally, after 8 weeks of TOTS (Team of the Season), EA released Treasure Hunt: Camelot in FIFA Mobile 22. The long-awaited and fan-favorite Treasure Hunt is back in FIFA Mobile and brings some much-needed change of pace after the long grind of TOTS. Embark on a mythical footballing journey in Treasure Hunt: Camelot! Explore the Dungeon, wander through the Enchanted Forest, and claim Honour Points in the Tournament!

Treasure Hunt normally is one of the biggest events of the summer and something everyone looks forward to and usually ends up being a huge fan favorite with tons of players’ resources and coins this year it’s not quite as robust as in years past, but this has been an odd season so it’s expected. It’s only two weeks long which seems like a blink of an eye after eight weeks of TOTS. Treasure Hunt incorporates a lot of past events but is put together and themed in a new way.

FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Event Description

  • Event Duration: June 30th – July 14th (14 Days)

FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Event Flow


Start your mythical journey through Camelot by heading over to the Tournament section and claiming your 10 daily Tourney Tickets and Questing Token! Each day you log in you will be getting 10 daily Tourney Tickets which are going to be used in either daily VSA or H2H matches.

FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Tournament
FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Tournament (Image via Electronic Arts)

There will be 10 daily matches to reclaim your honor; the more you win the more Honour Points you can claim. It takes a single ticket to play a VSA while two to play an H2H, and of course, the rewards are also doubled for H2H. If you lose, you lose your ticket while if you draw you get a ticket back and get to play again. If you win you will get to earn Honour Points.

FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Tournament Milestones
FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Tournament Milestones (Image via Electronic Arts)

Have you become weary from your Tournament battle? Then feel free to rest and claim your winnings from the Tournament Rewards. The Tournament Rewards unlock depending on how many wins you’ve achieved, and the Milestones reset daily. Battle your way through the Tournament and gain progress towards the Milestones by winning Matches. 


After conquering the Tournament it’s time to explore the Dungeon; a scary place filled with a Questing Beast and Daily Rewards including Camelot Players, Coins, and Skill Boosts! This part of the event is basically a filler for additional resources and is all about the Quests. Daily finish off the Daily Quests from the Quest section to earn Knight Tokens and Torch. The Quests are simple and easily doable every day with minimum effort.

FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Dungeon
FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Dungeon (Image via Electronic Arts)

Before you do so, you’ll need to load up on some supplies. Complete Daily Quests to earn Torches and Knight Tokens. Spend your torches to open Dungeon Doors to earn Daily Featured Prizes and Rewards. Some doors may grant you a Questing Token to battle the Questing Beast, defeat it to earn Coins and Skill Boosts. Basically, you will be trading your Torches in Dungeon to look for rewards.

FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Dungeon Reward Matches
FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Dungeon Reward Matches (Image via Electronic Arts)

Every day there is a set of three players varying from in-game resources and a Treasure Hunt Player. Earning the Questing Tokens lets you play the Questing Beast Match for additional resources. This is exactly similar to the envelopes back from Lunar New Year and you should only invest once you have enough envelopes in your bank.

Round Table

In this Round Table section you will be using your Knight Tokens, a 100 at a time towards Treasure Hunt Players. After your perilous questing, you have earned the right to sit at the Round Table. This is where you can rest up and use your Knight Tokens to gain allies and resources for your band of merry men. 

FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Round Table
FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Round Table (Image via Electronic Arts)

This is exactly similar to the Player Wheel we have seen in seasons past. Spend your Knight Tokens to claim Camelot Players and other Rewards. Claiming the node 10 times guarantees a Player on your next claim. Spending Knight Tokens also gives you progress towards the Milestones for even more rewards!

Yes, there are additional milestone rewards that you can claim on spending the Knight Tokens. The more Knight Tokens you can spend, the more milestone rewards you can claim. The rewards vary from gold players, in-game resources, and 94 OVR Emile Smith Rowe and 96 OVR Reece James.

Enchanted Forest

Now that you’ve regained some of your Honour, it is time to trek through the Enchanted Forest in search of Rewards and Fairies for Merlin’s Magic Potions. Now the final path is the path of rewards for the event. Here you will trade your hard-earned Honour Points towards Treasure Hunt players and resources.

FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt Enchanted Forest
FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt Enchanted Forest (Image via Electronic Arts)

Fairies are a random encounter in the Enchanted Forest when you claim the nodes. Use a Fairy to help Merlin create his Magic Potion. Crafting the potion gives you a random reward and can contain Coins, Skill Boosts, and Players. Reach the end of the final swirling side paths to encounter excellent rewards to help you on your FIFA Mobile journeys, such as 96 OVR RW Raheem Sterling or 96 OVR CM James Milner.

Star Pass

FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt Star Pass
FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt Star Pass (Image via Electronic Arts)

Obviously, there are Passes as well, Free Passes and Paid Passes. The big pass is the Star Pass which is loaded with a ton of rewards. Earn Star Pass progression by completing Daily and Weekly Quests, and Skill Games, and by playing PvE and PvP Matches. This is only a two-week event so the Star Pass runs for just two weeks with 30 levels. There is a 94 OVR CB Enhanced Base Icon Rio Ferdinand and a 97 OVR CDM Prime Icon Roy Keane.

FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Event Currencies

Tourney Ticket

  • Claim them from the Daily Claim
  • Use them to play PvP Matches


  • Claim them after completing Daily Quests
  • Use them to explore the Dungeon

Knight Tokens 

  • Claim them after completing Daily Quests
  • Spend them in the Round Table

Honour Points

  • Earn them by winning Tourney Matches and completing Milestones
  • Spend Honour Points in the Enchanted Forest

Questing Token

  • Claim them from the Daily Tourney Ticket Claim and the Dungeon
  • Use them in the Dungeon to battle the Questing Beast


  • Obtain them in the Enchanted Forest
  • Use them on Merlin’s Magic for rewards to improve your team

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Honour PointsKnight TokensTorches
VSA Matches28000~301000
Weekly Win Streak1000
Tokens Milestone15006
Daily Login100204
Star Pass20001508
Enchanted Forest450
Premium Star Pass4000500~70016
Credits: Luixen and Georik Twitter

Once again, your Honour Points solely depend on how far you can progress on the daily VSA or H2H matches with your team. The Honour Points are given as an average that you win at least a bare minimum of 5 matches daily from the 10 matches provided. The more you win, the better your rewards will be in the long run.

You can get a maximum of 32600 Honour Points and 2300 Knight Tokens free-to-play based on the initial calculations

We usually never suggest buying the Star Pass but if you were able to spend your $10 on the game even once, this is the time when it is definitely worth it considering if you are going for those Honor Points. The Pass does appear to be worth it and will make the difference between what you can claim and what you can’t.

FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Event Tips and Tricks

After a busy and grindy TOTS (Team of the Season), Treasure Hunt: Camelot is a short and little dull event in FIFA Mobile 22. It is a very very basic and fodder event. It has basically no grind, with only daily VSA matches. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

Now tips for the event. Play everything. Be excited that there’s no event energy or stamina involved anymore in the new season. We’re not dealing with the constant fear of energy getting wasted and full and neither has there been a single ad since the game was released. So yes, definitely enjoy it while you can.

Enchanted Forest Players

Player OVRTotal Path Cost
89 OVR (CDM Ferguson/ ST Mullin)4950
91 OVR (LB Hickey/ CM Brannagan)11000
93 OVR (CB Duffy/ RB Trippier)19450
95 OVR (CB Tomori/ ST Vardy)33800
96 OVR (RW Sterling/ CM Milner)41200

From the table above you can clearly see you can go down straight down the path to the 93 OVR Players and easily grab both of them. Either of the 95 OVR Treasure Hunt: Camelot Players should be reachable with a few Gems, depending on your wins in the Tournament. If you are looking for the 95 OVR players, look for Gem offers in the store in case you fall short with your wins. Keeping everything in mind, here is our strategy on how to maximize your gains.

