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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis The Complete Gacha System Guide

Know the drop rates and pity system of the game!

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis developed by Applibot in collaboration with Square Enix, is a captivating gacha mobile RPG that immerses players in the iconic world of Final Fantasy VII. This game is a noteworthy addition to the Compilation of the Final Fantasy series, offering a unique fusion of turn-based and real-time strategy combat. It empowers players to take charge of beloved characters from the Final Fantasy VII universe, each with their own distinctive abilities and skills.

In addition to its engaging gameplay, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis introduces a Gacha System, a crucial element in many mobile RPGs. This system involves a blend of chance and strategy, allowing players to acquire new Weapons based on types and rarity.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Gacha System Explained

Let’s delve deeper into the Gacha System in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. Unlike some Gacha-based games where the primary focus is on acquiring new characters, Ever Crisis offers a unique twist with its emphasis on weapons and gear. In this game, the Gacha System doesn’t involve pulling characters; instead, it revolves around obtaining powerful weapons and gear to enhance your team’s capabilities. Characters are unlocked as you progress through the game’s story, allowing you to gradually build a roster of iconic Final Fantasy VII characters.

As you journey through the main story quests, the game strategically introduces specific characters or teams that are essential for particular story events. This approach ensures that you experience the narrative in a coherent and immersive manner, while also emphasizing the importance of team composition and strategy. The drop rates for weapons with different rarity can be summarized as follows:

RarityDrop Rate
3-star70.5% Rate
4-star22.5% Rate
5-star7.5% Rate

The drop rates for weapons in the Gacha system are distributed in a way that makes 3-star and 4-star weapons more likely to be obtained, while 5-star weapons are the rarest and hardest to acquire. In addition to the featured weapons, you have the option to improve the chances of getting five other weapons by using the wish list setting.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Special Draw

There’s a section called Special Draw that’s specifically designed for new players. It guarantees you a 5-star weapon right from the start. This means you begin your journey with a really strong weapon, giving you a solid advantage as you start your adventure in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Special Draw
Image via Square Enix

This powerful weapon becomes the foundation of your journey, ensuring you’re well-prepared to face any challenges that come your way.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Tickets Draw

In addition to the Special Draw, there is the Tickets Draw section tailor-made for new players. Here, you’re granted ten free pulls. However, it’s important to note that, unlike the guaranteed 5-star pull from the Special Draw, these ticket draws don’t come with the assurance of a 5-star weapon every time.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Ticket Draw
Image via Square Enix

Instead, they serve as a means for new players to amass additional gear, enhancing their equipment inventory as they embark on their challenging quest in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. It’s a valuable opportunity for newcomers to further equip themselves for the adventures that lie ahead.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Stamps 1 and Stamps 2 Draw

In Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, Stamps 1 and Stamps 2 are dynamic Gacha banners that undergo weekly rotations, providing players with fresh opportunities to obtain sought-after weapons. These banners are not permanently available. One distinctive feature that sets Ever Crisis apart from other Gacha games is the Stamp Sheet. This serves as a pity system indicator, ensuring that players have a clear path to obtaining featured weapons.

Final Fantasy VII Stamp draw
Image via Square Enix

When you collect enough stamps, you can progress through the sheet and eventually reach the all-important sixth stamp, which activates the pity system. This allows you to select the specific weapon you desire, be it Cloud’s Murasame or Barret’s Microlaser. This unique mechanism distinguishes Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis against other Gacha titles.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Pity System Explained

What sets this Gacha system apart from others is the Stamp Sheet, which is like a pity system indicator. The Stamp Sheet keeps track of your progress, and by collecting stamps, you work your way through the sheet. When you reach stamp number six, it becomes crucial because it triggers the pity system. This means you get to choose one of the featured weapons for that week.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Pity System
Image via Square Enix

When participating in this banner, avoid doing single pulls because they won’t earn you any stamps. To earn six stamps, you don’t necessarily need to do six 10-pulls; it’s unlikely you’ll need that many. Each 10-pull gives you a 50% chance of earning more than one stamp at a time.

When you accumulate 12 stamps in a 10-pull, you complete your Stamp Sheet’s first page, and then you progress to the second page where you can obtain additional 5-star weapons. The stamps on the second page do not guarantee the featured weapon and cannot be used as pity pulls. Unfortunately, you cannot choose a specific weapon you want during this process.

Final Thoughts

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis presents a unique and player-friendly approach to the Gacha system. Offering a guaranteed 5-star weapon pull for new players ensures that everyone starts their adventure with a potent advantage. This thoughtful inclusion allows players to dive into the game without the usual uncertainties that often accompany Gacha-style gameplay.

Furthermore, the Gacha system in Ever Crisis strikes a balance between chance and choice. While it introduces randomness through drop rates, it also empowers players by providing a clear path to obtaining featured weapons with the Stamp Sheet’s “pity system.” This combination of elements not only keeps the game exciting but also ensures that players have a fair shot at acquiring the gear they desire.

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