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Forsaken World: Gods and Demons Free Codes and how to redeem them

Acquire free Crystals, Vigor potions, Gem chests and more!

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is an epic fantasy MMORPG of grand proportions. Serving as a prequel to the original Forsaken World released earlier on PC, dive into an immersive world of fantasy, adventure and magic! You can perform a multitude of actions from raiding a dragon’s lair, searching for lost artifacts, or just enjoy some fishing in the shade. With a fairly large player base already, players were interested to get to know whether some gifts or gems within the game are gettable via codes or coupons. Well, the good news is that this is possible by following easy steps. Here’s a quick guide to get free Forsaken World: Gods and Demons redeem codes and also to redeem them.

How to get free codes in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

Who doesn’t like freebies? We all would never miss out on anything that we would get for free in a game. Game Codes play a major role in getting us freebies, and the developers would drop a couple of events so that we get some freebies in return. The same goes for Forsaken World: Gods and Demons’ codes.

The good news is that Forsaken World: Gods and Demons do have free promo codes that can get you all sorts of in-game resources such as Crystals, Vigor potions, Gem chests, and Boss refresh scrolls. To get the in-game rewards, you will need to redeem the codes which is a very easy process.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of the latest Forsaken World: Gods and Demons codes, explain how the codes work and how to redeem them, along with some of the free codes with their redeemable in-game rewards. 

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons free redeem codes

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons Free Codes

There are not many promo codes available at the moment, but we have got quite a few covered for you.

Free CodeRewards you can Redeem
NU4F5GUR3YQERPD200 Bound Soul Crystals, 10 Wing Essence I, 10 Battle Mount Soul, 10 LVL 1 HP Gems
FSW888200 Bound Soul Crystals, 10 Grade I Enhance Stone, 2 Wing Essences, 5 Battle Mount Souls
FW6666200 Gold, 200 Bound Soul Crystals, 5 Vigor Potion, 2 Lv.5 Gem Chest, 5 Generic Boss Refresh Scroll

Additionally you can use the following codes to claim more rewards:-

  • Forsaken888
  • FW6888 
  • FW6668
  • FW6669

You can use the above codes to redeem this reward in your in-game mailbox.

200 Bound Soul Crystals, 5 Vigor Potion, 2 Lv.5 Gem Chest, 5 Generic Boss Refresh Scroll

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons Code Redemption Center

Unlike other games, Forsaken World: Gods and Demons has an in-game code redemption center which you can access easily within the game. Therefore, like most mobile games, you do not have to go to an external site and enter the codes then return to the game to see if they are working.

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons Free Codes
  1. Tap on the menu button on the right-hand corner of the screen (next to the bag option.
  2. Select the Settings option from the list of menus.
  3. Tap on the Redeem Pack option that appears on the bottom right corner
  4. Enter the redeemable code.
  5. Hit the OK button and receive your rewards from the mailbox!

These are all the codes that are working and tested, for now, we’ll update this space as soon as we get to know more free redeemable codes for Forsaken World: Gods and Demons.

Did you find our guide to obtain and redeem the free codes in Forsaken World: Gods and Demons useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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