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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA: Tips to get the Destroyer’s Pickaxe

Get free items by completing simple challenges!

Fortnite is one of the most popular games right now. It is known for releasing frequent updates and along with it releasing a lot of new content each time. Now with the release of the brand new Chapter 4 Season 2, a lot of new challenges, quests, weapons, skins, and more have been released. Some of the rewards can be earned through completing weekly challenges in Fortnite MEGA and one of them includes getting the Destroyer’s Pickaxe and here’s how players can get it.

Free rewards in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA

Fortnite MEGA Destroyer’s Pickaxe
Image via Epic Games

Buying the Battle Pass for getting a lot of rewards in exchange for experience is very common that players do. But players can earn some rewards for free without the Battle Pass by just completing weekly challenges. Right now, two cosmetic items can be earned in this manner. One, being the Destroyer’s Pickaxe and the other being a loading screen, and here’s how one can obtain both.

How to get the Destroyer’s Pickaxe and a loading screen in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA

Fortnite MEGA Destroyer’s Pickaxe
Image via Epic Games

Players generally complete quests to get experience which in turn unlock cosmetic items for them through the Battle Pass. But some weekly challenges reward cosmetic items directly on completion. Right now players need to complete five different weekly challenges in the current season to receive these cosmetic items and the challenges include:

  • Discover three Named Locations near Mega City
  • Activate three Augments in a single match
  • Restore 100 health or shields while on a Grind Rail
  • Damage opponents with the Havoc Pump Shotgun (750 damage in total)
  • Knock back three players with the Kinetic Blade

Upon completing three challenges, players will be rewarded with the loading screen and on completing all five challenges they will get the Destroyer’s Pickaxe for free. 

Fortnite MEGA Destroyer’s Pickaxe
Image via Epic Games

Players can complete almost all the challenges at once by landing at Mega City. While they are looking for three named locations, they need to stay alive for around 10 minutes and they would be able to use the three Augments. They can also get on the Grind Rails and increase their health while they are looking for locations. Now the only thing left is to use the Havoc Pump Shotgun and Kinetic Blade which players can easily do in the Team Rumble mode which is much easier than Battle Royale or Zero Build.

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