Now with your daily VSA matches from the tournament, do make sure you are aiming at least winning half of the daily matches. That’s where the max rewards start to drop off after five, example, your 5th win in VSA each day is worth 500 Honour points but the sixth through the tenth those next five wins are only worth 50 points it’s the same kind of thing on H2H with a high risk, high reward thing.

Both of the 93 OVR Enchanted Forest Players are available for free-to-play

Claiming the 95 OVR Enchanted Forest Player

You should consider reaching five wins each day as a bare minimum and consider the remaining wins if any as a bonus. Do not forget to claim your daily rewards, if you don’t use your tickets and just forget to come back and claim your tickets, you are missing out on a lot.

Also if you can win three matches in a row at least once per week for a milestone worth 1000 Honour Points in total. For the 95 OVR Player, you need to win additional 24 VSA matches or 5 H2H matches. Therefore,

Either of the 95 OVR Enchanted Forest Players is available for free-to-play if you can target 70% Wins every day

Additionally, if you buy the Star Pass, you will only need to win 4 VSA matches or 2 H2H matches. And as an extra perk from the Star Pass, you can also claim the Star Pass players ie the 94 OVR ST Daniel James and 97 OVR CDM Prime Icon Roy Keane.

Claiming the 96 OVR Enchanted Forest Player

Yes even the 96 OVR players are possible, but not free-to-play. You need to buy the Star Pass firstly which will you give you an additional 500 Knight Tokens and an additional 4000 Honour Points. The Star Pass indeed can feel a little too expensive considering it is a two-week event, but it’s entirely up to you if you want to go for those 96 OVR Players.

FIFA Mobile Round-Table-Milestones
FIFA Mobile Round Table Milestones (Image via Electronic Arts)

18 Spins on the Round Table are possible free-to-play without the Star Pass, but those additional 500 Knight Tokens will get you to 23 Spins. Still, they are not yet enough for you to ensure much. To make it up you need to go the Forest Reward path, all the way to node 16.2 on way towards a 95 OVR Player and grab 600 Knight Tokens, it rewards you with 6 additional spins. Come all the way back to node 8.2 and node 12.2 for another total of 600 Knight Tokens which takes you to milestone 10 for 20000 Honour Points. Therefore,

  • Target a bare minimum of 5 Wins in 9 Days and 4 Wins in the remaining 5 Days
  • Buy the Star Pass
  • Go up to Milestone 10 (20000 Honour Points) on the Round Table using
    • Collect 600 Knight Tokens from Node 16.2 (Enchanted Forest)
    • Collect 200 Knight Tokens from Node 8.2 (Enchanted Forest)
    • Collect 400 Knight Tokens from Node 12.2 (Enchanted Forest)
    • You will get additional 4500 Honour Points from Milestone 8 to enable you to get the additional Knight Tokens

Either of the 96 OVR Enchanted Forest Players is available if you buy the Star Pass and go up to Milestone 10 in the Round Table


In the Dungeon, anyone can find and defeat the Questing Beast a minimum of 10 times throughout the event. We get a Questing Token upon login and that makes the 94 OVR CDM EOE Mark Noble completely free-to-play obtainable.

If you are looking towards claiming any specific rewards ie the Players from the Dungeon, start saving your Torches when you have enough to open all of them. You should end up with at least a minimum of 56 Torches being free-to-play over the course of the event.

Round Table

As already discussed above, the Round Table or the player wheel requires Knight Tokens that can be earned from Daily Quests and the Star Pass. If you are staying completely free-to-play then a grand total of 18 Spins is going to be possible which means you will earn 2 extra Torches and 1500 Honour Points from the Round Table Milestones.

FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Event Players

FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot
Image via Electronic Arts

That’s the Treasure Hunt: Camelot event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. The best advice though is not to commit to the rewards of the Enchanted Forest too early unless you are buying the Star Pass.

Brush up your VSA skills, come in with the best team possible, along with the highest chemistry you can and just go for broke in the tournament. That’s Treasure Hunt, something different, two weeks long with recognizable elements rebranded in a way. It is boring but feels kinda refreshing at the same time after eight long weeks of TOTS with some minor interesting additions for your team.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 22 Treasure Hunt: Camelot Event Guide useful.

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