Football Manager 2021 Mobile: 10 Best teams to manage in the game

Looking for best teams to manage, Gaffer?

Football Manager 2021 Mobile is all about driving your team to success by making decisions on your journey. The first decision you’ll make is of course, what team to actually manage in the first place! Here is a list of the 10 best teams to manage in Football Manager 2021 Mobile that will provide a fun challenge for you in your FM21 career.

Note: Along with each team is a saved data file, you can use this to get the most authentic experience with your chosen club. If you have not used a saved data file in your game save, you will not be able to find the teams in this list. In a normal game save, the names are randomly generated, so the real names are not recognized. To find these teams, either grab a saved data file by following the guide below or use the information in the images as filters to find the teams. Here’s how you can do it.

Best Teams to manage in Football Manager 2021 Mobile

1. Barcelona

Best Teams to manage in Football Manager 2021 Mobile

One of the most well-known teams in the history of football is the Spanish giants, Barcelona. However, in recent years, the club has suffered a tough spell, with a series of new faces in charge and a squad, riddled with age, injury, and bad form. Can you turn this team around and bring it back to the top? You will have the short-term services of Lionel Messi, as well as a good range of high potential youngsters. Financially, the club is secure so you will be able to perform a successful rebuild as well. If you are a fan of the club, this will be a very satisfying and exciting journey for you.

2. Leeds United

Best Teams to manage in Football Manager 2021 Mobile

After being recently promoted to the top flight in England, Leeds is one of the ones-to-watch this season. They have a pretty stable squad built up and have already brought in some very good players, such as Rodrigo and Rafinha. The challenge here will be for you to perform well under the Premier League pressure and deliver the performances your fans will be looking for.

3. Arsenal

This is another team that was once a strong presence in Europe but has recently dropped off. Despite having a decent squad, the team lacks the consistency to challenge for the top spots, this has lead to them finishing below the top 4 in the PL, which is completely against what the fans want. Can you bring the Gunners back to where they once were? You’ll have a promising squad at your disposal with a range of experience and potential. Finance will be hard to get through, so you must make your decisions carefully.

4. Sunderland

Best Teams to manage in Football Manager 2021 Mobile

There’s nothing like a good road-to-glory, start from the bottom and work your way up to glory. Sunderland sits down in the English League One, can you take them to PL glory? It may seem like a difficult thing to ask, but it is definitely doable. Unlike the other top clubs, this team will be a lot more difficult to manage. It will definitely take a long time so don’t expect immediate results. In the end though, once you finally lift the PL trophy, it’ll feel like an achievement you rarely get in any game.

5. Derby County

If you feel like managing Sunderland will be too much of a stretch for you, Derby County might be an easier road-to-glory option for you. Here, you will start in the EFL Championship, the league directly below the PL. The journey will be a little shorter and you will also have a better starting position. However, the experience of the RTG will still be the same.

6. Chelsea

Best Teams to manage in Football Manager 2021 Mobile

After their 200+ million spending spree, Chelsea has now become an entirely new-looking side. They’ve already gathered some of the hottest prospects in Europe for you, all you need to do is drive them towards glory. It may sound easy, but it actually isn’t. After their huge spending, a lot of pressure will be piled upon the Blues. On top of that, having a side full of new players has never worked out in the past since the players do not instantly build that chemistry. You will have a lot of work to do, even without managing transfers.

7. Boca Juniors

Best Teams to manage in Football Manager 2021 Mobile

Playing in a new league, with new teams and players you probably can barely pronounce, is a challenge in itself. Boca Juniors might be one of the best teams in which you can take on this challenge. If you are new to this league, you’ll find that the format is quite different as well. It should be pretty fun playing in an entirely new environment outside of Europe.

8. Borussia Dortmund

Best Teams to manage in Football Manager 2021 Mobile

One of the main reasons why Dortmund is on this list is because of their incredible youngsters. They have some of the most promising faces in Europe, such as Julian Brandt, Jadon Sancho, and of course, the goal-machine, Erling Haaland. You already have a lot of wonder-kids already, can you grow them into being some of the best in the world?

9. Bayern Munich

Best Teams to manage in Football Manager 2021 Mobile

Recognized as one of the most threatening teams in Europe last season, Bayern Munich is a definite contender for the UCL title this season. They already have a brilliant squad that you can use at your disposal, containing star players like, Serge Gnabry, Lewandowski, and Joshua Kimmich, just to name a few. Their activity in the summer transfer window also saw some brilliant additions, such as Douglas Costa and Leroy Sane. The German dominators will be a brilliant team to manage this season.

10. PSG

Best Teams to manage in Football Manager 2021 Mobile

The dominators of France just missed out by one goal in the UCL final against Bayern Munich last year. Nevertheless, they still have one of the most threatening attacks in Europe, with the likes of Neymar and Mbappe in the team, both being brilliant players. PSG are also quite well known for the size of their wallet. You shouldn’t need to worry about running out of money when re-building the squad. Can you transform to PSG to finally win the UCL?

What do you think about our list of Best Teams to manage in Football Manager 2021 Mobile? Did we miss out on any team? Let us know your opinions about this article in the comments section below!

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